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Day 59 of 90: New PR jumping, BJJ, strong eatin' and lots more

Whew today was ALOT of training! Feeling good to be training more each day.
Did a bit of work this am but then started training bjj, then jump trained, jumped in the lake
then ate, then chilled, then another hour of bjj, then even did some capoeira today:) haha
Good day:) but man it was alot but i feel good and tired now so it's cool!
MBG 1 restoration - did some standing Eischens Yoga poses, then after training this morning i went and jumped into the lake! Two old fisherman were near me and looked at me like i was crazy. said i'm just doing some restoration after training, they looked even more confused and said...well i recover by sitting in my boat all day:) hahaha it was funny as hell i thought:) either way they smiled and just floated away:) So i just hung out for about 20 minutes until i was about to get hypothermic:) it was about 60 degrees the fisherman said and after awhile it got a bit cold, so i then just laid in the sun for another 10 and i was good to go, felt grea…

Day 58 of 90: PW52 crawl NEW PR! wicked workout, super strong eatin!

Just thought this hummingbird was cool as hell, don't get to see this much,  actually ever in my was simple, beautiful:) Hey y'all good day today! Worked alot this am on the MBG, got some good stuff done, learned alot too. Today we saw some dope designs for the window graphics for MBG chicago and they are off the charts!! Man it is getting exciting as heck!! Before it opens though we'll be in NYC and Philly doing 5 seminars over 10 days....YOU ALL GOT TO SPREAD THE WORD MY FRIENDS!!! Lets get these seminars full and spread the word okay my brothers and sisters!! Remember what i said yesterday...WE STAND!
We do what is the best for people and planet, not was is the fad or what is the short term money maker! We are the strong who do the honorable thing despite others saying it is not the way...because it's not the popular thing....YET!!!:)

Day 57 of 90: Jumping crazy!! Obama in the house! Eatin like champion!

Love the stories my friends! Zach a riah reminded me of a time when I was once asking friends what was your worst/most challenging moment/time in your life as well as what was your greatest? after they answered they asked me...i said my worst was my best! Because it was in those moments my true character showed, it was at those times where i stood, when standing was difficult! No one was around, was by myself and stood strong! Went thru the fire and came out a better, stronger, wiser person. I say this because yesterday i asked you all to tell of that time or moments of challenge in your life....that was what made you stronger today! that is what your fire was, what is the gift you pass on to others...this is our gift we pass on to all people....strength, courage to do the right thing, despite strong opposition, we stand!
My friends...WE ARE STANDING! It is up to us to send a message out to as many people as possible that is positive, that people can eat in a manner to help people and…

Day 56 of 90: HSW, muscle ups, planche dips, L chins, ate great!

hey everybody, i'm chillin at home watching the packers / bears monday night game. i'm in sort of a weird position, grew up in wisconsin, loved the vikings:), then began to love farve and the packers, now i like the vikings and moving to chicago in a few weeks and wanna support the local team:) haha. dont take any of it that seriously anyways but it's fun and now i can like all 3 teams:)
but in head to head, it's vikings, then packers, then bears.
Morning - worked til it was crazy how news on delays in buildout and other stuff can stress you out. then tonight i was watching this show "the boys of fall" it was all about the trials, challenges, the joys and pains of being involved on a football team. Farve, Parsells, mack brown, and lots of other great players and coaches were all telling how and why they love football. it reminded me alot of why i loved football too, but more recently why i love training and doing what i's t…

Day 53 of 90: BJJ, Eischens Yoga, Strong food and some training!


Today was another good  strong day! Worked on business from 9-12:30, then it was my last day of the off season training Wesley Matthews before he leaves for Portland tomorrow. Then trained BJJ with my buddy Blackbelt Thales Blaso for about an hour....nice training we both got a crazy sweat!!
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, after workout hot x 60 sec / cold for 30 x 5 times thru.
MBG 2 training - bjj rolling for 1 hour, then did;
Jungle Gym XT assisted muscle …

Day 52 of 90: another shoot:) crazy workout:) strong foods & EY

Question: Now that you have replied if you are hungry or my question is are you listening to your gut or not? This is something i feel most people dont do alot of...most follow the flock, dont question authority...but you cannot lie to know something is wrong....this is what i feel is the matrix of the world, fitness world, food world, everything. SO, do you listen and follow your gut? As Ester and Jerry Hicks have said...swim downstream...not upstream...follow your gut and you'll be happy and healthy:) I like that, makes sense:)
Today was another great work day, got alot of great things done, filmed alot of good footage we needed and finalized our color schemes and brand boards which are now DOPE ON A ROPE!!!
It's right on the money and on time my friends! you'll see it pretty soon now and i'm a very happy man
now that we got all that done and alot of filming done we're gonna put alot of focus on MBG Chicago and our new website…

Day 51 of 90: PW record!!, Strong workout, strong food, strong EY!!

