Day 35 of 90: lots of HSW's, various levers, EY backdomes like crazy:)

My boy Zach Even Esh giving some props for our MBG "Rebuilding Warriors Seminar" we did out in his hometown Avon by the Sea NJ:)
Day 35 of 90 was another very long and challenging day. we did a ton of walking on our hands which i love:) great practice for me for my 100 yard HSW....learned some cool variations to what i already do which will help me a bit i hope. then did some lever work from poles and on the floor...that was fun too:)
did some variations on the rope climbs too which were very cool:)
MBG 1: restoration - did alot of supine bridge, back domes and all the prone series as well. had a good time doing the back domes and actually did some cool variations on it as well...feet on the wall back dome, walking back domes and then over unders from back dome to down dog position across the floor. this was a tough one but i got it some and will work on it more...really happy i got the back dome walks and some of the other back domes off the stahl bars and feet on wall's funny, a few years after i met roger i began trying to do back domes...when i first tried my shoulders were so tight i could not even get my palms near the floor hit the backs of my hands but now i'm walking across the floor in back dome:) haha, it's crazy how much more mobility i have in my shoulders and hips now since beginning Eischens yoga:)...simple amounts too just like we do is the key...a bit each day. especially if you want to nail handstand walks then make that part of your Eischens Yoga daily sequence...throw it in right after you do the wide leg forward flexion part...hold it against the wall focusing on technique daily and in no time you wont need the wall anymore:)
MBG 2: training - the 8 hours of training today was alot but it was cool and i love doing bodyweight calisthenics anyways:) did Handstand walks forward, backwards, sideways, did fast hand walks with feet on the wall and a bunch of various crabwalks and other types of push ups...then also did tons of variations on levers from the floor, to on boxes to on bars...that was alot of fun as well...also did some jumps, just a little bit here, so that satisfied me a little bit as i havent jumped much in the last 5 days. feeling the core and arms a bit right now:) but what do you expect after 2 eight hour days:) haha
MBG 3: eating -
breakfast of cacao nibs, goji, raw cashews and some other organic healthy stuff:) it was really good and got it as a super healthy trail mix today at whole foods here.
lunch - whole foods again, mixed greens, cabbage, lentils, brocolli, pecans and sweet potatoes:) this was super good:)
dinner - went mexican food tonight: chips and salsa, then got some vegan enchilatas which were pretty good, then for a later dinner snack got some more goodies from WF's of which i got to give massive props too; laughing giraffe organics...without a doubt this has to be probably the tastiest granola i've ever's their cranberry, orange, cacao one and it's gluten free and THE BOMB:) HAHA
For the day, i've got to say how fortunate i am to see some of the best in the country in gymnastics teach and perform, their level is off the charts:) one part of the regime gymnasts do is contrary to how i train...the stretching gymnasts do is something i am not crazy about, makes my joints hurt, i know it is part of the gymnastics culture for a long time and to achieve their flexibilty it has worked...gymnasts need it for their sport, i understand this, ballet and other dance sports need excessive joint range as well, (fact: the sport that has the most off season surgeries is gymnastics, study done on all sports in the big ten conference...this is due to larger than normal ranges of motion, which they need for their sport and the dynamic nature of their sport...lose joints and extreme forces = problems at some point) just for non gymnasts/ballet, etc i do not see the point in static stretching as no other species on the planet static stretches...all except humans active stretch. i believe a person can actively attain a much healthier full range and more thru Eischens Yoga and natural active full body movements like done in BJJ class and capoeira classes all over the world...they are active and fully functional and all involve balance and tons of muscle activation to help stabilize the body. The natural active stretching does not make the body fight the stretch like static and i feel does not force it into defending the movements.
Overall training as gymnasts over the last few days...enjoying alot:) as its very fun and their high level feedback is very, a good day again and i'm looking forward to a few days off:) haha


  1. Hey Jon
    Sounds like you are having loads of fun your side. Dinner sounds awesome!!! Hopefully we can find some healthy places to eat out down under.

    My training recently.
    Did a beep test the other day just for something different. Ended up getting 11.2 which I was pretty happy with for my first time out since I was a kid.
    Did the clean & press drill 15on/15off with some good advice from Paul got up to 94 reps(5reps 4rnds 24kg kbs, 5reps 4rnds 20kg kbs, 5reps 6rnds & 4reps 6rnds 16kg kbs). Will work my may to 100 and then try to gradually increase my rounds with the heavier kb's.

    I gave the powerwheel 10m/10pu to 100 with 22lbs vest a go yesterday but was really flat for some reason... I made it through but I was dead after just 20 reps!!!! haha

    Gymnastics sounds fun... I could hardly stand on my hands before I started training with Paul... Now I can do handstand pushups and hold a handstand for a minute. Still cant walk though.. But sure it will come with time.

    Eating really clean and loving the spinach and rockmelon shakes at the moment.

    Thanks so much for bringing the MBG concept to the world. I'm having heaps of fun.

    Chat soon
    Paul - not the wonder from down under... another one. Haha


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