Day 52 of 90: another shoot:) crazy workout:) strong foods & EY

Dinner!! Big Bowl:) Strong Food!!:)
Question: Now that you have replied if you are hungry or my question is are you listening to your gut or not? This is something i feel most people dont do alot of...most follow the flock, dont question authority...but you cannot lie to know something is wrong....this is what i feel is the matrix of the world, fitness world, food world, everything. SO, do you listen and follow your gut? As Ester and Jerry Hicks have said...swim downstream...not upstream...follow your gut and you'll be happy and healthy:) I like that, makes sense:)
Today was another great work day, got alot of great things done, filmed alot of good footage we needed and finalized our color schemes and brand boards which are now DOPE ON A ROPE!!!
It's right on the money and on time my friends! you'll see it pretty soon now and i'm a very happy man
now that we got all that done and alot of filming done we're gonna put alot of focus on MBG Chicago and our new website:) aaaahhhh:)
MBG 1 restoration: basically just had fun today, my training during the video was fun, got a serious sweat, but not overwhelming....took a capoeira class tonight which was fun too:) quick Eischens Yoga sequence and i'm good!!:)
MBG 2 training: this was a odd day of training but fun, i needed a light day of training so this was right on time...did a few sets of cleans and presses with the 32k's, did alot of handstand walks for about 30 yards, did a 25 yard pole climb, snatched the 48k for about 4 reps each side, did the power wheel for alot of various exercises and alot of various chin ups...overall it was cool, not too hard and a serious sweat!!
MBG 3 eating:
  1. grapes, straw, blueberries, mangos, dates, goji, cacao, flax meal, bee pollen, almonds, SOlife
  2. organic food bar
  3. mixed greens, corn, onions, yams, wild rice, tofu, sesame seeds, beets
  4. 2 bananas and some organic peanut butter
  5. spinach, wild rice, onions, corn, carrots, beets, tomato, cucumber, bell peppers
  6. 2 sweet potatoes, 1 whole stalk of romaine lettuce, hummus
good day my friends:)
feeling good, going to sleep:)


  1. awesome stuff, Jonny, lookin forward to the new web site! What is a brand board? For MBG Chicago? Thanks for talking yesterday, u my bruddah!!

  2. Brooo!!! Amazing training, and amazing eats. Stay strong fellow plant eater! Question: What would you recommend for a good 'greens' powder? I see you use SOlife? I tried to search for it online and can't find it. I'd like to get a good (and reasonably priced) greens powder to toss in my breakfast shake! Let me know, thanks my good man!


  3. thanks my friends:)
    zachariah - i didnt know what it was for awhile but it is a layout of all our advertisings, colors, stickers, etc, our philosophy...and it's all on a board like thing we send out to all licensees so they can have our MBG posters, flyers, stickers, shirts, all of the good stuff and so we stay on the same page....and it's dope:)
    adam: will have source of life 2.2lb energy shake for you:) it's awesome:) glad you like my blog my friends:)


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