64 of 90: vertical & broad jumps, strong food, eischens in the am

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: What are your favorite MBG workouts of the day? Top 5!!
ALSO: What is your one piece of equipment you would want to train with if you had only 1?
My favorites: 15/15 clean & press and kips & HSPUs, 100 cl/sq/pr, 100 yd workout, 30/300/3000
My 1 piece of equipment: wow, tough question here:) jump rope, Jungle Gym XT or a power wheel:)
hey y'all:) today was a good strong day! beautiful here! Worked hard all day long, meetings from
9am to 4pm :) dang!! but we got alot of good work done and did a whole lot of MBG organization:)
after all the meetings trained a bit of bjj and then did a little jump workout and then met with my good buddy kevin wallace who drove up from oklahoma city to madison today with his buddy jeff. Good guys for sure!! Over dinner we were talking about there drive up here (about 13 hours) and some of the stuff jess and i have done on our many road trips, made me think of our road warrior videos we shot when traveling to colorado to do some speaking. It's about 14 hours each way so we thought we'd take a workout break each hour so we stayed awake and had something to look forward too....and man did it ever work great!! It was a blast, we had fun each hour and by the end of the day had gotten a great full body workout. In the video above jess is doing 20 cleans each side...nothing over the top, just nice hard one set is all we would do. Then i think i did 20 dead snatches each arm with the same 20kg, then back on the road. So maybe 30 plyo bench jumps next, then the next hour, maybe 40 hindu push ups each, etc etc for the whole day...i guarantee you'll love it my friends:)
MBG 1 restoration - began with Eischens Yoga as soon as i got out of bed, did the beg sequence and man did that help me start the day off well!! Later after training did the hot/cold x 5 shower cycle.
MBG 2 training - 1 hour of BJJ with my buddy Thales, good hard training!! Then did my jumps:
Vertical jumps to rim with R8 Power Jumper x 2/1/0...improve 1/2" from last week and hit 10'5.5"!!:)
Broad Jumps with R8 Power Jumper x 2/1/0...improved on my initial PJ2 jumps to 46' on 6 jumps, improved on PJ1 jumps to 42' on 5 jumps and then tied last weeks 45'5" jump with no resistance. sort of dissapointed i did not improve on the no resistance jumps but that is cool:) after a really busy day i still feel it was a good workout:) Knee did hurt on last set of vertical jumps so did more EY after and it was cool:)
MBG 3 plant based eating -
  1. grapes, mangos, bananas, goji, cacao, bee pollen, a bit of water, SOlife, pecans (man i love this meal:)
  2. figs, almonds
  3. kale, kamut, brocolli, onions, carrots, pumpkin seeds, lentils
  4. green juice - kale, parsley, apple
  5. collard greens, black beans, onions, bell peppers, sprouts, brocolli, peanuts
  6. honeycrisp apple and some raw cashew butter!!
Good day:) great to see my buddy kevin and his bud jeff, had dinner with them and talked alot of training (which is always fun:) haha.
peace out my friends,


  1. Let's see, my top 5 (in no particular order):
    1. J-Rock 3x20
    2. Top of the Min
    3. Any 5x5 workout
    4. Hindu Push-up/Chins 10-1 Prison workout
    5. Mr. Matt

    Also, I really liked the SASHA we did back in March. I recall that really kicked my butt. :) Also, just doing PPJ 2/1/0 drills is awesome too!

  2. jungle gym and j rock or prison type workouts!

  3. Power Wheel, Jungle Gym, Power Jumper, Weighted Speed Rope, KBs

    X-Games, Jump Rope Sprints, 10-1 Prison Bodyweight, 30, 300, 3,000, Fight Club

    It's all good. :)


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