Day 41 of 90: Good day!! Eischens Yoga Warrior, strong eating!!!

Eischens Yoga Warrior sequence head stand!!
Today was a good day, after returning from chicago i've been resting as i said i would and i'm feeling better each day....good enough to do the Eischens Yoga Warrior sequence today:)
Something i really loved hearing is how people all over the world are changing to a plant based diet because of health for themselves as well as the planet. It is up to us to show others how to do this, it is up to us to lead by example, to help and strengthen each other and others as society oddly still resists what is best for our people and planets health....but my friends we are the change we want to see in the world! We are standing when it is hard to stand, we are facing the fear of big industry, big money, 99% of the fitness world all saying you must eat what they forget that!!
A hero is someone who faces their fears and moves forward despite their fears to do the right thing.
Well my friends, we are all heroes, despite the world and the fitness world trying to knock us down over and over, we keep standing....and now we are many, we are standing stronger than ever.
Keep walking the good walk my friends!!!
MBG 1 restoration: Eischens Yoga Warrior sequence x 24 minutes holding each pose for 1 minute...this felt good and started the day off well:) Then easily road my bike around town, read alot and basically just rode and read all day long...."Chillin' like a Gorilla" :)
MBG 2 training: for fun walked on my hands a few yards but beyond that and riding today i chilled:) Gonna do a bit tomorrow though, still easy though:)
MBG 3 eating:"Eating like a Gorilla" fruits, veggies, raw nuts and seeds:)
  1. banana and some dates
  2. spinach, onions, bell peppers, carrots, black beans on top of half a potato
  3. raw nuts, seeds, honey, flax, goji berries bar and half, coconut water
  4. apples and some raw cashew butter
  5. kale, garlic, peas, quinoa pasta and half a squash, walnuts, agave
  6. cocoa, water, stevia 
overall a good day of R and R :)
really dig hearing your replies, questions and thoughts my friends so keep em coming:)


  1. books on living in a pride of lions (by kevin robertson?) meat is for pussies (by john joseph), michael wolfe nutrition book and vegnews magazine:) all good stuff!


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