Day 70 of 90: New Power Wheel PR!

Teaching Run Faster, Jump Higher seminar to 200+

Good day today, worked alot this morning , ate strong foods and had a good workout.
QUESTION FOR YOU: One way of training for the rest of the year...what would it be? bartendaz or gymnastics training or parkour or straight up bodyweight training?
MBG 1 restoration - after workout hot/cold shower 5 times, at the end of my workout did alot of back domes and it felt really great after!
MBG 2 training - Did prison 10-1 workout (55 reps of each) after doing my PW + 52lb crawl
  • Power Wheel + 52lb crawl: NEW PR!!! 75 yards, then rested 30 seconds and did 30 more yards = 105y this was pretty tough, at 50 yards i just said keep going, no pause, just go a bit slower and you know what it helped alot and i hit 75! Tough as hell though and still got 25 more yards to go in the next 20 days!!!!! That is why it's called a challenge huh:) haha
Prison 10-1 
  1. Handstand Push ups assisted with 70lb BXT: 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
  2. L seat chin ups to touching chest to bar: 8,2/7,2/6,2/5,2/4,2/4,1/4/3/2/1
took 23 minutes to do this workout...didnt rush it either...felt good though:)
then did wall walk up back domes with feet on the wall...did sets of 2-5 til felt done...which was 22:) i really like this exercise, opens my shoulders and hips alot and feels really great. Doing the hot/cold shower after this really left me feeling great the rest of the night!
MBG 3 plant based nutrition -
  1. spinach, mango, banana, goji, cacao, SOLife, almonds smoothie
  2. trail mix: cashews, raisins, cranberries, almonds
  3. 2 ezekial tortillas, hummus, 2 veg patties, brocolli, corn, beets
  4. mixed greens, kale, brocolli, corn, dulse flakes, lentils
  5. honeycrisp apples
Good day of MBG 3!!


  1. I vote for PK. Not too many 6' 2", 225 lb. traceurs. :) It'd be interesting to see what you could do with it. :) The others are too much like what you already do. Too easy for you. :)

  2. Makes me think about what I'd do... Maybe a real focus on endurance again. Set a goal for something big like a 50 mile run or a multi-day adventure race. That'd sure be a challenge. I'd need to whittle a bit of extra mass off. I guess I just do the work and ket my body sort that out, huh? :)

  3. oh boy thats tuff, gymnastics or parkour maybe. parkour competitions would be fun!

  4. Jon -

    Im going all 3. Im diggin the way Im training now which is not counting sets or reps. Just picking a time frame and working movements. I am currently doing 2 exercises and working them for 20 minutes. I do this for 6 exercises which in 3 20 minutes blocks. I work all kinds of movements like the bartendaz, Gymnastics levers and body weight strength training, and even practice parkour vaults and precision jumps.

    Its all good stuff

  5. Gymnastics mix with bodyweight & band exercises for the rest of the year. MOVE baby MOVE!!!!

  6. haha great feedback my friends, like the no counting training for sure, we've done that many times for classes and it is great, just training purely for the perfection of movement, no training to failure or fatique....awesome feedback guys!! how about no counting reps for one month? haha good stuff:)

  7. It is my favorite way to train Jon. Use that method with any exercise and it is an awesome way to train. I like it best with gymnastic exercises like levers, static holds, muscle ups, ring exercises, bar work, etc

    Justin R


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