Day 57 of 90: Jumping crazy!! Obama in the house! Eatin like champion!

My boy Boobie chillin:)
Love the stories my friends! Zach a riah reminded me of a time when I was once asking friends what was your worst/most challenging moment/time in your life as well as what was your greatest? after they answered they asked me...i said my worst was my best! Because it was in those moments my true character showed, it was at those times where i stood, when standing was difficult! No one was around, was by myself and stood strong! Went thru the fire and came out a better, stronger, wiser person. I say this because yesterday i asked you all to tell of that time or moments of challenge in your life....that was what made you stronger today! that is what your fire was, what is the gift you pass on to others...this is our gift we pass on to all people....strength, courage to do the right thing, despite strong opposition, we stand!
My friends...WE ARE STANDING! It is up to us to send a message out to as many people as possible that is positive, that people can eat in a manner to help people and planet, that people can train in a manner that is fun, intuitive and builds crazy strong bodies and minds, and that we can heal pains in the body in minutes a day instead of depending on expensive doctors or getting on drugs.
STAND MY FRIENDS, BE HEARD, BE STRONG! cause a change is a comin!!:)

MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence right after workout, then a 5 x cycle of a hot/cold shower...helped alot!
MBG 2 training - crazy jumping workout!! Besides biking all over madison today:)
2 x 10 broad jumps + 120lb Power Jumper as far as possible across grass field
2 x 10 parkour jumps onto a 54" pole...this got the heart rate up:) haha
2 x 20 x 24" box jumps as fast as possible (knee feeling better and doing this is a big positive!)
4 x 12 jumps + 120lb Power Jumper up 3 steps at a time (2 sets of 6 jumps up 4 steps first) GREAT!!
2 x 25's Jungle Gym XT foot up jump lunge...this kicked my ass and for sure want to do this again!
3 x 20 Power Wheel leg curls
without question the most jumps i've done in a while and my knee felt good and strong!! over 150!!

MBG 3 eating plants:)
soaked oats, 2 bananas, pecans, SOlife, flax meal
grapes, dates, goji, strawberries, blueberries, mangos, banana, walnuts
2 ezekial tortillas, hummus, spinach, brocolli, corn, peas, 2 veg patties
corn, peas, brocolli, beets,sunflower seeds
popcorn, flax oil, sea salt

got to sleep:)


  1. Jon, I really enjoy your blog, thanks for making it interesting. What exactly is a parkour jump onto a 54" pole?

  2. thanks rocky, glad you like it! just standing infront of some parallel bars on a playground at about mid chest, hold onto the bars and then jump and land on the bars using your arms to help you get on top and then back down...did sets of 10 and it was pretty good training:)

  3. Oh wow! That sounds awesome, I will have to try that one. I gotta say thanks for the Free MBG workouts, I've been doing them(except for the Eischens Yoga, don't have the DVD yet) for about 2 weeks now, and I feel great. I haven't switched to the plant based diet yet, but i'm trying to get myself there. Unfortunately for me, I'm not near Madison, I'd love to check out the MBG. Good luck with the MBG Chicago, wishing you much success.


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