Tonights Huge Salad:)
Question for you: How many times a day are you hungry? Hungry for food? Hungry for training?
Or do you eat at set times despite not being hungry, do you train when your dont want to? Think about this, are you hungry?:)

Today was another strong day:) Had alot of great work this morning, man things are getting so friggin' awesome at work and i'm sooo excited about it!! Got alot of great things happening:)
Felt alot better today, closing in on feeling back to 100%:) It's crazy how everything is building, the Monkey Bar Gym, the seminars, the courses, lifeline and our new products that my dad and i have's truly awesome:) we've been working really hard for along time....and it's time!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence with my NBA player i train Wesley Matthews...he's a stud and is so young and works super hard, a bright future for sure!! After my workout later on i did 5 x thru for my recovery hot / co…

Day 50 of 90: JGXT shoot, Jumping to RIM! lots of Back Domes, Great Meals!

Hey my friends, i really hope you enjoy my blog and feel like it helps you on your own path to a healthy and happy life. Please feel free to ask me questions on any health points you like. I want to help as many people as possible become truly healthy.
QUESTION: How are you all doing on your paths? Are you staying true to your way of honorable strong life? Are you training for fun and performance or ego and appearance? Are you eating for health and vitality or for ego again and appearance? Think about these things...think about what you, we are all doing to make change ONE for ourselves and then TWO for others? What are we doing to make a positive change in our people and planet? Tell me what you are doing for you and others...:)

TODAY: Worked from 9-12 on our upcoming new mbg website...looking good my friends:) haha
12-1:30 did a shoot for the new Jungle Gym XT....coming out soon...either way it was almost 2 hours of doing some very cool poster shots:) Either way...upper bod…

Day 49 of 90: HSW, muscle ups, HSPUs, super strong foods!

Hey everybody, man it feels good to be back home:) It is so crazy to travel alot and keep working out:) But i love it:) The Monkey Bar Gym is growing and helping people all over the world!! That's priceless!!
MBG 1 restoration: Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, hot x 60, cold x 30 x 5 times shower
MBG 2 training: back at it again and man it felt really good:)
Handstand walking: 30, 30, 30, 30 yards = 120 yards. Although is a bit behind i feel it's pretty good for how i'm just getting back into it again...still dealing with the lung burn a bit so feel about 75%. So this aint bad:)Jungle Gym assisted Muscle Ups: 10, 10, 10, 10  = 40. This is a really really cool exercise i just started doing and i feel it will prepare me for doing NO MOMENTUM muscle ups. it's basically a 90 degree Jungle Gym XT body row plus pulling yourself over the top of each pull to ribs with hands close to body, then pull yourself over the top as you look down doing so, then instead of doing t…

Day 48 of 90: Just got back from LA two great seminars!!

Hey y'all hope you're good!! just got back from LA...did a Rebuilding Warriors and a Run Faster,
Jump Higher seminars and they went awesome....great full groups for each, everybody was super into
the info and we had a great time at each one. The guys at MBG Moorpark were as always great!! Dave, Kevin, Justin and of course spudboy Dixon were all there to support and were gracious hosts and provided alot of comic relief:) haha especially Dixon:) hahaha
So after leaving madison on friday morning at 4am we arrived at MBG Moorpark at 1pm and began the first Eischens Yoga Seminar at 5:45pm til 8:45pm...could of kept going as it was amazing!
We began with the EY beginner sequence, then showed all the difference maker of Eischens Yoga from all other forms of fixing the body...the hands on feedback which we did with wide leg forward flexion, front warrior, kneeling table, supine bridge and supine mountain. It was POWERFUL to say the least! Seeing people in pain, stand out of a pose aft…

Day 44 of 90: great strong workout! great EY and PB eatin!!! STRONG:)

