Day 48 of 90: Just got back from LA two great seminars!!

Hey y'all hope you're good!! just got back from LA...did a Rebuilding Warriors and a Run Faster,
Jump Higher seminars and they went awesome....great full groups for each, everybody was super into
the info and we had a great time at each one. The guys at MBG Moorpark were as always great!! Dave, Kevin, Justin and of course spudboy Dixon were all there to support and were gracious hosts and provided alot of comic relief:) haha especially Dixon:) hahaha
So after leaving madison on friday morning at 4am we arrived at MBG Moorpark at 1pm and began the first Eischens Yoga Seminar at 5:45pm til 8:45pm...could of kept going as it was amazing!
We began with the EY beginner sequence, then showed all the difference maker of Eischens Yoga from all other forms of fixing the body...the hands on feedback which we did with wide leg forward flexion, front warrior, kneeling table, supine bridge and supine mountain. It was POWERFUL to say the least! Seeing people in pain, stand out of a pose after getting feedback and smile because their pain is gone! Or they have much freer movement in squats, back domes and all movements.
Then the next day we did a run faster, jump higher seminar; this one had again a full group that was just awesome again! We did a great runners warm up that fed into tons of proper reps for progressing running technique from beginner to advanced all the while supporting proper running form. Then we moved into jump training and did a similar approach of teaching a basic squat, fixing it with some Eischens Yoga feedback and then progressing that squat to high levels of jumping and ending with showing how to progress both running and jumping with the aid of the power jumper and c-band to resist both movements to their highest levels.
The weekend was filled with lots of great movement & skill training and lots of laughs too...we had a great time:)
We ate alot at the whole foods salad bar too which is always great!! Lots of steamed kale, carrots, onions, edemame, broccoli, some raw nuts and seeds and then lots of water and mate' teas:)
MBG 1 restoration - that was easy with daily doses of Eischens Yoga:)
MBG 2 training - here beyond teaching and showing all the movements and exercises i pretty much did not train over the weekend and look forward to getting back at it un-interrupted for the next two weeks!!
MBG 3 plant based eatin - whole foods, herbal teas, water, repeat:) it was great!!
It was really a pleasure to see some old friends again too, miss seeing them more and hope i can again in the near future!
peace my friends:)


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