Day 8 of 90: PW, HSW, Kips

Day 8 of 90 days to achieve 3 big goals:
Dunking, 100 yard PW crawl + 40lb vest and 100 yard handstand walk!
well today i began my adventure and it went great:)
MBG 1: 
Restoration - day 5 of the intensive was awesome again, we did alot of our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and individual poses today and everyone really loved it:) before lunch we did a quick fix any problem session, students went around helping each other to fix pains and you know was really amazing:) The ability of Eischens Yoga to heal pains in the body in just seconds is just incredible....all over the room people would stand up out of the poses with amazed looks on their's simply amazing:) priceless to see the looks on their faces:) LOVE IT:) 

MBG 2: 
WORKOUT DAY 8: Taking it to the next level this week!!
Power Wheel crawl + 40lb vest - 100 yards in as few sets as possible AND as fast as possible:
*35 yards, 35 yards, 35 yards in *3:08
* means new Personal Record!
This does two things i want to achieve my goal...trains the distance improvement that i am going to do each week AND the improves my conditioning i need for it!

Speed Handstand walking: today i did this part of my workout with one of my ballplayers young kid named Anthony who is pretty good at handstand walking, so i challenged him to beat me doing it and So we did 3 sets of 20 yards as fast as possible....I did 21 seconds, he did 21 seconds, then i did 21 again and he did 18!!! So now i got to cruise....i got *17 seconds!! Then he finished with a 17 too:) He pushed me hard and i pushed him was great! Did 5 more yards in almost the same time as my fastest time for 15 yards last week and NO TURNS last week!! This week we did 10 yards down, turn and 10 yards back...So improved a bunch on this one too!! 

3 sets of amap Kips:
Did sets of 32, 30, 30 for a total of 92! Considering how exhausted i was this was really impressive numbers i feel:) Hadnt ate a meal since my breakfast at 7am...just had a banana, an apple and alot of water all day long! Course from 8:45- noon, taught noon class, trained Wesley Matthews (NBA player for the Portland Trail Blazers) til 2:15, taught course til 5pm, trained High School boys from 5pm to 6:30pm, then finished my kips....ahhhh:) haha

RESULTS: SUPER happy how i did today considering how much work i did and how little food i got to eat! It's actually sort of impressive how good the plant foods give good energy for the day:)

MBG 3 Plant Based Nutrition: 
BREAKFAST: mixed fruit with 4 bananas on top and a bunch of walnuts, SOLife and hemp seeds!!!
Snack: banana
LUNCH 1:none
Snack: apple
DINNER: Ate at the Willy Street Co-op with my good friend John Allen Mollenhauer and we had some great salads!! Mixed greens, corn, peas, mushrooms, carrots, garbanzos, pumpkin seeds. After that had a little bumble bar organic natural snack of peanuts, sesame seeds, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, these are super good!!
DESSERT: had 2 of my good friend craigs (owner of earth cafe raw vegan desserts) cheesecake slices! Man if people had one of these they would never go back to eating the typical filled with processed sugar, tons of fat and milk and cream cheesecakes that are all over the place. Earth Cafe cheesecakes are made of simple raw plants and are simply amazing: peaches, cashews, agave nectar, bananas, walnuts, dates and some sea salt.

TODAYS INTENSIVE: This afternoon we talked about plant based nutrition, the choices we all have; to eat natural or eat un-natural to whom we are...we ARE primates, primates eat fruits and vegetables, some nuts and seeds and some bugs occassionally. About 95-97% of all primates diets are plant based. So why is it that we do not eat the way the rest of the primates eat and eat the way predators eat? Why do we drink milk? No other species drinks milk after infancy OR drinks another animals milk? Why do support the meat and milk industries that are the number 1 reason for global warming due to the trafficking of animals and animal products all over the country?
They push a product that is un-healthy, that kills, that causes sickness to the world.
They add addictive substances to these products; fats, sugars, salts that make their products even more addictive....they say it does a body good....i say they are crack dealers....dealing on every corner mcdonalds, burger king and fast food joint in the world, supported in the media as 'good eats'.
Then...there are crack houses on every is no wonder there are more obese and sick people today than ever before in our history....the crack dealers are free to do promote their crack on every corner, on every tv, in every school, in every city... and everybody has just gone along with it!!! Now everyone is sick, fat and in pain....and so is this wonderful planet that we live on.
We can eat a plant based diet...not kill animals, not help global warming and help ourselves and this planet become healthier and happier.
We can stop straddling the fence of mediocre health and training, eating and restoration. And instead choose to eat plant based, be a vibrant example of health and happiness, we can choose to train for performance instead of ego and isolation and we can choose to help ourselves and others heal pains doctors and others have thought were just how it is gonna be....WE CAN CHOOSE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!
Stand up, make a diffference, be that person who drops the pebble in the water!!
It takes strength to stand and face adversity, eating will walk thru the fire...we've proven you can prevail.
It takes strength to stand and face adversity, training without machines or will thru the fire, we've proven it again.
It takes strength to stand and face adversity, healing pains and preventing other with will thru the fire, we've proven it again.
Stand, face adversity, do what you know to be true and strong!
Trust me, you will love it, we are changing the fitness world, we are the revolutions my friends!!

