Day 50 of 90: JGXT shoot, Jumping to RIM! lots of Back Domes, Great Meals!


Hey my friends, i really hope you enjoy my blog and feel like it helps you on your own path to a healthy and happy life. Please feel free to ask me questions on any health points you like. I want to help as many people as possible become truly healthy.
QUESTION: How are you all doing on your paths? Are you staying true to your way of honorable strong life? Are you training for fun and performance or ego and appearance? Are you eating for health and vitality or for ego again and appearance? Think about these things...think about what you, we are all doing to make change ONE for ourselves and then TWO for others? What are we doing to make a positive change in our people and planet? Tell me what you are doing for you and others...:)

TODAY: Worked from 9-12 on our upcoming new mbg website...looking good my friends:) haha
12-1:30 did a shoot for the new Jungle Gym XT....coming out soon...either way it was almost 2 hours of doing some very cool poster shots:) Either way...upper body is now totally fried:) haha
Then met my dad and peter estabrooks (a well known canadian trainer and writer) and jessica for lunch. Pete is really a cool guy who loves our lifeline usa equipment and writes on it regularily. He came by my MBG after we had lunch and i showed him around...he loved it and didnt want to leave:) He just said Jon go ahead and go home, i'm hanging out and playing for awhile:) haha Aint that cool:) Love it:)
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga: did alot of back domes and handstands and full overhead squats using our train station for about 3 cycles thru of each. Then did a 4 cycle hot/cold shower.
MBG 2 training: Back to jumping again and my knee went well!!
Vertical jumps off 2 feet to the rim: No power jumper for resistance: 6 jumps to 10', 6 jumps to 10'2" and then finished with 4 jumps to 10'2.5". Stopped here as i began to feel my man:)
Broad Jumps with R8 Power Jumper x 2/1/0: 6 jumps for 45' / 5 jumps for 42' / 5 jumps for 45'
Jungle Gym XT alternate curls: 2 sets of 20 reps each leg (man this burned:) haha
MBG 3 eating: 
  1. Grapes, straw, blue berries, mangos, bananas, dates, walnuts, SOlife, goji, cacao, bee pollen
  2. Grilled veggies (eggplant, bell peppers, onions) and kale with garlic
  3. Organic peanut butter & organic 100% natural jam sandwich on ezekial bread
  4. Lentil soup with spinach and onions, big bowl of kale, sunflower seeds and onions
  5. Organic bananas and Organic peanut butter
Felt good today, did alot of work, training...know my food is helping a ton:)
on a good path:)


  1. Jon

    your blog is the best thing to help keep me motivated. I guess fall in all the categories health, vitality , performance ,ego (without probalby realizing or it may look like that to others) and apearance I think I link bodyfat and being more musclular with being healthy. As for changing my number one priority is being a good father and husband so since I work a lot and get home late I have started to workout at 4:00AM so when I get home I can help my wife around the house and with my daughters school work. I have also gotten my daughter to eat more fruit and vegatables so she is 6. I still try to let her be a kid but I am constnatly showing her that exercise and good food will help her in the long run. And I am constantly telling people about eating more plant based and it starts some intresting topics among people. And I am really pumped up about going to your worksops in nyc. but i wont be able to make the plant based workshop.


  2. I'm doing pretty good on the paths but really gonna focus on nutrition now. I tend to falter more here than in either training or restoration. Overall I'm eating well but the transgressions are making an impact.

    I'm doing this for health and vitality not ego. Couldn't care less about that. Trying to lead by example and provide the guidance towards the MBG path when people ask what I'm doing. Keeping it simple. Working hard.

  3. hey john and brad, man that sounds good what you are both doing. john man you are so busy and yet still do your best to help others eat healthier and exercise too. brad i like what you said too, keep it simple is huge!!
    john man i am glad you can make it to see us in nyc, it will be fun for sure...brad just came to the LA seminar and it was alot of fun:) love what both of you guys said. keep it simple, enjoy your family and friends:) good words my friends good words:) i'll keep doing my best for you all too:)


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