Another strong day, man i am feeling better each day and loving it, still feel the lung burn a bit but less and less each day. Today i worked alot on MBG Chicago and got some more good news that i think will help alot of you guys as well. We made a portable chin up thing we called a Monkey Tree, which is 2 chin up stations on a very strong support system....SO i decided to make a stationary bad ass version for Monkey Bar Gymnasium Chicago! I want to make a system that is a wicked stationary system that you can do all types of chin, etc on as well as connect lots of various things to it as well like our cables and more. Gonna make it so it can be big (maybe across 30-40 feet, but also a portable version like we already have. The stationary Monkey Tree will set into the wall and floor but will have tons of variation as well. So i'm planning on that for MBG Chicago and when we do it and make it available i'll make sure to show you all how bad ass it is:) haha
Today also talked wi…

Day 43 of 90: My BOOK!! Jumping again!! Back dome crawls!! Great eats!!

Monkey Bar Gym Chicago!!:) Another good day, worked on my book...YES:) i've been working on a book...for about 6 years:) haha:) but it's looking pretty good nowadays and i'm thinking i'm gonna finish it by new years!! Also jumped again today after 2 weeks off from a slight tweak while in arizona and the Eischens Yoga is getting back on track quickly...this time PATIENCE:) No jumping vertical til i'm ready:) Then did some fun training today too...that was a blast! Feeling better each day that i'm back home and the lung burn is getting less each day. Also worked alot on MBG Chicago and discussed our Monkey Bar Gym 60 Day Fitness Challenge. On our MBG Chicago we're designing the most wicked bar system we can and that is gonna be off the hook!! Also gonna have our stahl bars, traveling rings, BXT's, and all other fun stuff we have in MBG Madison:) Man we're so excited about it, it's gonna be a great local for us along with our courses & seminars.

Day 42 of 90: worked out!! ate great again!

Whew! felt good to be home for a few days and catch up on some rest:)
Flying to LA this week to do two seminars at MBG Moorpark on friday and saturday too.
well at least i got a few days of rest and recovery:) haha
MBG 1 restoration: hot cold shower x 5 after my workout which felt good!
MBG 2 training: easy bodyweight workout outside...beautiful here:) about 73 degrees and sunny.
did some swing dips, alligator push ups, HSW alternated with some variations on chin ups, pole climbs, kips...did this for about 45 minutes and got a great workout which wasnt too hard and felt really good afterwards:) just what i needed!!
Something cool happened today...i'm walking to my MBG and on the way i walk by a local park and see some ripped kid doing inch worms across and up a hill...then he turns and goes down the hill doing alligator push ups...then does some reaction drills with a odd shaped ball...then jumps up and grabs the edge of the roof of the beach storage building...does a lateral clim…

Day 41 of 90: Good day!! Eischens Yoga Warrior, strong eating!!!

Today was a good day, after returning from chicago i've been resting as i said i would and i'm feeling better each day....good enough to do the Eischens Yoga Warrior sequence today:)
Something i really loved hearing is how people all over the world are changing to a plant based diet because of health for themselves as well as the planet. It is up to us to show others how to do this, it is up to us to lead by example, to help and strengthen each other and others as society oddly still resists what is best for our people and planets health....but my friends we are the change we want to see in the world! We are standing when it is hard to stand, we are facing the fear of big industry, big money, 99% of the fitness world all saying you must eat what they forget that!!
A hero is someone who faces their fears and moves forward despite their fears to do the right thing.
Well my friends, we are all heroes, despite the world and the fitness world trying to knock us down over…

Day... i dont know:) haha i'm chillin!!:)

just got back from chicago today after working on MBG Chicago for the last two days. We have alot of work to do to open by nov 15th but the ball has started rolling at least so that is good:) running a business is so crazy, expanding it is really crazy:) got to pay attention to MBG Madison, our website, our licensees and then also work to set up our new location to be amazing as's exciting...then we also spent non working time to look for apartments to rent while in chicago...really love chicago and looking forward to getting it up and running strong:)
MBG 1 restoration: Over the last two days we've been working alot and looking alot and that hasnt left much time for recovery and sleeping but i found some me time today and just did some Eischens Yoga favorites like back dome, front warrior, table and a few others for about 30 seconds each.
MBG 2 training: Taking it easy the last few, doing my Eischens Yoga mostly but also began doing more mixture of my braz…

