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Day 88 of 90: almost there my friends:) hahaha great training today!!

Okay i realize my 90 day challenge is up in just two days:) I'm cool with that fact that i'm not hitting them:) Going for them is the point, despite my travels and work crushing my training, i kept doing my best:) I'm still going for them and will get them as soon as i can....think i might get the Power Wheel + 40 vest for 100 yards soon:) the Dunk next and then the, that one is a big time challenge for sure:) we'll keep you posted on that:) hahaha
A few days i wrote about one of my Dads accomplishments...1 of Many:) haha
It was the 63 reps in 10 seconds jumping rope back in 1974 at the age of 43!! It is many
times we see in life that people do not appreciate how amazing their parents are...i had
my spell for sure, rebelled, but i'm so appreciative now to be able to see how amazing they
are, filled with love for life, health, their children and grandchildren:) But got to also say some more
achievements they both have done physically...they're im…

Day 86 of 90: New PR on Power Wheel crawl VIDEO!!

New Record on the Power Wheel Crawl:with the 40lb vest (making me 252lbs) on i crawled 80 yards straight on cement bike path. Couple things of interest here...80 yards (73.15 meters for those down under:) straight is harder than the back & forth on the 15 yard carpeted floor in my Monkey Bar Gym:). Even though 16 days ago i did 75 yards with the 52lb vest inside and i did not get to do any power wheel training over the last 2 weeks:( I'm still very happy about this today:) I learned that i need to train this on straight aways:) going forward, then backwards, then forward etc definitely seems like you get a little break during the crawl....learned this at about the 50 yard marker:) man as you watch you'll see i begin to slow down alot at that point. When i think back to the beginning of this challenge i used a 40lb vest as i did today and i only did 50 yards on the forward and backwards method i feel despite alot of traveling and doing it outdoors that improvi…

Day 85 of 90: MBG M.A.P. for 2011:) my dad is a bad ass!!!!:)

Today i was thinking about my dad (Bobby Hinds), he's really an amazing person.
He is 79 years old, in 1973 (at age 42) he invented the Lifeline Jump Rope and program and it quickly
became the #1 jump rope sold in the world, he was in the Guiness Book of World Records for doing 63 reps in 10 seconds with one of his plastic beaded jump ropes....63!!! What makes this record so impressive is besides his age at the time, the use of the beaded rope which is heavier than a speed rope by a ways and his size...about 6' tall (shorter is easier/faster)...all 3 make the speed of this accomplishment more impressive. I've attempted many times to break this record and could never do better than 56 in 10 seconds on 28 doubles. Finally i asked my dad how he did it cause i was going as fast as i could on the doubles...he simply said "I did triples, 21 in 10 seconds". Now that is wicked impressive!!! sometimes for fun while teaching our MBG Intensive course i have the students try t…

Day 84 of 90: 1 arm HS's, gorilla hangs and WHAT? the knucklehead club??

I'm back!!! haha man it's good to be back home, love NYC and doing all the seminars though:) When i get back home i get to rest!! eat great and train at my Monkey Bar Gym!!!:)
Crazy how much travel and teaching we actually do each day while on these trips....we figured it was about 6-8 hours a day for the single seminar days and the last day with 2 seminars was about 12 hours of travel and can zap you if you dont sleep and eat right:) but we're cool:)
One sort of cool thing we realized while teaching the seminars was the basics all people want to know. Like how to heal back pain, how to progress to do a handstand and how to make a simple and strong plant based meal...these were the common threads during our trip and we really enjoyed the great discussions we had on each and then teaching all how to do each point.....just alot of fun:) Love it:)
An additional point was the knucklehead club:) haha yes that is correct, we joked about it at one seminar and everyb…

Day 81 of 90: Lean & Green Warriors, hotel workout:) strong foods!!

Man we're having a great time here in NYC doing our MBG Warrior seminars!
Rebuilding Warriors, Lean & Green Warriors and Training Warriors all off the hook great!!
The students have been great! asking tons of questions, very excited and ready to make a
huge impact on themselves, others and the planet:)
Tonights L&G Warriors was a Packed house hosted at MBG Staten Island, great job Jimmy and Tommy!! Tomorrow we go to Philly for the last 2 seminars while here in NYC area.
Got to get up at 6am so got to get some sleep just wanted to give you all a shout out!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga between sets of my workout
MBG 2 training - JGXT push ups & muscle ups for 90 reps in as few sets as possible...wicked:)
Then did power jumper full extensions with 2 bands for 80 reps in afsap...felt great!!
MBG 3 eating - green drinks, mixed green salad with quinoa, beans and more veggies, then a vegan cookie:) haha, then much more veggies:)
peace:) sleep now:)

Day 79 of 90: in NYC seminars, veg restaurants

hey everybody, doing the 3rd of 7 seminars today down in Avon by the Sea in NJ and so far the seminars have gone really great! The students are great and we've had a great time. Then the rest of the time we've been walking all over manhatten checking out the city which is great!
Looks like i have 11 days left in my 3 challenge adventure as well and it is sinking in that hitting the 3 will be pretty challenging:) 11 days away from going for it again!! Gonna do my best and look back at this whole adventure and has accounted for over 33% of my 90 days i'm guessing:) so next time plan it when i'm in one place that can do all 3 events for 90 days:) Makes a huge difference:)

MBG restoration - Daily i've been doing our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and man does that help a ton. Also have mixed in some 50 minute foot massage yesterday which was awesome:) and the day before 2.5 hours of Turkish Bath House on 10th and 2nd ave. man that was awesome we'd s…

Day 75 of 90: seminar went great! good eats in nyc, EY to the rescue!

