Day 6 of 90: EY all day:) and a short 15/15 x 32s!!

Day 6 of 90, great day again today! the course is going awesome:) all the students are learning fast as heck and we are having a great time:) laughing alot and sharing alot of great times!!

Started the course with our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence again today but this time we split the students up into about 6 groups of 5 so they could focus on each pose more specifically and they did a great job on it! Did alot of wide leg forward flexion, back domes. After my workout did the Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 3 cycles:)

MBG 2 WORKOUT: Today it was mostly a teach and Eischens Yoga day...but i decided to add a 15/15 x ?? minutes to prepare to hit 100 reps with the 32k's for our australian intensive in february 2011. Paul (one of the owners of MBG Australia NT) and i are gonna both go for that number!! Any additional participants? haha FUN? maybe not:) BAD ASS? Hell Yeah!!!!! hahaha. So to prepare for it i'm doing sets of 5 for amap sets as long as i feel totally i do not want to do too much on the weekend so i rest fully for the week of training for my 3 challenges.

15/15 x 2.5 minutes x 32k's of cleans and push presses: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 = 25 in 2:30 minutes, felt good and strong. plan is to add 1 set a week

Breakfast: big bowl ( a mixing bowl:) of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, scoop of source of life.
Snack: banana and Gen Mai tea
Lunch: Two 16 oz fresh Juiced Kale, Parsley, Orange, then a PRO BAR (never had one before it was pretty good:) and another banana and about 5-6 handfuls of trail mix.
Dinner: Went to eat at a local Nepalese joint...OFF THE HOOK!!:) had their Dahl soup, then some brocolinis and some garbanzo bean dipped veggies as appetizers, then some tofu secura as main entree which is brown rice, lots of veggies, grilled tofu and some veggie sauce!!
Snack: 2 apples

Felt great again today, the course is going great, the students are all really cool!! from all over the globe:) got to love it:) I DO:)

I'M REPEATING MY QUESTION FOR YOU:) After posting this question yesterday a few brave guys posted their goals over the next 90 days...ALL POWERFUL, TALKING ABOUT PHYSICAL GOALS, RESTORATION GOALS, PLANT BASED GOALS!!
I'm repeating what i said yesterday because it is BIG, this is important for you, me, all of us, the planet! We can make change, inspire others and change the world my friend:)
MY QUESTION: If what i am doing for these 90 days has inspired you i want to hear about it as that motivates me too you know:) haha I love it:) I want to know what it has inspired you to do yourself over the next 90 days? Start today, upon reading this:
90 days of MBG workouts? 90 Days of eating Plant based? 90 Days of Eischens Yoga?
90 Days of doing some new thing for some random person every day?
What is is, HOW can you help yourself AND the world to be better?
As Gandhi said, Be the Change you wish to see in the World!!!:)
I love what i do, love teaching, eating healthy plant foods and knowing i am helping myself and our world to be a better place...i am very very lucky:)
peace my friends, peace:)


  1. I am up in Madison with Jon at the MBG Intensive, and had almost the same food day as him (breakfast and dinner). That Dahl soup was, off the charts!

    The restaurant seasoned their greens like I've rarely tasted. Awesome.

    For lunch I've been making Romain Lettuce Wraps with Raw Almond Butter and having a few green juices as snacks.

    Yesterday was a pretty challenging day, and not because of the challenges I set for myself, but because I tweaked my back and some unexpected challenges, challenged me.

    Thanks Jonny for helping me see the inspiration in it. That meant allot to me.

    I share my thoughts on my blog, if anyone wants to read more about that experience.

    Today, I practiced Eichens Yoga during most of my training hours. I went through the Warrior Sequence at least 3 times.

    Right now restorative training is my focus and is what I'm going to challenge myself around.

    my goals for the next 90 days:
    I plan on keeping you posted daily on the challenges I have set, for accountability, and in 90 days I aim to be 25lbs lighter, free of pain in my lower back, feeling strong, and to be able to stand on my hands for 1 full minute unassisted.That's a big goal. It makes me feel like a kid and most kids can't do it!

    That means following true hunger signals as my guide for eating nutrient rich foods, and doing Eichens yoga every day and staying our of personal energy debt (I.E maintaining the right personal energy balance by regenerating as much as I need to regularly)


    Month 1: full Warrior Sequence, Month 2: full Warrior Sequence 2X and Month 3: full Warrior Sequence 2X with a weighted 20 lbs vest while practicing my hand stand so that I can do it unassisted.

    It's a tall order, but I'm going to do it.

  2. Checking in on the day... still in pain from my back "tweak"; I did the warrior sequence 3 times today and have committed it to memory so I can test on it tomorrow and incorporate it into my life restore and realign my body.

    I set a body worker/acupuncture appointment for Thursday and I have a plan for the next 3 months.

    I must say I'm frustrated at the moment dealing with this tweak. I feel like i have never trained in my life right now. Feeling a little broken (physically) but I'll get through it.

    Still inspired by the idea of walking on my hands in 90 days.

    I'll check in again tomorrow. ;-)


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