MBG 3 my friends!!!
Peace and Honor!


  1. Great read again Jon. Can't wait for you to get to Oz!
    I can't agree with you more regarding plant based nutrition. It has certainly changed my perception and energy levels for the better.
    I have a date with the 24kg clean & press drill tonight! Can't wait!!!!
    Need to be doing 100reps in 10 minutes by the time you get here. Have a few other goals written down which are going to take some doing - but that’s why we live to challenge ourselves!
    Paul & Despina have been so inspirational in helping me... Monkey bar gym Australia is rocking!

  2. Outstanding post JH.

    I hope you do not mind if I cut,paste and quote you on the finishing paragraphs re nutrition? I am thinking of throwing it on our MBG Oz website notice board,I believe everyone needs to read it.

    Training- strapped on the 25lb vest and power wheel walked 35m,25m,25m,15m in 4 mins.
    I was meant to do the 15/15 cl/pp drill today but was still feeling the effects of the flu. I am working away in the desert (Ayers Rock)for the week and only have one set of adjustable kb which were already loaded to 32,s in prep for the cl&pp. So with these I did front squat ladder reps of 5-10-15-20 20-15-10-5. That got the lungs working.
    Finished with push press(32,s) alt with kips sets of 20,20,15,15. Rested apporx 60 secs between each set.
    Man, my Handstands walks are really struggling. Still hovering around the 10m mark. I think I just need to spend more time on my hands. So my deal with a workmate is for every point his team scores in the rugby against mine I have to do a 30 sec H/S.

    My Diet has been spot on lately, your food blog is great as it takes a lot of the thinking out of it for me.

    Restoration- Have been doing the warrior sequence when I get up in the morning and the beginners sequence after training. The contrast showers are working a charm also. Mind you I may be eating and training like a gorilla but man I think you would be hard pressed to find any sane gorillas freezing their manhood off in an ice cold shower!!

    Mate its great to see so many at the intensive course. More likeminded bodies to spread the MBG work.
    If the Aussie participants are keen on becoming licensees and need any assistence please pass on my details as I more than happy to help out.


  3. powerful work Jonny!!! I did a bunch of Mini workouts yesterday

    11:30 AM did 3 rounds of 1 arm KB push press + chins for 10, 12, 14 reps using 53 lb KB and bodyweight on chins

    then did 2 x 10 on the 1 arm push ress with 62 and 72 lb kettlebell with 10 pull ups after ea set

    did a lil MORE KB wokr w/my wrestlers at 3 PM, did 3 rounds of 5 reps w/53 lbs of snatch - press combo

    Did this again at 4 PM! ha ha

    Then at 7 PM did 7 or 8 sets of mixed grip pulling using ropes, thick bars and more!


  4. Breakfast was banana,strawberry and a little cantilope with dates and almonds
    Lunch spinach,carrots slices, black beans and garbonzo beans with some tangerine slices on them
    snack almonds and dates

    workout 50lb vest different animal
    20 minutes of
    pull ups 3
    close grip pushups on pushup bar for stabilization
    ghd sit ups 15 reps
    back extensions 10reps
    squats 25 reps
    all done for twenty minute circuit no rest
    light yoga to stretch me out
    Dinner little turkey not even two once"s spinach and some black baked beans

  5. The Day was fantastic Jonny:
    Focused on 3 rounds of of the Warrior Sequence (warrior level)

    24 poses with one minute on each pose.
    That's tough on the legs, and was a real challenge when there were a series of poses in the lunge position but I weathered the storm. I definitely see the value of the beginner sequence and doing the sequence with partner feedback, but I wanted to get a full warrior round under my belt with the inspiration of Jessica so I know what it feels like.

    I am reminded of my 3 month challenge goal which is to do the warrior sequence with 1X each day, the 2X each day and then with a weighted vest (20lbs).

    Going to test on the sequence today.

    Great Day!

  6. Jonny, here's that video on the Paleo Diet.
    ~ John Allen

  7. man good to hear everybody:) glad you liked my post! means alot to hear
    man love the feedback guys, no doubt stay on the path strong like you're doing my friends!!
    this course had a great time, everybody and i mean everybody is on point with MBG3 for sure!!!
    they love it man and all want to live it now like you guys are doing right now!! keep up the great work my friends!!


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