Day... i dont know:) haha i'm chillin!!:)

My boys at "My Mad Methods" wrote this!! Solid!!
just got back from chicago today after working on MBG Chicago for the last two days. We have alot of work to do to open by nov 15th but the ball has started rolling at least so that is good:) running a business is so crazy, expanding it is really crazy:) got to pay attention to MBG Madison, our website, our licensees and then also work to set up our new location to be amazing as's exciting...then we also spent non working time to look for apartments to rent while in chicago...really love chicago and looking forward to getting it up and running strong:)
MBG 1 restoration: Over the last two days we've been working alot and looking alot and that hasnt left much time for recovery and sleeping but i found some me time today and just did some Eischens Yoga favorites like back dome, front warrior, table and a few others for about 30 seconds each.
MBG 2 training: Taking it easy the last few, doing my Eischens Yoga mostly but also began doing more mixture of my brazilian jiu-jitsu training movements which i love too...holding handstands, back dome walking across the that is challenging and very fun too...but i did it:) haha today after we drove back from chi town i wanted to get out and have a bit of fun so did some easy sets of dips and 90 degree chin ups using the jungle gym outside which was really cool, got some blood flowing and did not overdo it for me...started to chill when i noticed i was starting to cough:) lung burn still... dang that is annoying:) haha well we live and learn....and right now i'm in learning do i train and maintain or even gain while not putting myself in strain:) get it i'm a poet and dont even know it:) hahaha
TRAINING QUESTION: How do you all stack up on the above doc? I think it is a solid level and if you hit all of them you're gonna be in good shape my friends:) Good job marcus and mark my friends who just started the new un-conventional training magazine "My Mad Methods", check it out, i have an article coming out in a month or two:)
MBG 3 eating: over the last few days we ate most of the time at whole foods and some vegan joints as well. WF's is really an awesome place to eat, fresh salads, kale, beets, corn, edemame, cabbage, sesame & pumpkin seeds, walnuts daily and then healthy soups like 3 bean chili are just amazing. then you have all the treats you can get for the road, healthy fruits always, and drinks like mate and green teas and then of course all the variety of spring waters:) man i'm happy that place is around and growing...30 years now! WF's is awesome for eating clean but i really like how they support eating plant based with lots of classes and books on how to do it to be most healthy....cheers to you whole foods for doing such a great job. Lots of folks complain about how much they cost but heck, it's good food, i'd rather eat healthy and pay a bit more then eat at a restaurant and pay the same or more and not have healthy food huh:) make a healthy choice, your' worth it.
Just finished reading John Josephs book "Meat is for pussies".... John is a very righteous dude who pulls no punches and i love what he has to say...amen my brother!!!! AMEN!! John is an amazing musician (Cromags) and has been vegan for 30 years and is an amazing picture of health...if your contemplating making that change and want a serious kick in the arse to make a full change to eating plant based 100% his book will help you out big time!! He's hard core, right on point and doesnt care if he hurts your feelings...cause he purely wants to help make you and this planet a better place and the time for talking is over!! So dont be a pussy and get his book and read it and understand it as it is powerful:

Now go out and do something great!! Help someone who doesnt ask but needs your help!


  1. Hey Jon,

    Just went to the cinema and viewed "Food Inc" with a Des and a few friends from the MBG Oz. What an outrage!! The US congress and big food businesses have so much to answer for! I cant believe the level to which they screw everybody from the farmers to the consumer. Then top of that the shutters go up on information provision to the consumer and laws get passed prohibiting you from speaking out about their methods. So much for freedom of speech.
    I had been a convert to eating a plant based diet purely from a health point of view but my eyes have been opened well and truely, from the scale of animal cruelty to the true impact on how destructive it really is to the planet. I was ignorant to how bad it really was.I can see now finally why you are so passionate about pushing plant based nutrition and it has now taken on a whole new meaning for me.
    I am very fortunate to have taken this course of eating many months ago and also very grateful to you for getting the word out there as it was your efforts alone that piqued my interest towards plant based nutrition. I am now more than ever enthused to get the MBG3 word out there and open peoples eyes.
    Mate I am truely in your debt for how big of an impact the MBG has been to every aspect of my being.
    Hope you are starting to feel a little better.


  2. I hear that OZMBG! I made my family sit down and watch FOOD INC with me and they were appalled. I've been encouraging friends to watch it but some are reluctant. Even my 10 year-old son who is a real burger/hot dog lover found some parts hard to watch and it gave him a new perspective (like it isn't only mom's crazy idea!).

    JON - keep spreading your message, cause you've reached us already and now we're trying to spread the word too, that's how it works. We can affect change together! MBG3 is right on!!
    -Louise, MBG Montreal

  3. PAUL and LOUISE - glad you saw that movie and how inspiring it was for you...THAT is why i am so passionate about eating, teaching and spreading the word so we can change the world for the better....and living and showing others it is not only possible to do for all but for fitness people as well!!! I'm am so proud of you guys and so happy you are standing strong and leading by example where you live and teach. Our time (MBG3) is coming my friends!!!:)


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