Day 84 of 90: 1 arm HS's, gorilla hangs and WHAT? the knucklehead club??

Tonight Dinner:) veggies and lentils:)
I'm back!!! haha man it's good to be back home, love NYC and doing all the seminars though:) When i get back home i get to rest!! eat great and train at my Monkey Bar Gym!!!:)
Crazy how much travel and teaching we actually do each day while on these trips....we figured it was about 6-8 hours a day for the single seminar days and the last day with 2 seminars was about 12 hours of travel and can zap you if you dont sleep and eat right:) but we're cool:)
One sort of cool thing we realized while teaching the seminars was the basics all people want to know. Like how to heal back pain, how to progress to do a handstand and how to make a simple and strong plant based meal...these were the common threads during our trip and we really enjoyed the great discussions we had on each and then teaching all how to do each point.....just alot of fun:) Love it:)
An additional point was the knucklehead club:) haha yes that is correct, we joked about it at one seminar and everybody thought it was really funny. So the more we talked the more we laughed:) "The Knucklehead Club" is anyone who does something not so smart despite proper judgement telling them not to do can become a member if you've trained super hard when you know your exhausted or injured and it makes you feel way worse OR when you eat way way too much and feel horrible afterwards OR when you have an injury and instead of resting it and doing some smart and constructive rehab AKA Eischens Yoga you go and train and re-injure yourself:)
Lots of ways to become a member and they all dont have to relate to fitness, heck i know most of us our members purely from our relationships:) haha dang if we open it up to that i think 100% of us are Knuckleheads:) haha...maybe lets just keep it to fitness afterall:) haha
AND IF SO WHAT IS YOUR MOST RECENT REASON FOR BECOMING A MEMBER OF THE Knucklehead Club? :) i want to hear your story!!!
I have to say i've been a member for mmmmm about 40 years:) hahaha Here is my story of one of my first knucklehead moments....i trained everyday, same thing and overtrained myself so bad that i actually took naps between sets:) haha gosh what i shock i did not get bigger and stronger:) haha this was when i was about 18 years old:)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and about 10 sets of resisted back domes too!! Then did 5 cycles of hot/cold showers along with loofa skin massage as well...that was cool and helped my recovery alot:)
MBG 2 training - great to train again at!!!!:)
  1. 1 arm handstand holds x 10 seconds, plus 1arm kb lift with up hand x 0, 8k, 12, 16k, 20k, 20k, 20k, 0
  2. 1 arm hang plus other arm holds kb x 15 seconds x 0, 12k, 16k, 20k, 24k, 28k, 32k, 36k
  3. Back dome x 15 seconds plus 2 kbs across hips x 0, 8k's, 12k's, 16k's, 20k's, 24k's, 28k's, 32k's
man these 3 were awesome!!! i slowly progressed them alternating from 1 to 2 to 3 til done...great!!
Then did:
  1. Jungle Gym XT 90 degree muscle ups (25s) x 15, 10 / 12, 10, 3 / 10, 10, 5
  2. Power Wheel + 30lbs alligator push ups x 3 sets of (12 push ups over 6 yards, then 6 yd crawl back)
MBG 3 plant based eating -
  1. fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice with SOlife too:)
  2. Kale, brown rice, beans, carrots, beets, corn
  3. fresh squeezed beets, kale juice with SOLife
  4. spinach, brocolli, onions, bell peppers, corn, lentils and veg patties
  5. apple
Felt a bit tired early today but ate great and energy revived and had a strong & fun workout!
peace out my friends!!!:)


  1. My Knucklehead moment came one day when I heard through a message board that some TOOL of a trainer from another local gym was talking shit and posting untrue things about my business. I was so damn pissed and fueled up that I decided I was going to go for a PR on barbell deadlift (When I used to do that kind of thing). I loaded up the bar with 435# and cranked it. I got it up there pretty strong but not so pretty form. Needless to say the discs in my lumbar spine were not the same after that.

    The other time my EGO jumped in on me and told me I could do a turkish Getup with "the Beast". I did it but jacked my QL. Could not sit, sleep, or walk right for weeks (this is pre-EY Yoga).

    Bottom line - I was an ego-ed jackass and hurt myself both times. Lesson learned.

    Justin R

  2. I've had several Knucklehead moments in my life with regards to training/fitness. My most recent one came 1 1/2 years ago during a softball game. I was playing outfield and we were getting hammered by the other team. This one guy hits one in the gap and I'm thinking I'm going to make a great catch to end the inning. I sprint to my left and dive (I mean, I was airborne) for the ball. I land with my arm still fully extended, and I feel (and hear) the pop in my shoulder. It hurt for a second buy felt better after a minute. I really wanted to finish the game so I did, not recognizing the fact that I had just torn my rotator cuff and suffered minor nerve damage that was probably made worse by continuing to play. I should've not let myself be fooled by the endorphins I was feeling after injuring it and should've taken myself out of the game immediately. It wasn't until this past summer that I got full use of my shoulder. I was finally able to do a back dome in my EY sequence last month!

  3. haha:) good stories guys!! good to hear you are both getting better too!!

  4. Mine was just last week. After 6 weeks solid without a day off, late nights and tons of stress, I finally had a chance to workout, hit it a bit too hard, payed the price and got sick. I knew better. Should've come back to full-speed gradually.... but I didn't. Felt great after the workout and then headed downhill fast. D'oh!


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