Day 85 of 90: MBG M.A.P. for 2011:) my dad is a bad ass!!!!:)

My Dad (Bobby Hinds, aka Badass!!!) and I:)
Today i was thinking about my dad (Bobby Hinds), he's really an amazing person.
He is 79 years old, in 1973 (at age 42) he invented the Lifeline Jump Rope and program and it quickly
became the #1 jump rope sold in the world, he was in the Guiness Book of World Records for doing 63 reps in 10 seconds with one of his plastic beaded jump ropes....63!!! What makes this record so impressive is besides his age at the time, the use of the beaded rope which is heavier than a speed rope by a ways and his size...about 6' tall (shorter is easier/faster)...all 3 make the speed of this accomplishment more impressive. I've attempted many times to break this record and could never do better than 56 in 10 seconds on 28 doubles. Finally i asked my dad how he did it cause i was going as fast as i could on the doubles...he simply said "I did triples, 21 in 10 seconds". Now that is wicked impressive!!! sometimes for fun while teaching our MBG Intensive course i have the students try to come close to his record:) it's pretty funny as no one ever comes very close to 50 let alone 63:) Then consecutive triples is hard but doing them while jumping only about 1-2" off the ground is extremely challenging. 
MY QUESTION FOR YOU!! Think you're a bad ass? Then do a few Jump Rope tests for me; first amap in 10 seconds, then post it on my FB page and our MBG FB page...i wanna hear it:) Second; 32 doubles as fast as possible (64 total reps). Third; 21 triples as fast as possible:) hahaha this one will humble you IF YOU CAN DO THEM:) Post your results and see if you are a bad ass like my dad:) I'll tell you all more of his feats soon, he's got a ton of amazing stories:)
MBG 3 plant based eating:
fresh beet, carrot, apple juice
spinach, banana, SOlife, goji berries, almonds
bananas, orange, healthy heart bars (vegan - good stuff:)
kale, kamut, carrots, corn, beans, pumpkin seeds, beets
sesame bar
soaked oats, almond milk, SOlife, almonds, sesame seeds
Man got to do these days:) haha
peace my friends:)
was all meetings from the moment i got up til almost 4pm!! crazy busy day
and did not eat after 11:30 til about no training today, ate good but crazy:)


  1. That is ccrrraaaazzzyyyy...Your dad is a B.A.- O.G. Idk if I could move my wrists that quickly. I better get working on it. It's super inspirational that you said your dad can still do work on the pull up bar.

  2. yeah he can do 10 chin ups easy:) he was even doing side to side chins and L seat chins too:) he is an inspiration no doubt:)


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