Day 79 of 90: in NYC seminars, veg restaurants

hey everybody, doing the 3rd of 7 seminars today down in Avon by the Sea in NJ and so far the seminars have gone really great! The students are great and we've had a great time. Then the rest of the time we've been walking all over manhatten checking out the city which is great!
Looks like i have 11 days left in my 3 challenge adventure as well and it is sinking in that hitting the 3 will be pretty challenging:) 11 days away from going for it again!! Gonna do my best and look back at this whole adventure and has accounted for over 33% of my 90 days i'm guessing:) so next time plan it when i'm in one place that can do all 3 events for 90 days:) Makes a huge difference:)

MBG restoration - Daily i've been doing our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and man does that help a ton. Also have mixed in some 50 minute foot massage yesterday which was awesome:) and the day before 2.5 hours of Turkish Bath House on 10th and 2nd ave. man that was awesome we'd sit in a super old Russian Hot this place is super old school...1892 is when it was built!!! After that a cold plunge for a minute...repeated this about 7 times and felt great afterwards. If you have access to a Russian or Turkish bath take advantage of it!!
MBG training - Walked about 10 mile yesterday, then did 5 simple sets of 20 reps of fist pushups or planche dips alternated with JGXT assisted chin ups to sternum for 100 reps of each and it was amazing...felt great!!!
MBG eating - man here we've been having a good time!! NYC has tons of great vegan restaurants that we've eaten at daily; Bonobo's, Jivamaktea Yoga centers cafe, viva la pizza (yes vegan pizza that is off the hook!!), quintessence, the meatball shop (my buddy mikey's place that serves both veg and meat stuff and it's got awesome dishes got to check it out!!!), The Juice Press which has amazing meals, smoothies and lots more it's down on 1st st and 1st ave.
All are amazing places to eat at and all give tons of options for everyone!!
We also stopped at babycakes:) haha, this is a vegan bakery that is or should be illegal:) haha it's off the charts good and you got to check it out once:) haha if you can:)
hope you all are good and that you are helping yourself and others to be at another level:)
peace my friends,


  1. John

    It was great attending your seminars. I learned so much. I have been going over all the stuff you taught us.I almost got the handstand today off the wall.Thanks to your team for helping us out. And for being patient with me as my hearing is not very well.I wish I could have done every seminar you have on the east coast this trip.Great Stuff. As for anyone that has not been to John's seminar attend Jon is great and full a knowledge.


  2. thanks john, man your gonna be walking 15 yards in no time without the wall!!! keep up the great work john and hope to cu soon my friend!!!! the seminars have all been just amazing!! wish you could of joined them all too:)
    peace my friend and look forward to cnu again soon!!


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