Day 44 of 90: great strong workout! great EY and PB eatin!!! STRONG:)

Talking with my good buddy Dr. Colin Campbell!!:) Very Cool:)
Another strong day, man i am feeling better each day and loving it, still feel the lung burn a bit but less and less each day. Today i worked alot on MBG Chicago and got some more good news that i think will help alot of you guys as well. We made a portable chin up thing we called a Monkey Tree, which is 2 chin up stations on a very strong support system....SO i decided to make a stationary bad ass version for Monkey Bar Gymnasium Chicago! I want to make a system that is a wicked stationary system that you can do all types of chin, etc on as well as connect lots of various things to it as well like our cables and more. Gonna make it so it can be big (maybe across 30-40 feet, but also a portable version like we already have. The stationary Monkey Tree will set into the wall and floor but will have tons of variation as well. So i'm planning on that for MBG Chicago and when we do it and make it available i'll make sure to show you all how bad ass it is:) haha
Today also talked with some of our new MBG 60 day fitness challengers and got to say what an awesome group, very cool and inspired people who love the positive vibe we have at the MBG. They all are very excited to be part of it and are working really hard...THIS IS PRICELESS TO ME:) I love seeing people who felt un-comfortable in other gyms only to turn their life completely around and get strong mentally and physically at the to love that man!
MBG 1 restoration - did the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence in steffons class today, he did a great job teaching it today...big props stef! Then did some more back dome work later in the afternoon as well. Putting in extra work daily to improve shoulder ROM and hip ROM as well as ass to grass squat.  
  • People with tight hips have tightness starting from ankles (no depth of squats) to hips (since they cannot squat deep they must bend from the hips completely (thus bigger butts:) to shoulders (all the other tightnesses give tight shoulders and dont allow you to go over head well unless you compensate alot or not at all...i was the not at all ROM in ankles, hips, shoulders) as well and i'm no excuse:) haha, it is what caused all my problems...probably from years of biking 40-50 miles a day as a teen:)...i've always loved biking just for fun:) also playing bball and heavy squats in college and nothing to open up my hips at all:) dang:) In either case it can all be un-done!! The amount of movement improvement i see in others and myself daily from Eischens Yoga is truly amazing:) Love it!
MBG 2 training - did todays MBG workout sort of to mix into my training a bit:)
  • Power Wheel 52lb vest atomic push ups: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 = 60
  • Kips with 52lb vest: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 = 60
alternated sets, rested about 2-3 minutes between each set
Jungle Gym XT (x-treme trainer, the new one:) haha it'll be out in October:) haha you can get your now at as it is not up on our site today but will be by weeks end:) haha IT JUST CAME OUT:)
  • JGXT muscle ups to dip position...measured handle to hips and 90 degree rowing position, then did assisted muscle this really got hard and was really awesome!!! 10, 10 , 10 = 30
  • JGXT full rollouts with tricep extension: no not doing isolated exercise here:) haha it's alot like the normal full rollout with a Jungle Gym or Power Wheel...kept it measured at same hip height, stepped back a bit, then grabbed it and laid out completely and did a hands behind head to full extension as well for reps...another great one and great combo exercises: 10, 10, 10 = 30
alternated sets, rested about 2-3 minutes between each set...really loved these two JGXT exercises too and ended the workout feeling very strong and healthy:) Happy about how i felt big time:)

MBG 3 plant based eating: Another great day of eatin:) Happy to be eating all my meals at home or at my co-op!
  1. Soaked oats, goji, cacao, walnuts, SOlife, flax meal, bananas
  2. apple
  3. fruit bowl: bananas, straw-b's, grapes, dates, goji, cacao, almonds, SOLife, flax meal
  4. banana and organic peanut butter
  5. mixed greens, tomato, corn, peas, 2 veggie burgers (natures bakery thats local and 100% vegs!!) then had a 2 sweet potatoes and some hummus!!
Feeling stronger each day back home here and that is great!
Much appreciation to you all who told me which book version you like best as well!!
peace, love, health & happiness my friends:)


  1. Wow, the JGXT looks KILLER (take THAT TRX), gotta get my hands on one ASAP and the Monkey Tree sounds amazing too.

    Keep inspiring and raising the bar for everybody else. See you in LA.

  2. Great to hear you are on the mend buddy.

    I like that workout, simple but effective as usual. I might have a play around with something similar tonight.We have a gymnastic coach coming in tonight to iron out some of our handstand bugs, its good to have that critical eye. I have been working diligently on my shoulder and hip flexibility mainly through back domes since your comments after visiting Coach Summer and its making a big impact on my handstand.
    Still backing off the meta workouts also and just going in and having fun, mostly via gymnastic style moves and really enjoying training. Its takes a load off when you dont have to work yourself up for maximal workouts.

  3. aint that the truth paul:) what the old school guys did was practice everything...they never did meta workouts...they trained as they felt needed, they practice handstands, just as they would practice 1 arm barbell snatches....puts a completely different feel on it and NOT doing the meta workouts too is really a relief :) haha i'm still in the zone where i'll cough if i bike hard so as long as that is happening no metas or any aerobic stuff for me:) haha make for more listening to the body instead of the mind saying 'your suppose to do this at this level today...crush yourself" it's a relief:)


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