Day 56 of 90: HSW, muscle ups, planche dips, L chins, ate great!

MBG high school! Students LOVE IT!!!!:)
hey everybody, i'm chillin at home watching the packers / bears monday night game. i'm in sort of a weird position, grew up in wisconsin, loved the vikings:), then began to love farve and the packers, now i like the vikings and moving to chicago in a few weeks and wanna support the local team:) haha. dont take any of it that seriously anyways but it's fun and now i can like all 3 teams:)
but in head to head, it's vikings, then packers, then bears.
Morning - worked til it was crazy how news on delays in buildout and other stuff can stress you out. then tonight i was watching this show "the boys of fall" it was all about the trials, challenges, the joys and pains of being involved on a football team. Farve, Parsells, mack brown, and lots of other great players and coaches were all telling how and why they love football. it reminded me alot of why i loved football too, but more recently why i love training and doing what i's the team, it's the friendships, it's the as one coach said...the' grows the more years your in the game. lucky for me in my present sport...MBG training, i've been fortunate to have a great team as well as meet alot of really really cool people from all my 31 years of training from athletes (NBA, MLB, NFL, College, High School) to hollywood stars, to other trainers, strength coaches and lots more. The show was really inspiring for me as being i've always been sort of on my own island here in the way we MBG 3. had many ups and downs, many many rough times of losing tons of money, not sure if we'll make it thru the next month. Been sleepless for nights and people say take sleeping pills...NO. been fatiqued from not knowing how to eat plant based right early on and everyone meat and animal products...NO. people said stretch to decrease knee and back pain along time ago....NO again.  This show made me think of all the struggles i've gone thru...i've always said, i'm gonna make it, i'm gonna change the fitness world and something coach curry mentioned that really hit home. to truly have success is uncommon, that is why it is so hard and most of the time difficult and un-pleasant...they said something like that...i basically ruined what they said:) haha but you get the gist of it. All the people saying you cant do it, your not smart enough, your too small, all can kiss my ass!! cause i'm doing it!!
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga restoration: did the beginner sequence
MBG 2 Training Warriors: 
Handstand walking on grass today: 5 sets of about 25 yards each...much harder on grass:)
super slow negative muscle ups: 5 sets of 5
alternated til done,
Planche Dips: 3 sets of 10 reps, then immediately went to 10 Jungle Gym XT tricep rollouts
L chin ups: 3 sets of 6 to chest, then immediately went to 14 body rows to chest
after a stressful day this workout was a bit challenging to get going and keep going so i just kept saying just do one set....and it worked:)
MBG 3 Lean & Green:
  1. grapes, strawberries, blueberries, dates, goji, walnuts, SOLife, banana
  2. organic food bar (raw) - protein one
  3. grapes, strawberries, blueberries, dates, goji, walnuts, banana
  4. banana
  5. ezekial sprouted tortillas(2) hummus, spinach, corn, peas, brocolli, veggie patties (all veggies)
  6. green juice (organic apples, kale, parsley) and SOLife and flax meal
good day of eating and finished strong...saw a buddy of mine nathane jackson doing this late night
snack and it looked good and had to give it a go....good call my friend!!!:)
MY QUESTION FOR YOU ALL: above i wrote on something that really motivated's all around us, my mom at 80 years old still inspires me with her enthusiam for life and her family, my dad at 79 still shows me passion for his Lifeline USA business. Something a coach said like you're too small....OR you CAN do it!  These are some examples. What is something you've heard in the negative that changed your life and what is an example of something in the positive that changed your life.
look forward to reading your answers my friends:)


  1. Amen with that post Jonny Boy!!
    I have been very lucky to come across the MBG when I did. To have a such an awesome system build on many years of mistakes,wrong turns and put downs means nobody needs not makes those mistakes themselves. I personally have always held training as my passion but in recent years becoming increasingly frustrated with breaking down and feeling like gargabe.I essentially didnt know how to restore my body properly or feed it correctly.The commercial gym scene and even the powerlifting scene became so one eyed and narrow minded that I needed to change,that became my negative motivation to change.Enter Yoga and Plant based nutrition, these two are the positives that have undoubtely changed me as a person, I sleep better, I have more patience(as I have less food stress), I have more energy, I recover better and generally my outlook on life is much more positive.Before stumbling across the MBG I continually put pressure on myself to look and train a certain way,so I could continue to get my clients returning enabling me to pay the bills. Now for me training means having fun,the majority of my training of late has been gymnastics and training at kids playground, which at 105kg is not pretty as I aint no gymnast on those bars, but I am having a ball.Which reminds me JH when you get over here I wouldnt mind picking your brains on an outdoor MBG,I have some ideas and it would be awesome.So without sounding corny now I have a definite purpose to what I do,my motivation is to educate as many people in OZ as possible on plant based nutrition,Eichens yoga and MB style training. Since licensing with the MBG I have already seen first hand the change and impact the MBG3 has made to peoples lives including my own which to me makes my journey to this point all worthwhile. And for all those who are sceptical about plant based nutrition and holding muscle it is a myth, if anyone is interested I will list my diet.
    Need to quote something from The Monk that sold his Ferrari".
    "You sow a thought you reap an action, you reap an action you sow a habit,you sow a habit you reap a character,you reap a character you sow your destiny"
    Most people think about making the change but never do, there is always an excuse. Changing to plant based foods is one change that WILL sow your destiny.
    Hats off to you JH for getting the word out there.
    Sorry for the Rant!


  2. Jonny, I love ya Dude, you inspire me beyond words.

    In high school I went through VERY tough times emotionally with lack of success in sports and it affected me a bit extreme I guess you can say.

    My Guidance Counselor told me college probably isn't for me, motivated me to get a PhD but stopped at MA + 12, as I got heavily involved in fitness and wanted to change the world, like you :)

    Many said I could never open a gym or run a training business w/my methods and it would never work.

    I don't do things to prove others wrong, I simply follow my passion and share w/others who are equally passionate and I see good in them and feel the desire to help them.

    Looking back I was likely viewed as least likely to succeed in ALL the areas I am succeeding in now.

    I'm just getting warmed up!! ha ha

    C U Soon, brutha!

  3. Excuse the typos and some of the grammer in the first post I was in somewhat of a hurry and did not proof read.

    Keep up the good work Zach,I didnt realise you had such big hurdles to get where you have, I just presumed you were an ex athlete with an awesome training ethic turned coach. I can see your passion in all your clips and in the way you treat your athletes, its very refreshing to see such enthusiasm. I would love to get back over to the US and see/train at your gym.Its certainly my style.


  4. I think you are my long lost brother. :) What a great post.

    I get inspired by the negative stuff I see in society today. I see how people treat other people, the planet, animals, themselves, etc. I make notes and strive to head in the opposite direction.

    Keep up the great blogs.

  5. thanks my friends, you all are in my huddle and i'm happy about's a strong positive huddle! and it's growing! WE are the ones who ARE making the changes for the better in the world! Lets stay connected my brothers. Paul you got to come up again soon and hopefully we can all meet up sometime and train some!! laugh alot!! and eat alot of great plants!!! hahaha
    MBG Chicago maybe is the spot:)

  6. CHICAGO BABY! I'm excited to see what MBG can bring to my city. It's on in November! =)

  7. Warrior III is one of my favorite poses. It helps me the most with my balance. I found Leeann Carey has a great free yoga video that breaks down preparatory poses to land in Warrior III. I thought your readers might want to check it out:


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