Day 37 of 90: BIG DECISION MADE R&R, working, eating strong

Today was my first day back home...a few weeks back i talked about resting and recovering.
that lasted about 2 days:) then back at it, then i went to coach sommers gymnastics seminars 3 days
in a row in arizona...friggin really tired and it showed. now i'm back and working on MBG Chicago,
and my MBG Madison, my book, lifeline it hurts to realize i got to rest and recover.
So i am not planning on it but i am NOT training til leaving for LA on the 13th and maybe longer than
that...have decided i cant improve if i keep working all the time and crushing myself and not resting better:) OKAY i'm a bit of a rock head:) but i'm going to do it at least til i leave for LA on monday:)
It's a start!!!
So it's gonna be looking pretty much like:
MBG 1 restoration: Simple movement training but nothing hard, working on improving my squat depth, my back domes, walking backdomes and variations, hold handstands and elbow stands to open up the shoulders more and also do some variations of rolling and simple BJJ type movement drills,  Eischens Yoga, lots of water and sleeping whenever i want:) haha
MBG 2 training: same as the above, in fact it is gonna be the above:) nothing hard:)
MBG 3 eating: STRONG PLANT BASED FOODS - fruits, veggies, raw nuts & seeds and some strong plants like sweet potatoes:)
  • spinach, peach, walnuts, SOlife smoothie for brkfast
  • greens, corn, carrots, cabbage, edemame, sesame seeds, tofu, sweet potatoes
  • cavendish bananas and cashews
  • cucumbers, okra, onions, tomatoes, veggie patties
  • apple and raw cashew butter
this was a very good day of eating and i'm very happy to be back home to my way of eating...
well til i go to chicago tomorrow to oversee MBG Chicago being built out and getting a apartment
near the new place and also plan out our marketing and business.


  1. Hey Mate,

    Man you have your hands full and then some! I have decided to take my foot off the accelerator also and take 6 weeks off all kb and external loading apart form some bodyweight drills. I am into week 2 of lower loading and I am just starting to feel about 70-80% now. Everyday feels a little better but it is a slow process when used to going full bore. I dont know how you have been able to train so hard for so long, I understand the pressure of running a gym, taking a load of classes as well as PT clients then trying to train yourself effectively, that alone is exhausting,on top of that you have so many other people wanting your time along with so many extra pressures. Man it sure sounds like you need a holiday....I hear Australia is a good spot,ha. Just curious also what book are you working on?

    Mate turn the phone off, shut the laptop, go and do what J.Hinds wants to do for a few days. Rest up my friend we need you back on deck to continue to reset the bar.


  2. Jon

    I had to do the same thing all the weeks of twelve hour days and working out caught up with me and I felt run down. So I have not worked out since last Friday I am only doing yoga. As I will be working a lot of 12 hours days until the year ends. So I want to be recuperated when I workout and not feel run down.

  3. thanks mate' and smart man too...when we look at ourselves no one really sees all we do and so they are not apt to understand why we run into is actually sort of gratifying to be able to talk to someone else about this as i havent had anyone to relate to in a very long....mmmmm...never:) hahaha WE really need to pay attention. the lung burn is still with me if you can believe is lessened some but still i cough quite often. YES i need a holiday....a month or so:) yeah and i heard aussie land is a great spot to visit:) haha it is very interesting to see how we can be healthy AND run our lead without crushing ourselves. eating right is huge, training without trashing ourselves, and for sure eischens yoga to stay balanced. besides these points we can learn alot about work and rest and being in balance that way as it's a constant lesson huh:) haha


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