Day 71 of 90: Improvement again!

MBG CNT Jared T doing the Power Wheel 100 yard challenge...anyone else??:)
Today was a strong day eating, training, restoring...i was hungry for each....this is good:)
I have 19 days to achieve i hope 1 of the 3 goals i set out some 71 days ago.
Despite my obstacles, travels, workload i'm still feeling confident i will get one of the three if not 2.
The Power Wheel + 52lb vest (not my original 40lb vest:) i am confident i will is a huge challenge still as i'm at 75 yards right now. Dunking, this one has been really hard as i'm doing my jump training 2 times a week still and re-tweaking my left knee a month ago really set me back alot...i'm still improving on my broad jumps a bit though and have not been able to jump off 1 foot since re-tweaking my knee but i feel it getting stronger each week from my daily eischens yoga and doing good bw strength work too. The one i am not feeling strong about is the 100 yard handstand walks, this has been my biggest challenge...was improving and in the middle of the 90 days i hit a different wall:) haha and did not train much for about 3 weeks there so am still at my 30 day max...of about 47 yards which i hope to beat tomorrow:) Over the 71 days so far i feel my eating and daily eischens yoga + hot/cold showers has helped me tremendously as this has been an challenging venture big time:) and i've needed to do all i can with those two in order to even perform equal or above the other goals:)
MBG 1 restoration -
Eischens Yoga beg seq + lots more back domes and inversions + hot/cold shower
MBG 2 training - did something a bit different here today...
instead of doing Power Jumper broad jumps i used the BXT off the wall and started 4'6" from the wall and jumped 8 times at each level: R8/R5/0.
  1. For the R8 jumps my best was 5'4", for R5 my best was 6'5", for 0 resistance improved to 5 jumps for 45'7" so far on my return to jumping this is my best broad jump!! 3 feet 7" farther than where i began 71 days ago (42' only) so i'm still very happy about that. 
After broad jumps, went outside and did my playground leg workout:
  1. Pistol/Russian Lunge alternates: 4 sets of 5s (5 of each)
  2. GHD: 4 sets of 10 with bending at hips and hands behind this kicked ass:) haha
MBG 3 eating -
  1. grapes, straw/blue berries, mangos, dates, coconut, banana, bee pollen, goji, cacao, SOLife, walnuts
  2. kale, kamut, carrots, corn, beets, garbanzo's, tabouli, walnuts, cranberries (awesome with cranberries)
  3. spinach/beet/carrot juice with some SOLife mixed in....OFF THE HOOK!!
  4. dahl soup, spinach, potato, black eyed peas, tomato, brown rice....awesome dinner!!
  5. honeycrisp apple
Feeling good, wish i could keep on this path til day 90 but going to nyc for 7 seminars in 8 days:) haha gonna do my best to stay on my training goals!! Anyone in the NYC area got a 52lb or heavier weight vest i can borrow? haha...i'm serious though:)


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