Day 81 of 90: Lean & Green Warriors, hotel workout:) strong foods!!

In Washington Square where i use to workout about 25 years ago!!!:)
Man we're having a great time here in NYC doing our MBG Warrior seminars!
Rebuilding Warriors, Lean & Green Warriors and Training Warriors all off the hook great!!
The students have been great! asking tons of questions, very excited and ready to make a
huge impact on themselves, others and the planet:)
Tonights L&G Warriors was a Packed house hosted at MBG Staten Island, great job Jimmy and Tommy!! Tomorrow we go to Philly for the last 2 seminars while here in NYC area.
Got to get up at 6am so got to get some sleep just wanted to give you all a shout out!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga between sets of my workout
MBG 2 training - JGXT push ups & muscle ups for 90 reps in as few sets as possible...wicked:)
Then did power jumper full extensions with 2 bands for 80 reps in afsap...felt great!!
MBG 3 eating - green drinks, mixed green salad with quinoa, beans and more veggies, then a vegan cookie:) haha, then much more veggies:)
peace:) sleep now:)


  1. RIght on Jonnie! I look forward to attending the Lean Green Warrior seminar someday soon.

  2. Jonny it was a pleasure meeting you Thursday night at the Underground gym. The nutrition discussion got me thinking. I went and bought the audio version of the China Study. Definitely changing my nutrition habits. Anyway just wanted to say thanks!


  3. Jon, glad to see you're doing good! It's a bummer not seeing you around Madison as much, but it's awesome to see that you're working hard to spread your positive ethic to as many people as possible!

    I was reading this new book on the Paleo Diet by Robb Wolf and he literally says that you can not be strong, lean, and big on a vegan (or even vegetarian!) diet. He literally says that there are no exceptions to this rule. OBVIOUSLY he is wrong, as you, Mahler, Cheeke, Sitko, and many others are LIVING EXAMPLE of vegan strength, power, and high energy levels. I think you should write a critique of the Paleo Diet and it's complete refutation of a Plant-Based (& vegan!) diet! It would be a powerful retort, as you talk the talk and walk the walk!

    Hope to see you around soon!

  4. hey jordan, you are right on, it's funny how guys say stuff like that...i guy actually has said myself and others to guys like him and other paleo people and they all say well yeah they're strong but they'd be stronger if they ate meat. you know when i ate meat before 2004 i was strong, i ate a ton of meat, i weighed 212, my lean body mass was 186 at about 13% body fat, now 6 years into being a vegan i'm 212lbs, my LBM is 191 lbs at 9% body fat. being vegan i did 80 reps with the 15/15 workout and many others no one has touched...yeah, i should say something to them..where did you see that?


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