Day 68 of 90: HSW, J rock and i'm back home:) yeah

Chicago Warrior statue...STRONG!!
Man traveling and speaking or showing my inventions all day as i've done in chicago over the last few days just crushes my HSW, PW crawls and jump training:) after a few days of working out each day at the fitness event i just had to get outside and have some fun in the i did one of my favorite outdoor workouts....J Rock!
I've been a personal trainer / strength coach for 31 years, i've seen alot and tried alot of different things and it usually comes down to some simple rules. As a young trainer in LA i asked Reg Parks, one of the greatest strongmen and bodybuilders of all time for some advice....i asked him what is the best way to get stronger, he simply said, eat more and train harder/heavier. i've always liked his simplicity of training it for sure worked for him:) I bring this up because alot of people have said to me over these years "oh you'd be so much bigger if you ate meat, or if you lifted weights". Even today i hear the same thing!! Honestly it is crazy, when i was 25 years old i was in about the exact same shape i'm in now, when i was an NBA strength coach, when i was 32 same shape as i'm in now when i began brazilian jiu-jitsu and in both of these cases i ate alot of meat, actually a ton of meat and whey protein powders...easily 200g a day. and you know what same exact lean body mass as i am right now!! Same across the board high levels of fitness...but i had alot of injuries in the works, like my super tight hips and shoulders. Anyways last night in chicago i'm in the food section of barnes and nobles looking at all types of books and i see the paleo diet book, so i breeze thru it and he states without question you cannot eat a 100% plant based diet and get the same results....I LAUGHED!! it is crazy how people say you must kill animals in order to be strong...bull!! the facts are..i am so much more healthier today than before it's a joke, my kidneys hurt all the time (back pain), horrible sleep, joint pain...and of course killing alot of animals and helping global warming....NOTHING POSITIVE!
Question for you all....are you healthier today or the same as you were when you use to eat (and kill) alot of animals.
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beg sequence, hot/cold shower
MBG 2 training - HSW, J rock workout, biked all day long!!
After the badger game we rode past an outdoor football i had to check my HSWing:) well with no warm up and the chicago day long demonstrating got me here:( only went 45 yards so that was a dissapointment...but i got to understand what did i expect:) haha a record:) 45 is still very good, just hoping to get up near 55 or time i'll rest a bit first:)
J ROCK workout - 3 sets of 20 total reps for each pushing and pulling groups
Parallel bars: Inverted press hold to L seat hold for reps, then swing dips (front side & back side = 1), then planche dips: 5, 10, 5 / 5, 10, 5 / 5, 10, 5 for 3 sets of 20
Parallel bar: Muscle ups to side to side chins, to assisted 1 arm chins (4 left, 4 right = 4 reps) to L seat chin ups to chest: 5, 5, 5s, 5 for 3 sets of 20
MBG 3 plant based eating -
soaked oats, goji, cacao, bee pollen, bananas, blueberries, sunwarrior chocalate prot powder (tried this out for the first time today and it was pretty good, might use this, we'll see as i really love SOLife:) ha
1 small bag of trail mix
kale, carrots, edemame, beets, pumpkin seeds, corn
water, sunwarrior vanilla, banana....okay this was not that good:) haha so had to add my SOlife haha!!
spinach, almonds salad, then some rice, black beans and greens sauce on top, this was awesome!!
popcorn, flax oil, sea salt
good day, a bit tired tonight:) but i'm good:)


  1. Feel much better now that I consume 100% plant-based diet. Leaner and healthier too.

  2. good to hear ryan:) love the feedback my friend!

  3. totally feel way better! Never bloated and rarely tired, clearer skin, less aches and pains, and can just listen to my body and eat what it tells me. No more counting calories or macronutrients to stay lean. Easiest nutrition program ever, and much healthier! Never would have done it without meeting you jon! Thanks a lot!

  4. Good read. Keeping it simple is certainly the way to go, I find myself often getting caught up in so many different methods that I can choose one and stick with it. Jon I couldn't help but notice you said you've been a trainer for 31 years. You must have started really young because you don't look much older than that.


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