Day 59 of 90: New PR jumping, BJJ, strong eatin' and lots more

Brazil 2010 MBG Seminar!!!
Whew today was ALOT of training! Feeling good to be training more each day.
Did a bit of work this am but then started training bjj, then jump trained, jumped in the lake
then ate, then chilled, then another hour of bjj, then even did some capoeira today:) haha
Good day:) but man it was alot but i feel good and tired now so it's cool!
MBG 1 restoration - did some standing Eischens Yoga poses, then after training this morning i went and jumped into the lake! Two old fisherman were near me and looked at me like i was crazy. said i'm just doing some restoration after training, they looked even more confused and said...well i recover by sitting in my boat all day:) hahaha it was funny as hell i thought:) either way they smiled and just floated away:) So i just hung out for about 20 minutes until i was about to get hypothermic:) it was about 60 degrees the fisherman said and after awhile it got a bit cold, so i then just laid in the sun for another 10 and i was good to go, felt great!
MBG 2 training - did about 90 minutes of brazilian jiu-jitsu this morning, rolled with one of my old purple belts a bit and that was cool:). Then did my jump training workout:
  1. Vertical jumps to the rim: R8 (green) 2/1/0 x 6 jumps - 9'6" / 10' / 10'5" highest mark on my way back!!
  2. One leg jumps to rim: tried but my left knee hurt a bit so i chilled on it and went to broad jumps
  3. Broad jumps: R8 (green) 2/1/0 - 6 jumps to 45' / 5 jumps to 42' / 5 jumps to 45'4" highest mark on my way back again!! TWO HIGH MARKS on my way back to dunking again!! Good news!
After jumping in the lake, eating and then resting i went and read outside sitting in the sun for another hour...actually fell asleep which felt great!!:) Then back to the MBG to train with my boy Thales Blaso for another hour....nice training!!! Then went and did another hour of training doing capoeira, not ever really done much of it but i've always liked it alot and want to get into it a bit's fun...but i was wasted:) hahaha.
MBG 3 eating plant based -
grapes, strawberries, blueberries, mangos, dates, bananas, SOLife, goji, cacao, bee pollen, almonds
kale, beets, corn, sunflower seeds, various beans, carrots, walnuts
2 bananas, figs (great great snack before late afternoon bjj)
dahl soup, bell peppers, onions, black beans, tofu and some red rice

definitely feeling stronger each day, today was cool to train 4 times!!:) nothing crazy hard but all fun!!!
peace my friends,


  1. Sounds like a great day Jon. I was able to squeeze in the runs and PW rollouts this am after some Eischen's, then off to work to sit behind a computer for about 12 hours. It's been a looong day and it ain't over yet. Eating strong though! Spinach, date, banana smoothie, big-assed salad, almonds, walnuts, apple...


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