Day 37 of 90: BIG DECISION MADE R&R, working, eating strong

Today was my first day back home...a few weeks back i talked about resting and recovering.
that lasted about 2 days:) then back at it, then i went to coach sommers gymnastics seminars 3 days
in a row in arizona...friggin really tired and it showed. now i'm back and working on MBG Chicago,
and my MBG Madison, my book, lifeline it hurts to realize i got to rest and recover.
So i am not planning on it but i am NOT training til leaving for LA on the 13th and maybe longer than
that...have decided i cant improve if i keep working all the time and crushing myself and not resting better:) OKAY i'm a bit of a rock head:) but i'm going to do it at least til i leave for LA on monday:)
It's a start!!!
So it's gonna be looking pretty much like:
MBG 1 restoration: Simple movement training but nothing hard, working on improving my squat depth, my back domes, walking backdomes and variations, hold handstands and elbow stands to open up the shoulders more and also do some …

Day 35 of 90: lots of HSW's, various levers, EY backdomes like crazy:)

My boy Zach Even Esh giving some props for our MBG "Rebuilding Warriors Seminar" we did out in his hometown Avon by the Sea NJ:) Day 35 of 90 was another very long and challenging day. we did a ton of walking on our hands which i love:) great practice for me for my 100 yard HSW....learned some cool variations to what i already do which will help me a bit i hope. then did some lever work from poles and on the floor...that was fun too:)
did some variations on the rope climbs too which were very cool:)
MBG 1: restoration - did alot of supine bridge, back domes and all the prone series as well. had a good time doing the back domes and actually did some cool variations on it as well...feet on the wall back dome, walking back domes and then over unders from back dome to down dog position across the floor. this was a tough one but i got it some and will work on it more...really happy i got the back dome walks and some of the other back domes off the stahl bars and feet on wall too..…

Day 34 of 90: in arizona, gymnastics all day long, ate strong plants

Hey y'all, down in scotsdale at my friend coach sommers gymnastics school. he asked me to help him transition to a plant based diet and invited me to take his gymnastics course for my help:) very cool huh:) well he is a really great guy and an excellent teacher. it was really interesting how they prepare and do prehab work...some active stretching, mostly static stretching...felt very odd for me for sure:)...did some eischens yoga and then was talking to some of his instructors about some of their mis-alignments and pains they jess and i fixed them and man they liked it alot:) one said he's had mid back pain for 8 years and nothing else helped and now in 30 seconds it felt amazing:) haha aint that cool:) got to love it:)
jess and i ate great today:
herbal tea, then some bananas, some raw bars that were amazing
lots of water - then had some yucan plant and some mixed raw nuts
hit whole foods - huge mixed greens, kale, carrots, lentils, brocolli, potato
lots more water…

Day 32 of 90: catch up day and eatin like a champ!

Today was a catch up day and was on top of my eatin today for sure. Had meetings about MBG Chicago; looking at specs, every aspect of it:) got alot:) haha but it's very exciting:)
MBG 1: Did my beginner Eischens Yoga sequence it is very interesting while doing my EY routine every day as to what makes me feel really good and how amazing i feel after doing it. Today all poses on my arms like kneeling table, down dog, incline, cobra, sphinx, up dog all really made it possible to really open up on the last pose of the sequence...back dome....when you really focus on these poses they help to set your shoulders dramatically and this really helps to open up on back dome because your shoulders are more well aligned and thus allow you to move freer than previously. Felt amazing:)
MBG 2: made up for only doing power wheel yesterday...did speed handstand walks of 30 yards as fast as possible: 32 seconds, 32, 32. This actually felt pretty good, my speed was very good, at this pace i'm doing…

Day 31 of 90: PW record! Chillin and awesome dinner!!

Today was another hard day of work:)...only had 15 minutes to train all day til about 7pm and i was toast, so all i got in today was my power wheel crawls today, did some more videos today...dang i'm doing so many lately its crazy, 3 dvd shoots, and a bunch of videos over the last 2 weeks:)
Had some great workouts today with all my athletes and my MBG noon class, they all did great!
Started with a 1 hour TV spot this morning, then 2 hours of filming our september workouts...yeah i know it's a bit late but better late then never:) haha, then noon class, then wesley ( who broke two of his jumping records again this week...his 1 leg approach jumps improved from hitting 11'7" up to 11'8"...this is from starting at 11'2" about 5 weeks ago. Then his lateral rebound jumps improved to 3 at 44" in a row...this is a tough exercise and he did great again:)
then i ran home and ate, then back to the gym, met with our COO greg metzler about MBG Chicago for an…