Day 51 of 90: PW record!!, Strong workout, strong food, strong EY!!

Tonights Huge Salad:)

Question for you: How many times a day are you hungry? Hungry for food? Hungry for training?
Or do you eat at set times despite not being hungry, do you train when your dont want to? Think about this, are you hungry?:)

Today was another strong day:) Had alot of great work this morning, man things are getting so friggin' awesome at work and i'm sooo excited about it!! Got alot of great things happening:)
Felt alot better today, closing in on feeling back to 100%:) It's crazy how everything is building, the Monkey Bar Gym, the seminars, the courses, lifeline and our new products that my dad and i have's truly awesome:) we've been working really hard for along time....and it's time!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence with my NBA player i train Wesley Matthews...he's a stud and is so young and works super hard, a bright future for sure!! After my workout later on i did 5 x thru for my recovery hot / cold shower...which felt really good.
MBG 2 training - really felt pretty good but honestly a bit nervous before doing my Power Wheel + 52 pound vest crawl. Wasnt sure, hadnt done it alot lately so i felt if i get 30 yards and feel bad i'm gonna do sets of 30 yards...if i feel good at 30 yards i am going for as far as i can...and that is exactly what happened! I crawled 65 yards!!!! My new PR!! and felt like i could of gone another 5 but it would of looked and felt like a walrus walk:) as my hips were dropping alot and it would of been a bad 5 yards:) i rested a minute...or two:) and then did the next 35 yards for my first time doing the 100 total yards in only two sets!! I'm on my way folks, i got this i know it!!! And with the 52lb vest for a total weight of 215 + 52 = 267 pounds!!! Pretty positive this will be the heaviest Power Wheel 100 yards in the world!! It's done my friends!!!:)
After this i alternated cliffhanger bar crawls for 5 sets of 20 yards for a 100 yard total
with Jungle Gym XT full tricep rollouts for 5 sets of 10 reps to behind my head. Really like this exercise as it's helping strengthen my elbows alot and hits the core alot again just like a normal rollout but without all the lat today was for sure a tough core workout:)
MBG 3 eating - 
  1. grapes, straw and blueberries, dates, goji, bee pollen, cacao, bananas, mango
  2. spinach, carrots, corn, beets, tofu, garbanzo beans, kamut, sesame seeds
  3. bananas and organic peanut butter
  4. spinach, corn, peas, broccoli, carrot, yams, onions, beets, wild rice, tomato, bell peppers
  5. popcorn, flax oil, sea salt
Good Day:) Good work, play, eatin':)


  1. I understand the hunger. I am also getting "back into shape" and I want to do it all and now. I think that everything I've learned has made me smarter: I am able to discern when I need to ramp things down instead of pushing too far.
    Great post and great job. Can't wait to get my hands on the new jungle gym.

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  3. Great post Jon! This is the KEY for me. I have already reached the "hunger" level on my workouts, now I just need to apply it to my eating as well. Sooo hard to break ingrained patterns and go against the prevailing social norms. So simple also. :) Just listen to your body. Am I hungry? Eat. Am I satisfied? Stop? Am I tired? Rest. Am I full of energy? Move.

    Got a great start to my day today:

    EY Beginner Seq.

    45 minute hilly hike w/dog
    60s in afsap- power push-ups/90 deg body rows feet on box/med ball touchdowns (1,1,2,2...)/supermans

    Smoothie: kale, blackberries, bananas, dates, flax seed, hemp protein

  4. Hi Jon,

    I snack all day! I don’t sit down and eat massive meals anymore... I am constantly eating fruit and nuts and my main meals seem to consist of various smoothies from the Thrive diet.
    In relation to training I feel I have the balance at the moment and have learnt to rest when my body tells me to. The problem is the MBG stuff is too much fun! It's like asking a kid to stay inside all day and not go play with his friends!!! Haha!! True though!

    I thought you might be interested in an article I came across the other day. It's funny how at the end they say about presidents and vested interests! It’s a real shame that our world has come to this! But if Bill has changed then you are doing the right thing.

    Other than that I am going to chuck the vest on and see how far I go in the power wheel today. Previous record is 55M with 22Lbs vest make a total of 201lbs.

    Starting to get hot in Darwin now!


  5. nice post guys, honest and on the money!) and Roz, man do i agree with that, couldnt of said it's like a kid seeing the others outside playing:) haha
    That is the challenge, i like to play some bjj on days like that or maybe just practice things like handstand balancing or other skill stuff:) haha, man that is funny:) right on!!

  6. hi jon was wondering if you could post a vid of the jungle gym assisted muscle up? i too am working on a no mo muscle up and am trying to envision what you are doing. i have the rings and can hook up to try this. as they say a pic is worth alot of words. thanks mac

    ps being old i don't know what in the world they are talking about as far as profile so i will try one and hope it works.


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