Day 7 of 90: Intensive course, Eischens Yoga and REST:)

Day 7 of 90, another awesome day for our MBG Intensive course:) Today we re-covered the Eischens Yoga Beginner sequence, reviewed previous jump training, progressions to handstands and rope climbs and then spent the majority of the day training jumping rope, sprint training (with all facets of drills for classes and personal training) and then a finished with an questions and answers. Today i was really really impressed by the openess to learn by some of the students....guys who without a doubt have extremely high level of skills and they were just super eager to learn to love that!!!

Did the EY beginner sequence to start the training after morning review and i have to say these guys NAILED IT!! without any coaching during the teaching! Student after student each hit all the points for teaching their section of the sequence...really happy to see how well they did. Really enjoyed it:)

MBG 2 WORKOUT: Besides teaching the intensive for from 9-5  and the EY beg seq...i just rested today and i'm feeling really good and looking forward to my second week of training tomorrow.

Breakfast: big bowl ( a mixing bowl:) of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, scoop of source of life.

SAME breakfast :) haha BUT same result:) IT'S AWESOME!!!!
Snack: banana and Gen Mai tea
Lunch: 16 oz fresh Juiced Lemon, Parsley, Orange juice, then a Dis-OPE salad from the willy street co-op (my local healthy food store): mixed greens, corn, peas, onions, mushrooms, carrots, garbanzo beans.
FUNNY STORY while eating lunch: THIS IS TRUE!! One of the students from the course was eating lunch outside with some other students...eating a salad, then out of know where a little sparrow fly up and INTO her salad! not only that but then the little bird just sat down and looked at her!!!:) haha she freaked out:) haha ran a few feet away in dis-belief then came back and had to actually scoop the little bird out of her salad and it flew away:) isnt that crazy:) hahaha
Snacks: banana, apple, coconut water, pumpkin seeds and tons of water:)
Dinner: Jessie made dinner for me tonight and as usual...AWESOME:) warmed up for dinner with a bag of dried red bananas:) man they hit the spot:)!!! Then dinner started with a big mixed greens salad with tomato, some steamed kale and garlic, some cucumber, tomato, onion salad and also some quinoa with some some almond slices...she made a brown gravy looking mix too to pour over the quinoa which was awesome too made from pomegranite juice and some other i ate a ton of it all and it left me feeling just awesome!:) Felt really really good, not full, but very very good!!
Snack: 2 bananas, 2 cavendish bananas, big handful of walnuts:)....great and simple:)

We had so much fun AGAIN today!! Man i'm a lucky man:)

I'M REPEATING MY QUESTION again FOR YOU:) After posting this question yesterday a few brave guys posted their goals over the next 90 days...ALL POWERFUL, TALKING ABOUT PHYSICAL GOALS, RESTORATION GOALS, PLANT BASED GOALS!!
I'm repeating what i said yesterday because it is BIG, this is important for you, me, all of us, the planet! We can make change, inspire others and change the world my friend:)
MY QUESTION: If what i am doing for these 90 days has inspired you i want to hear about it as that motivates me too you know:) haha I love it:) I want to know what it has inspired you to do yourself over the next 90 days? Start today, upon reading this:
90 days of MBG workouts? 90 Days of eating Plant based? 90 Days of Eischens Yoga?
90 Days of doing some new thing for some random person every day?
What is is, HOW can you help yourself AND the world to be better?
As Gandhi said, Be the Change you wish to see in the World!!!:)
I love what i do, love teaching, eating healthy plant foods and knowing i am helping myself and our world to be a better place...i am very very lucky:)
peace my friends, peace:)


  1. For physical goals: I'd like to hit 75 push ups in a row and 30 chins in a row 90 days from now. As for other goals: just continuing to improve mine and wife's diet, improving flexibility, and helping some close friends and family get on the right track to health and fitness.


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