Day 49 of 90: HSW, muscle ups, HSPUs, super strong foods!

Hey everybody, man it feels good to be back home:) It is so crazy to travel alot and keep working out:) But i love it:) The Monkey Bar Gym is growing and helping people all over the world!! That's priceless!!
MBG 1 restoration: Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, hot x 60, cold x 30 x 5 times shower
MBG 2 training: back at it again and man it felt really good:)
  1. Handstand walking: 30, 30, 30, 30 yards = 120 yards. Although is a bit behind i feel it's pretty good for how i'm just getting back into it again...still dealing with the lung burn a bit so feel about 75%. So this aint bad:)
  2. Jungle Gym assisted Muscle Ups: 10, 10, 10, 10  = 40. This is a really really cool exercise i just started doing and i feel it will prepare me for doing NO MOMENTUM muscle ups. it's basically a 90 degree Jungle Gym XT body row plus pulling yourself over the top of each pull to ribs with hands close to body, then pull yourself over the top as you look down doing so, then instead of doing the dip portion, just do this portion for the great!!! Every set this one gets so tough at around 8 reps, so i had to pause a bit in order to hit 10 each set.
rested a few minutes and talked to some new MBG members:) They're doing awesome on the 60 DFC!
  1. Handstand push ups with BXT 70lb assistance: 8 reps + 30 sec. hold x 4 sets. 
  2. Jungle Gym assisted Muscle Ups: 10, 10, 10, 10  = 40. Liked this one so much i did it again:) all have to try this especially if you want to do muscle ups as they are suppose to be done...WITH NO MOMENTUM!!:) Every set this one gets so tough at around 5 reps, so i had to pause a bit in order to hit 10 each set.
MBG 3 plant based power foods: 
  1. Blueberries, mangos, strawberries, grapes, walnuts, SOLife, goji berries, cacao nibs, bee pollen
  2. organic food bar - protein bar (if you've never had one of these they are probably the best and healthiest raw bar out....very strong food:)
  3. Spinach smoothie, mango, goji, cacao, SOlife, almonds
  4. Huge mixed greens and spinach salad with tomatoes, onions, 2 veggie patties, corn, broccoli, peas

Good day, had alot of MBG meetings all we got so much stuff we're working on it's crazy:) Overall really happy to be back and getting back at my training too....just gonna keep the workouts real simple and try to slowly progress.
For my 3 Big Goals: as it looks right now with 41 days to go the dunking (which i'm training tomorrow) is gonna be tough, my set back 2 weeks ago really hurt as i was progressing really well and this put me back to about day 10 or so. The 100 yard Handstand walk is gonna be the toughest i feel, felt this since day improving that much in such a short time is really challenging, just want to keep to my schedule as best as i can and if i can get near 70+ yards in the next 3 weeks then i think i still have a shot at that one....but honestly that is the hardest one i feel. The Power Wheel 100 yard crawl + 40lb vest is gonna be done i know it...right now i'm getting back at that too, like my HSW's so this last month of lung burn and traveling has really taken it's toll on my performance, and i still believe i can get this one....right now at about 60 yards...i'll be near 80 yards by day 71 (3 weeks from now) and that is with a 52lb vest for all my that is the one i feel most confident about. I'm gonna get it!!:)
peace my friends,


  1. could you please show vid or pics of the jungle gym assisted muscle ups? thanks


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