GO AHEAD WISCONSIN BADGERS!!!!!!!!! You know sometimes you sleep funny, well when we got here i slept very very odd on my right arm and woke up and MAN it was jaked up:) haha my shoulder was killing me, could not hardly move it without alot of pain and i'm sitting here thinking okay you got to teach our "Rebuilding Warriors" seminar in just a few hours just do your best, so the seminar begins and it still is hurting alot and of course we do our Eischens Yoga sequence to get it going and NO PAIN!! Man daily i get reminders of how amazing Eischens Yoga is, then on top of that all the students were so awesome and dug it so much, man it was just a great day!! BUT it was made all the better with my school the University of Wisconsin beating #1 ranked Ohio State!!!!! HECK YEAH BOY!!!!! hahaahaha Awesome!!
What a day:)
MBG 1 restoration - 3 hours of Eischens Yoga during our Rebuilding Warrior seminar....DOPE!!
MBG 2 training - just EY today:) hope to get some in tomorrow:)

Day 74 of 90: in nyc getting ready for seminars, eating, training, traveling!

1 arm, 1 leg push up....very hard, toes point down too makes it way harder:) try it:) Check out the Doo too:) haha Surfs up!! Traveling is crazy got into new jersey at 1:30 am then got to the hotel slept a bit and left at 8:30 to get to a meeting in manhatten this am...i think we actually got the slowest taxi driver in the world, we was so worried about bumping his 4x4 that we stopped and then slowly rolled over every puddle over the 20 miles....took us 2 hours!!!!! Then we had a great 2.5 hour meeting with my buddy stephen who is a expert at helping businesses and boy did he help us alot. it is so important to have an expert guide you, to get people around you who are better than you are at each aspect of your work and that is what is happening...we're getting a really solid team and we're constantly working to improve so we can help more and more people and in doing so help the planet more:)
Still had good food today...fruit juice (fresh juiced) before meeting, then went to B…

Day 72 of 90: me in 1983 TV ad:) HSWs like crazy! JGXT hspu and more!

Lifeline Gym TV ad from 1983 when i was 19, 5'8" and 135lbs:) hahaha
Good day today:) As we were working this morning we talked alot about the NYC/Philly seminars coming up, we talked about each one, the outlines, the main point of it help people, to help the planet. THAT is what it is all about....that is what my mission has been since day 1, to make this world a better place. Since i was a little boy i've always loved running, jumping, crawling, climbing like animals as well as just plain old loving animals themselves and nature. It's never changed! Reading an article today i saw someone made a great point that really supported what we do...i love animals, so i dont kill them and eat them. Now some people, actually most who do eat animals say things like well it's normal it's in our DNA, bogus, we're primates, it's not in our DNA!! Or some actually say well they're gonna die anyways, so is everything but you dont eat your family, friend…

Day 71 of 90: Improvement again!

MBG CNT Jared T doing the Power Wheel 100 yard challenge...anyone else??:) Today was a strong day eating, training, restoring...i was hungry for each....this is good:)
I have 19 days to achieve i hope 1 of the 3 goals i set out some 71 days ago.
Despite my obstacles, travels, workload i'm still feeling confident i will get one of the three if not 2.
The Power Wheel + 52lb vest (not my original 40lb vest:) i am confident i will is a huge challenge still as i'm at 75 yards right now. Dunking, this one has been really hard as i'm doing my jump training 2 times a week still and re-tweaking my left knee a month ago really set me back alot...i'm still improving on my broad jumps a bit though and have not been able to jump off 1 foot since re-tweaking my knee but i feel it getting stronger each week from my daily eischens yoga and doing good bw strength work too. The one i am not feeling strong about is the 100 yard handstand walks, this has been my biggest challenge.…

Day 70 of 90: New Power Wheel PR!

Good day today, worked alot this morning , ate strong foods and had a good workout.
QUESTION FOR YOU: One way of training for the rest of the year...what would it be? bartendaz or gymnastics training or parkour or straight up bodyweight training?
MBG 1 restoration - after workout hot/cold shower 5 times, at the end of my workout did alot of back domes and it felt really great after!
MBG 2 training - Did prison 10-1 workout (55 reps of each) after doing my PW + 52lb crawl
Power Wheel + 52lb crawl:NEW PR!!! 75 yards, then rested 30 seconds and did 30 more yards = 105y this was pretty tough, at 50 yards i just said keep going, no pause, just go a bit slower and you know what it helped alot and i hit 75! Tough as hell though and still got 25 more yards to go in the next 20 days!!!!! That is why it's called a challenge huh:) hahaPrison 10-1 
Handstand Push ups assisted with 70lb BXT: 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1L seat chin ups to touching chest to bar: 8,2/7,2/6,2/5,2/4,2/4,1/4/3/2/1took 23 minute…

Day 69 of 90: beautiful day!! biking, legs amazing food!!!

