Day 63 of 90: HSW PW52 Rope STRONG PB Eischens of course:)

One of our HS player Markus with Wesley the inventor of todays wicked workout:) haha
Good day today! Did alot of work, had good workout bumping up some numbers again:) eating super strong foods and doing the restoration as usual:) I've been asked alot how do i keep any energy up running a business that is expanding, traveling alot and stretching myself it's crazy but i think i'm figuring it out a bit....ONE - got to listen to my gut alot, chill when i need too, this is a tough one as my mind constantly says do this, workout, sleep later, rest later, work on this, write this...blah blah:) haha. TWO - get some great, not good, but great people around you! As Tony Robbins told me power is proximity to power... meaning you got to surround yourself with high level people. We've made some changes, upgrades recently and it's really made a big difference in our overall organization, profits and my peace of mind. THREE - train smart, again this is probably like number 1 but chilin is sort of different than training. got to really really listen and not overdo it. with all the traveling and work we've been doing i could easily have dropped in my training or over done it...but i'm still progressing even  if it's a bit. So i'm doing good on that point i feel and it really comes down to listening to my gut...not my head. FOUR - eat great foods!!!! this is super important! positive if i was not eating so strong and clean that i'd be extremely tired all day i'm just tired a bit each day:) haha FIVE - do the daily restoration with my Eischens Yoga....seems so simple to do but again without this i'd be aching alot more than if i did not do it. even if it's only a quick few poses it helps me alot. in addition to this is the hot/cold showers to help muscle recovery, although it's not as good as hot dry sauna or steam / cold bath cycles but it's again better than nothing. These are key and if they can help me with my crazy schedule it can help you guys for sure so hope this helps you all too:)
MBG 1 restoration - standing warrior poses, some prone mountains and back domes later in the night to re-balance after a long day and it felt great! also did 4 cycles of hot/cold shower too after my workouts.
MBG 2 training - did some stand up grappling training with MBG COO greg metzler who is a D2 wrestler and that was fun, we trained for about 40 minutes mostly stand up stuff which always helps a BJJ guy like myself:) haha
Handstand walks - now havent really been hitting this much over the last month, just wasnt feeling good most days when it was due but felt better today and went for it. Did 3 sets of 37 yards each set which ties my indoor i just kept hitting a wall at 37 yards:) haha it was crazy! Doing this on our 15 yard carpet floor and this was for sure the best i've ever done on this, no falling and hit my PR for 3 sets in a IMPROVEMENT!!!
Alternated this with 20' rope climbs which i did for 3 sets of 40' foot climbs
after this rested a few minutes then did 3 sets of 30 yard speed crawls with the Power Wheel + 52lb vest: 21 seconds for each set and these all tie my previous PR of 21 seconds which i had done on 1 set only. So 3 sets of tying records on HSW and PW52 crawls is a good day!!
rested some more then wanted to just do some simple high rep stuff to finish on a nice strong feel so i did 3 sets each of planche dips on parallel bars and body rows for sets of 25 each and this went great!!
MBG 3 plant based eating - another great strong day of eating!!
grapes, mango, goji, cacao, bananas, SOLife, almonds
kale, kamut, brown rice, beans, bell peppers, carrots
figs, almonds, cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds
mixed greens, carrots, sesames seeds, tomato, then bowls of brown rice, spinach, garbanzo beans
spinach, corn, sunflower seeds
overall i'm real happy with todays results and where everything is going:)
Today was also really cool at the MBG Madison...we did the Wesley and it kicked everyones ass!!!:)
My NBA client Wesley Matthews made up this workout when he had to travel to train and asked me what i thought and i said man you're an evil dude:) that is gonna be hard as hell...but fun as hell too!! and it was! everyone loved it!!:)
Peace my friends!!


  1. hey jon! Great post, I always enjoy hearing words of wisdom! Thanks!

  2. JH,
    Say hello to big Kev for me if he is still in town,champion bloke!

    Mate my favourite workouts in no particular order
    15/15 cl & pr, 75 reps AFAP- double snatch/ kips then double pp,J-Rock, FBI, any playground workouts.

    My favourite piece of equipment for a long time was the JJ (it comes with me on all my work and holiday trips).Now I think the PJ would have to give it a nudge as I am finding all sorts of uses with assisted movements since starting my bodyweight only training cycle(planche, Fr levers,HSPU,Back support for HLR and of course resistance for the jumps, squats etc)I am yet to use the new JJ however.

    Mate can you video some jumps with the green R8 bands on please. I look like a Thunderbird with the 2 R6 bands on.I think I would end up in a ball in the fetal positon with the greenies on!!I need to see the green babies in action!



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