Day 42 of 90: worked out!! ate great again!

Me and my cat Boobie:) Chillin!!
Whew! felt good to be home for a few days and catch up on some rest:)
Flying to LA this week to do two seminars at MBG Moorpark on friday and saturday too.
well at least i got a few days of rest and recovery:) haha
MBG 1 restoration: hot cold shower x 5 after my workout which felt good!
MBG 2 training: easy bodyweight workout outside...beautiful here:) about 73 degrees and sunny.
did some swing dips, alligator push ups, HSW alternated with some variations on chin ups, pole climbs, kips...did this for about 45 minutes and got a great workout which wasnt too hard and felt really good afterwards:) just what i needed!!
Something cool happened today...i'm walking to my MBG and on the way i walk by a local park and see some ripped kid doing inch worms across and up a hill...then he turns and goes down the hill doing alligator push ups...then does some reaction drills with a odd shaped ball...then jumps up and grabs the edge of the roof of the beach storage building...does a lateral climb, then at the peak does 5 chins, then goes down the other side and he's done with that set! so i go talk to him, he's a cool kid, says your jon hinds right:) haha, he goes i know all about your monkey bar's awesome:) haha
i had to give the kid props, he's in great shape and doing our MBG workouts outside as well which is the bomb!!! what made me even happier was that he was barefoot and ran 1 mile to this place, then did the workout, then ran back if that isnt enough...he's plant based too!!!! haha
Made my day!
MBG 3 eating:
  1. my big fruit bowl - grapes, bananas, strawberries, dates, goji berries, bee pollen, cacao nibs, SOLife
  2. Big salad - steamed kale, beets, corn, cabbage, brown rice, lentils, some potato slices
  3. Big salad - mixed greens, beets, corn, peas, 2 tofu burgers (100% all vegs), 1 zuchini and some hummus...then 1 sweet potato as a finisher:)
Over all feeling better again today, still dealing with some lung burn but it's getting better each day i've been home doing the R&R...gonna keep it up:)
peace my friends,


  1. shoulda taken a pic of the kid, jonny, that s**t is awesome!

  2. That is such a cool story! Do you think we will ever see the day when everyone walks to work with a power wheel attached?!?! hahaha That would be a bit mental!
    Things down under are getting busy... We had twelve people to the technique class last night. People are super excited for the 60 day challenege coming up!
    All good this side and hope you enjoy the travels.
    My training recently has been going well. Did some gymnastic work with Paul the past couple days. Loving the back domes! Could hardly do one when I started.
    Eating really well to... Spinach, banana, dates, rockmelon, pea protein and flaxseed smoothies are soooooo refreshing!
    My fridge is just filled with Thrive Diet food! Love it! Haha!
    Chat soon

  3. Man, to come across that kid makes it all worth I bet!

    You have a cat called Boobie!!! Should I dare ask?

  4. haha, yeah after i walked away i thought man i shoulda taken a pic of this kid training...he was yoked about 5% bodyfat, 6' tall and about 185... looked like a college wrestler:)
    It did make my day:)
    Good to hear Paul on the training, i'm getting back a bit too...still coughing a bit, but it's going away slowly...still nothing like running, hard biking or any meta workouts. Brendan is a friend of mine and did a great job on his book...check out engine 2 diet book too, that is solid as well. Boobie is a nickname from the hood and i've heard it my whole life...just a fun name....why??? where is your mind:) hahaha

  5. That's an awesome story Jon! You know, I was going to write yesterday about something that happened to me this weekend...and is a very similar story actually.

    Our gym is 150 meters from the biggest Park in Panama City, so every other day I go and do my bodyweight workout enjoy nature. Well, last saturday I'm at the park running and doing bodyweight stuff with my vibrams on...and I pulled off my Jungle Gym and started doing some stuff with it also. Then I see 2 kids (14-15 years old), shirtless, barefoot, running and doing stuff on the monkeybars and doing some Hindu Push-ups, skaters and other exercises we usually do at MBG workouts.

    So I come up to them and ask them about where did they get this exercises and why they where barefoot. They, without knowing I own the gym that's 150m away and that we are friends with you, tell me that "they got hooked on the stuff this cool Dude called Jon Hinds does at a gym called The Monkeybar Gym by a friend". Talk about you being a worldwide inspiration!

    I then told the kids we do a lot of MBG stuff at our gym and that I personally based most of my training and eating on what you preach...they got really excited. I ended up giving them some of our gym t-shirts and invited them to stop by our gym next saturday for some training.

    See my friend, even down here in Panama City, Panama you got people following you!



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