Day 86 of 90: New PR on Power Wheel crawl VIDEO!!

New Record on the Power Wheel Crawl: with the 40lb vest (making me 252lbs) on i crawled 80 yards straight on cement bike path. Couple things of interest here...80 yards (73.15 meters for those down under:) straight is harder than the back & forth on the 15 yard carpeted floor in my Monkey Bar Gym:). Even though 16 days ago i did 75 yards with the 52lb vest inside and i did not get to do any power wheel training over the last 2 weeks:( I'm still very happy about this today:) I learned that i need to train this on straight aways:) going forward, then backwards, then forward etc definitely seems like you get a little break during the crawl....learned this at about the 50 yard marker:) man as you watch you'll see i begin to slow down alot at that point. When i think back to the beginning of this challenge i used a 40lb vest as i did today and i only did 50 yards on the forward and backwards method i feel despite alot of traveling and doing it outdoors that improving 30 yards over this time is great!!! During my time training i seemed to improve about 5 yards a, i'm still gonna do this:) haha figure i traveled for about 30 days over this 90 day challenge so give me til december okay:) and i'll get it....but we'll see about it being done on a straight away outdoors in cold ass wisconsin:) haha might do it indoors:)
MBG 1 restoration: Eischens Yoga beginner sequence before training, after training did hot/cold shower and loofa for 5 cycles (good stuff!)
MBG 2 training: 80 yard Power Wheel crawl + 40lb vest (New Personal Record:)
Did one of my favorites "J Rock"!!! did 2 sets of 20s of each
  • handstand push ups + 0 bands / 1 band (70lb bxt) / 2 bands (140lb bxt) x 5,5,10    3, 5, 12. Just so you know the BXT is a wicked way to assist HSPU' to think each additional cable assists me by about half of it's poundage (35lbs here)....looking at the first set, i did 5 reps, rested for about 30 seconds, could of maybe done a few more reps without any help...maybe 2-3, so reducing my weight from 210 to 175 help gives me another 5 reps, then using 2 bands makes me about 140lbs so i can then do 10 more reps....these are my seems about right:)
  • chin ups to sternum  pull to my sternum (the Jungle Gym XT's have helped alot my chin ups,  had challenge chinning to my sternum, but not anymore did first sets of 7 to my sternum which is great for me:) did 2 sets of 7, 5, 4, 4
  • rested 5 minutes
  • box inverted presses (1/2 ROM) > box muscle ups: 2 sets of 7 > 8, 5
  • JGXT 90 deg muscle ups (love this exercise!): 2 sets of 12, 8 (man this crushes the arms!!!) cause i made sure to touch my ribs twice on each rep, pull up with control til hands touch rib then quickly turn elbows up to dip ready position, then reverse under control touching ribs again. Love this!!!
MBG 3 plant based eating:
  1. fresh squeezed carrot and orange juice with Source of Life (green vit/min supplement)
  2. soaked oats, cacao, goji, bananas, walnuts
  3. soaked oats, SOLife, goji, bananas, walnuts (okay, yes i ate the same thing twice, it's good:) hahaha
  4. kale, carrots, beets, califlower, brocolli, bell peppers, corn
  5. fresh squeezed beet and apple juice with a scoop of pea protein

Good day and again it feels so good to be home and eat and train it makes all the difference:)


  1. Hey Jon - awesome progress on the Power Wheel! We've been working our PW crawl in class and everyone is improving and surprising themselves, Ha! Lots of fun! I like that you post what you eat, it gives me ideas. What do you do to your oats? (I cook mine and am wondering about raw...)

  2. i am eating some soaked oats right now:) haha just soak them overnight or just til they've soaked up the water and then add other stuff and they are easier on the body to digest:) tell me how your students are doing too:) and you too:)


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