My 90 Day Challenges: test results today!!

Hey everybody, this is very cool, been getting lots of folks voting and giving me some inspiration too!!:) with just hours left to vote it is still super close!!
i'm combining votes from the MBG FB page, my FB page and this blog.
Here's the results so far:                  Votes:            Todays test results:
  1. Power Wheel 100 yards + 40lb vest  - 8          50 yards 
  2. Dunking                                             - 7          Touched Rim, sore knee 
  3. Handstand walk 100 yards                - 3           35 yards
  4. HSW, PW, Dunking all 3                   - 5
Power Wheel + 40lb vest crawl test:) not fun:)

Dunking test today, or vertical today:)

Handstand Test today:)

it's so close i am leaning towards all 3 as alot of folks have said PW is the most hard CORE:) haha play on words:) but then doing all would be dope it's looking like all 3!! AAAAHHHH that will be some fun over the 90 days!!!:) i've already begun and have writen out a plan of action to achieve all 3 goals and will keep you all posted!!
90 Days of training to achieve my PW 100 + 40lb vest goal, Dunking and 100 yard HSW goal. To balance it all out i've thought of some others i'm gonna train as well over the next 90 days too...but i'm mainly focused on achieving these 3 as it looks right now it's a close heat and seems all 3 is the answer.
90 Days of eating clean as a whistle, got to be on point big time here to hit all 3 goals. so you might notice even more fruits, vegs and nuts and seeds:) hahaha if possible.
90 Days of keeping my body restored with Eischens Yoga Daily and hot/cold showers.
It's gonna be a great adventure my friends!!!
Here we GO!!!!


  1. Awesome Jon! Really inspiring. Now I gotta set some 90 day goals too. What to do? :) Can't wait to watch your progress. Go get it!

  2. thanks brad:) yeah i am pretty excited about it! gettting all 3 will be very cool for sure and i hope will inspire others to do the same:) thanks my friend and look forward to sharing with you starting tomorrow:) haha

  3. In the immortal words of Joey Lawrence, woa! I am inspired to find my own 90 day goal.

    This is awesome and I look forward to seeing your improvement. Kick ass!

  4. Jon this awesome! Going to give the power wheel walk a go tonight and see how far I get.
    I have been training with Paul & Despina at Monkey Bar Oz. They have truely given me the inspiration I require! Cant wait to do the course when you come in feb!

    Thanks for everything!


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