Day 32 of 90: catch up day and eatin like a champ!

about 5 years ago,...held about 5 sec:)
Today was a catch up day and was on top of my eatin today for sure. Had meetings about MBG Chicago; looking at specs, every aspect of it:) got alot:) haha but it's very exciting:)
MBG 1: Did my beginner Eischens Yoga sequence it is very interesting while doing my EY routine every day as to what makes me feel really good and how amazing i feel after doing it. Today all poses on my arms like kneeling table, down dog, incline, cobra, sphinx, up dog all really made it possible to really open up on the last pose of the sequence...back dome....when you really focus on these poses they help to set your shoulders dramatically and this really helps to open up on back dome because your shoulders are more well aligned and thus allow you to move freer than previously. Felt amazing:)
MBG 2: made up for only doing power wheel yesterday...did speed handstand walks of 30 yards as fast as possible: 32 seconds, 32, 32. This actually felt pretty good, my speed was very good, at this pace i'm doing 100 yards in about 1:45 which is great!! I am doing this on a 15 yard floor as well so this time includes turning this is very good:) Alternated that with 5 muscle ups, 10 kips to sternum x 2 sets. Then did 2 sets of 25 full power wheel rollouts from feet with 2 bands of BXT assisting...loved this exercise! Although this workout was not very hard i was a bit fatiqued from all the work lately and still not feeling 100%...about 75% still and want to chill a bit as i travel to arizona tomorrow.
MBG 3: Started the day with all soaked overnight: oats, goji berries, cacao nibs, walnuts, SOlife
after training then ate some spinach, bell peppers, carrots, corn, cabbage, tofu. then ran back to the gym then had a nice dinner of tomato, bell peppers and cucumber salad i made...good:) then had some steamed spinach, brocolli, corn, brazil nuts, carrots, onions for my entree! It was great!
Then for dessert i had 2 sweet potatoes which i had cooked to perfection. For those of you that do not know how to make one of the tastiest foods on the planet....clean em, put em in oven, stab em with a fork a few times, bake at 425 for 65 minutes, then let them sit in the oven to cool for another 30-60 minutes. Then i put them in aluminum foil in a container in the fridge....i then eat them whenever i want one and they are amazing!!:) haha Simple, Tasty, Strong!!!


  1. Nice work Jon. I'll have to try cooling my SPs in the oven next time. I just made a batch last night. Love 'em!

  2. hello jon!

    have a great travel to arizona to coach sommer!

    by the way: I love the "no legged body row". great but very unknown exercise which I saw on your jungle gym DVD.
    thanks for all your good work,

    dominik from austria

  3. hey dominik, man i just saw your comment:) a bit late but better late then never:) glad you like the exercise! got alot of really really cool stuff coming out with the new just came out and we're already sold out the first 2 shipments:) coming to australia in feb 2011 for a big intensive course in darwin and then we're doing a bunch of seminars so maybe we'll see you there!!


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