Day 43 of 90: My BOOK!! Jumping again!! Back dome crawls!! Great eats!!

  Monkey Bar Gym Chicago!!:)
Another good day, worked on my book...YES:) i've been working on a book...for about 6 years:) haha:) but it's looking pretty good nowadays and i'm thinking i'm gonna finish it by new years!! Also jumped again today after 2 weeks off from a slight tweak while in arizona and the Eischens Yoga is getting back on track quickly...this time PATIENCE:) No jumping vertical til i'm ready:) Then did some fun training today too...that was a blast! Feeling better each day that i'm back home and the lung burn is getting less each day. Also worked alot on MBG Chicago and discussed our Monkey Bar Gym 60 Day Fitness Challenge. On our MBG Chicago we're designing the most wicked bar system we can and that is gonna be off the hook!! Also gonna have our stahl bars, traveling rings, BXT's, and all other fun stuff we have in MBG Madison:) Man we're so excited about it, it's gonna be a great local for us along with our courses & seminars.
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga lots of back domes:) and beginner sequence
It is crazy how when i met Roger Eischens back in july 1997 i was totally jacked up:) Super tight ankles, hips, shoulders. My ankles were so tight i could not squat past 90 degrees without lifting my heels. My hips were so tight i had massive lordosis and low back pain so much could not stand for more than 5 minutes without severe back pain. My shoulders were so tight that when i first tried back dome i could only hit the backs of my hands on the ground over my head, Roger had to work with me for 20 minutes just so i could get near having my palms face the floor...not touch the floor...i'm saying just facing the floor:) on my was horrible. But i did not know, did not know that was super un-healthy in all areas...i just thought i had a knee injury that led to back pain. Then as i began un-doing all the tightness in my body i began to understand WOW i'm jacked up:) haha
So doing what i did today was really cool and really made me think back about when first starting Eischens Yoga....TODAY i did back dome floor walks across the MBG floor 15 yards in 2 sets! This was not even a possibility when i began EY, and that and doing wall back dome wall walk ups today was also amazing.  
  • Back dome wall walk ups are simple; kick up into a handstand with back to wall, then walk away from the wall as about 3-4 feet, then walk feet down the wall til you can touch the floor and then back up again to starting position...up/down for 5 reps. If you want to open up the shoulders and hips, along with the Daily Eischens Yoga work, this will do you GREAT!!! Felt awesome in both today after doing this drill for about 4-5 sets. Then did the back dome floor walk.
MBG 2 training - Did all my fun back dome stuff which i loved...if you havent done these two try them, you'll like them:) Then after warming up i felt good enough in my left knee to begin jump training again!! Wasnt sure i was gonna be able to get back in this saddle and go for it again after tweaking it again in arizona, but with the Eischens Yoga daily it's been feeling alot better:)
  • Broad Jumps x R8 Green x 2/1/0: 6 for 45' / 5 for 41' / 5 for 44'
not so bad for my first day back, knee started to hurt a bit on last set, so took it easy after that.
  • Full squats (hands behind head) to 6" box: 3 sets of 10 with big focus on feet alignment
  • Power Wheel leg curls on hands only...hard:) 3 sets of 10 with focus on feet again...good one:)
then did some static holds for fun alternating;
  • box planche holds (feet above hips) for 3 sets of 45 seconds each set
  • chin up holds hands to chest for 3 sets of 40 seconds each set...dang that was hard:) haha
some people can rest in this position...not me, this was honestly hard, big props for the old Physical Fitness Test and the chin up holds:) haha
MBG 3 eating Plant Based!! 
  1. My big fruit bowl: grapes, dates, bananas, strawb's, goji, cacao, bee pollen, SOLife, walnuts
  2. Mixed greens, tomato, zuchini, carrots, corn, peas, 2 veggie patties, beets, flax oil, sliced almonds
  3. Sweet potatoes
  4. Banana with natural chocolate peanut butter called yummy peanut butter...dang! good! off the hook!!
  5. Greens, tomato, zuchini, corn, peas, pinto beans, sunflower seeds...then some hummus and raw flax chips:)
Good Day:)
MY QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you think my book should be about how i founded the MBG and my training philosophy and program? Or The Monkey Bar Gym 30 days to change your life and the save our planet!!
Tell me which you like more of if you have another title:) your feedback is much appreciated my friends:)


  1. Hey Jon, the new space looks amazing. MBG Chi-Town is gonna be huge. Glad to hear you're working on the book too. I'd vote for the "...30 Days to Change Your Life..." title. You can weave the how and why into any book but this title will grab folks who are looking for help.

    You could play around with other thoughts like: A. The Way of the Monkey Bar Gym B. The Monkey Bar Gym Method C. The MBG3 Method Etc. subtitle: 30 Days to Change Your Life and Save the Planet.

    No matter what you call it, it's gonna be great!



  3. Jon

    I can't wait for the book. I would go with the Monkey Gym 30 days to change your life and planet sounds good. Is this going to be in bookstores or only your website?If it goes to bookstores I hope people don't pass up on it. A little story almost 14 years ago before the internet. I was just married and didn't have moeny to go to a gym (old way of thinking that you could only get in shape in a gym) And I was in target and I actually bought the portable lifeline gym and it had illistrations with your photo and I worked with it for a bit. I had no idea that you where the creator of the product just a hand picked model. So I stopped using it because I was like this guy is jacked no way he got like this by using tubing so Sadly I stopped.Now almost 14 years later and smarter I run into your site and found out about the mbg and the lifestyle and I wish I would have found it sooner or that the net was around when I first got that piece of eqipment of yours.

  4. Hi Jon
    My 2c worth:
    I think you need to have everything in there ie a 30 day challenge that is (needs to be) supported by the history, philosophy and program.

    I also like the 30 days to change your life title (benefit/results driven), and one idea of my own that's just come off the top of my head: Primate Power - Transform Your Body, Your Life, Your Planet

    I really love your idea of following Nature and our own natural instinct to find the answers for what we need.

    Colin (England Connection in OZ, Train Wreck 1 from last CNT - but making good progress with the back dome!)

  5. Why can't you have both? You could make the focus of the book be the 30 day challenge but include some details about the MBG3 method and how you came to develop that over time. I agree with the others in including "Change your life and save the planet" in the book title. Can't wait for the book!

  6. wow, awesome feedback my friends!! awesome...seems like we have a winner:) 30 days to change your life but also have the change your life and save the planet too is great....Colin my friend, great titles! love those alot too.
    The MBG 3 Method: 30 days to change your life and save the planet!! i love that:)
    Thanks you guys so much, i'll be putting updates on my book onto my blog as well and will continue to appreciate your great feedback!! jon:)

  7. I like the 30 days title. My only concern is that it places the book in the same hype/fad category as most of the junk on the fitness/health bookshelves. You have an honest and effective program so I would hate to see it categorized next to the endless array of junk in most bookstores. Unfortunately, thats what sells! A more scitentific and philosophical title might cause some readers to avoid it. Good luck and I can't wait to get a copy!

  8. ANTHONY - yep you are correct, but one thing i've learned is people dont want what good for them, they want results asap....sometimes you got to fight fights you dont want to fight so get them to get the book and then teach them another way within it:) that is my goal:)

  9. Jon,

    I agree with you. The title gets you in the ring and then you hit 'em with the MBG3!

  10. that looks DOPE, Jonny!!! Who is gonna teach BJJ and MT?

    I'm thinking of getting back to BJJ once a week!


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