Day 74 of 90: in nyc getting ready for seminars, eating, training, traveling!

1 arm, 1 leg push up....very hard, toes point down too makes it way harder:) try it:) Check out the Doo too:) haha Surfs up!!
Traveling is crazy got into new jersey at 1:30 am then got to the hotel slept a bit and left at 8:30 to get to a meeting in manhatten this am...i think we actually got the slowest taxi driver in the world, we was so worried about bumping his 4x4 that we stopped and then slowly rolled over every puddle over the 20 miles....took us 2 hours!!!!! Then we had a great 2.5 hour meeting with my buddy stephen who is a expert at helping businesses and boy did he help us alot. it is so important to have an expert guide you, to get people around you who are better than you are at each aspect of your work and that is what is happening...we're getting a really solid team and we're constantly working to improve so we can help more and more people and in doing so help the planet more:)
Still had good food today...fruit juice (fresh juiced) before meeting, then went to Bonobo's (vegan restaurant) on 23rd which serves up awesome food and i got kale salad with beets, seaweed, brocolli and then a walnut thing:) it was great!!
Got to go my friends and hope to see you all this week!! OR SOON!!:)
your friend,


  1. Very nice doo! Enjoy your travels. Nice one arm one leg pushups. Never seen that before :)


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