Perfect day here in Madison! about 79 and sunny, leaves are changing colors, so we road bikes almost all day long, would sit and read a bit, have some tea and chill....just a awesome day!!
After that had a great meal, then read some more then met my friend justin at the playground and did some leg strength training and then some levers, flagpoles and planches:) awesome day:)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga again but held each pose for about 30 seconds each and did  repeats of wall back domes walking feet up and down the wall for 5 this one as it really helps to open up the hips and shoulders alot. Then after training did a hot/cold shower x 6 cycles and feel pretty darn good right now!!:)
MBG 2 training -
Doing GHDs on Playground!! Glute Ham Developers (GHDs) feet under slide on playground...worked perfect for 3 sets of 8! Alternated these with pistols to russian lunge alternate 1 leg squats for 3 sets of 5 of each.after done with these then i did some sets of flagpoles for…

Day 68 of 90: HSW, J rock and i'm back home:) yeah

Man traveling and speaking or showing my inventions all day as i've done in chicago over the last few days just crushes my HSW, PW crawls and jump training:) after a few days of working out each day at the fitness event i just had to get outside and have some fun in the i did one of my favorite outdoor workouts....J Rock!
I've been a personal trainer / strength coach for 31 years, i've seen alot and tried alot of different things and it usually comes down to some simple rules. As a young trainer in LA i asked Reg Parks, one of the greatest strongmen and bodybuilders of all time for some advice....i asked him what is the best way to get stronger, he simply said, eat more and train harder/heavier. i've always liked his simplicity of training it for sure worked for him:) I bring this up because alot of people have said to me over these years "oh you'd be so much bigger if you ate meat, or if you lifted weights". Even today i hear the same thing!! Ho…

64 of 90: vertical & broad jumps, strong food, eischens in the am

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: What are your favorite MBG workouts of the day? Top 5!!
ALSO: What is your one piece of equipment you would want to train with if you had only 1?
My favorites: 15/15 clean & press and kips & HSPUs, 100 cl/sq/pr, 100 yd workout, 30/300/3000
My 1 piece of equipment: wow, tough question here:) jump rope, Jungle Gym XT or a power wheel:)
hey y'all:) today was a good strong day! beautiful here! Worked hard all day long, meetings from
9am to 4pm :) dang!! but we got alot of good work done and did a whole lot of MBG organization:)
after all the meetings trained a bit of bjj and then did a little jump workout and then met with my good buddy kevin wallace who drove up from oklahoma city to madison today with his buddy jeff. Good guys for sure!! Over dinner we were talking about there drive up here (about 13 hours) and some of the stuff jess and i have done on our many road trips, made me think of our road warrior videos we shot when traveling to colorado to do some …

Day 63 of 90: HSW PW52 Rope STRONG PB Eischens of course:)

Good day today! Did alot of work, had good workout bumping up some numbers again:) eating super strong foods and doing the restoration as usual:) I've been asked alot how do i keep any energy up running a business that is expanding, traveling alot and stretching myself it's crazy but i think i'm figuring it out a bit....ONE - got to listen to my gut alot, chill when i need too, this is a tough one as my mind constantly says do this, workout, sleep later, rest later, work on this, write this...blah blah:) haha. TWO - get some great, not good, but great people around you! As Tony Robbins told me power is proximity to power... meaning you got to surround yourself with high level people. We've made some changes, upgrades recently and it's really made a big difference in our overall organization, profits and my peace of mind. THREE - train smart, again this is probably like number 1 but chilin is sort of different than training. got to really really listen a…

Day 60 of 90!! NEW PW PR!!

NEW PR: 70 yard Power Wheel crawl + 52lbs!!!!!!
  hey everybody, man if you read yesterdays post i did alot and yes i felt it today:) haha i was a bit tired, a bit overall achey and not feeling too energetic to train, but i still did my best and ended up feeling pretty good at the end of the day:)
Question for each and all of you:
Power Wheel crawl 100 yardsPower Wheel heaviest as possible crawl 100 yards:) (this is the one i'm doing....gonna get 260lbs for 100 yards!!!) 15/15 x 5 minutes of push ups for 100 reps, then same with JGXT assisted for 100 reps (this is very hard)Going 100% plant based for 30 daysDoing the Eischens Warrior sequence for 30 days straight...(hard core AND feel amazing!!:)NOW IF YOU READ MY BLOG i want to hear from you on my blog or on my FB page or on our MBG FB page!!! Okay my brothers and sistas!! I want to know:)

MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, hot/cold shower x 4
MBG 2 training - Power Wheel craw…