Day 9 of 90! Last day of intensive and barefoot run, jumps, legs

Day 9 was like last tuesday a very long and challenging day begin the 6th day of the intensive...finishing the intensive is sort of like running a soon as you stop it
hits you and you feel like crashing big time:) haha went from about 8:30 am til about 2 today went home and crizzzzashed in my bed for about 2 hours did i need that!

MBG 1 RESTORATION: Did a few simple poses during my workout, hot / cold shower after felt good!
Barefoot (VFF) run - 1.4 miles (5 laps around MBG), just ran technique around the block focusing on technique only and it felt pretty good, knee did not get bothered at all.
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening, tried but it hurt a bit so dont want to aggravate it! Smart man!
1 legged jumps to the rim: did it for 3 sets of 8 reps each side but at 50% effort. Had to get the feel of it, resisted it with an R4 C-band connected to a wall and still jumped towards the rim...not close to it:) haha but i jumped towards a few weeks i'll be jumping hard:)
Broad jumps: Power Jumper (R6) 2/1/0 jumps across the 15 yard floor: 2 bands 45 feet on 6 jumps, 1 band 48 feet on 6 jumps, 0 bands 43 feet on 5 jumps. My PR on this is 47'6" which is alot further but i feel pretty good about this as just getting back into my jumping and NO KNEE PAIN on this is huge for me i'm very happy about this:)
Jungle Gym foot up lunges with control jump (very very small jump:): 2 sets of 10 each side...this felt good again so, i really like how things are progressing!
Jungle Gym one leg curls starting from supine bridge position: This felt great again! did 2 sets of 10 reps each side...knee feeling good! Maybe 80%, still felt it a bit, but better than last week.
MBG 3 Nutrition:
BREAKFAST - bowl of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, mango, dates, almonds, pumpkin seeds, SOLife and some hemp seeds.
LUNCH - mixed greens, corn, carrots, mushrooms, edemame beans, some tofu, peppers
DINNER - big bowl of seaweed salad, edemame, 3 sushi rolls of sweet potatoes, rice, asparagus, then one of asparagus and avocado....awesome sushi:)

last day of the intensive was sad to see so many friends leave...we now have 28 new friends:)
i'm very lucky:) write more tomorrow:) gonna catch up on some rest now:)


  1. Nice Jon. Glad you like the way you're progressing. Very cool. Sure wish I could have been at the Intensive. One of these days!

    My own progress towards my goals has begun. Wish I had a better place to train the handstands but I'll make it work. :) VFF hill run today. Took it pretty easy and focused on technique and nasal breathing which meant I was s-l-o-w. Felt great afterwards and alternated some JG leg curls and PW crawls for 100 yds in four sets. Felt pretty easy so I can go further next time. Starting from scratch on these as I hadn't done them in a long time.

    Nutrition has been really solid. Feeling energized.

    Onward. :)

  2. great work brad, yeah you really got to come to an intensive sometime...the MBG 3 seminars we're doing at MBG Moorpark next month will for sure be good though and hope to see you there! sounds like your doing great on the MBG3 too!! keep up the great work my friend!

  3. I'll be there in Moorpark for sure. Can't wait! 2 days after my birthday. :)


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