Day 60 of 90!! NEW PW PR!!

NEW PR: 70 yard Power Wheel crawl + 52lbs!!!!!!
  hey everybody, man if you read yesterdays post i did alot and yes i felt it today:) haha i was a bit tired, a bit overall achey and not feeling too energetic to train, but i still did my best and ended up feeling pretty good at the end of the day:)
Question for each and all of you:
  • Power Wheel crawl 100 yards
  • Power Wheel heaviest as possible crawl 100 yards:) (this is the one i'm doing....gonna get 260lbs for 100 yards!!!)
  • 15/15 x 5 minutes of push ups for 100 reps, then same with JGXT assisted for 100 reps (this is very hard)
  • Going 100% plant based for 30 days
  • Doing the Eischens Warrior sequence for 30 days straight...(hard core AND feel amazing!!:)
NOW IF YOU READ MY BLOG i want to hear from you on my blog or on my FB page or on our MBG FB page!!! Okay my brothers and sistas!! I want to know:)

MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, hot/cold shower x 4
MBG 2 training - Power Wheel crawl, chins to chest, push ups
Power Wheel + 52lb vest: *70 yards New PR!!, 30 yards = 100 yards
rested a bit, then trained another hour of BJJ with my bud training it was great!
Strict chin ups to chest: 3 sets of 10
Strict push ups to unstable 2x4: 3 sets of 25
felt good afterwards, really happy i bumped it up to 70 yards today, it felt good too and considering it was friday, bjj fatiqued me a bit too....did pretty darn good:) haha
MBG 3 eating plant based: 
  1. grapes, straws, blues, dates, bee pollen, goji, cacao, bananas, SOLife, sunflower seeds, almonds
  2. kale, carrots, beans, brown rice, corn, peas, walnuts
  3. bananas and dates rolled in coconut flakes (great treat)
  4. went out for mexican:) chips & salsa, burrito with spinach, brocolli, onions, bell peppers, black beans, this was THE BOMB!!!! awesome vegan burrito!!!
Right now i'm feeling pretty good about both the power wheel the dunking (after yesterdays 10'5" jump off two feet and a good broad jump and todays new PR on the Power Wheel + 52 crawl). The handstand walk is coming along and the 2-3 weeks of not doing it too much a few weeks back from just feeling really poor has put me in a tough spot to progress. I'm thinking i'm above 50 yards right doubling that in 40 days:) that will be tough...but you know what? i'm still going for it:)

time to chill:) resting and recovering this weekend, gonna do some Eischens Yoga for sure, but mostly reading alot and maybe watching a movie this weekend.
so peace my friends!:)


  1. Oh man! All are excellent challenges...tough to choose just one. First choice would be 100% plant based for 30 days. A close second would be the 15/15 push ups and 15/15 JGXT assisted. But I've always been partial to push ups and push up variations. Both challenges would be pretty hardcore in my opinion.
    Jon, what would be some of the immediate effects for someone who were to jump from a typical American diet to a full plant-based diet?

  2. I would say 100 percent plant based. It's not too with school and all ya just eat when you can lol. Any tips for a college student (i commute so its a little easier)

  3. hey james and matthew like the feedback! good choices too! immediate effects would be dependent how how you normally eat...most people feel a boost in energy but some people who eat really crappy might notice some forms of withdrawal like sluggishness or fatique which is from toxins leaving the body and this takes a bit of time to clear the body, once done as long as you eat strong on my blog:)'ll be feeling strong and healthy as heck!!! Tips for college students is just substitute some mock meats for actual meats for now...maybe some veggie patties as i do is a good way to start one of my blog followers made a great add on point (james) try to stay with 100% veggies in the veg patties, all natural ingredients without the processed products like soy products can be sometimes. soy beans are great for you just they are often processed alot and used as a filler in alot of veg patties. that should be a simple way for you to start out along with cook big meals so you can eat them over the week like i do with my fruit bowl in the morning. hope this helps my friends,

  4. Veggie patties are the best.It's very hard to find places that sell them without soy. I did find a diner in nyc that did have them without soy they where the best. With sweet potato fries. It's called the tick tock dinner. There is a brand that makes them without soy. You need to do a search for them. Also you should try to make your own. I have not done this yet. But I just love the burgers from the tick tock dinner on 34th street in NYC.I could honestly eat veggie burgers everyday. I don't miss hamburgers at all.Oh and Jon awesome video . What vest is that you are wearing I didn't think that they went up to 50 lbs that brand if its the one I have seen before?

  5. Love the EY Warriors for 3 days......Think I may give that a try myself! Super stoked to see you in Philly Jon.

  6. hey john and colin!! john good call on the veggie burgers! tick tock dinner sounds great! i'll check it out when in nyc from the 14-24th:) i was wearing two vests...a 42lb x-vest and a 10lb vest on top of that for 52 total lbs. colin for your challenge...that is a big challenge, i think the first couple days is the biggest challenge, once you 'get' the sequence and time your home free and gonna feel amazing no doubt!! look forward to seeing you too my friend in philly, that will be great:) peace brahs!


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