Day 5 of 90!!! HS, PW, Rope Climbs as fast as possible each for 100!!

Day 5 of 90, whew recovered with a good night sleep and had a great day at the course from 9-6 today:) the students did an amazing job understanding what we were teaching and applied it right away:) they broke the previous record of 22 students doing handstands all together at the last course with a total of 28 today!! very very cool...ALL learn how to do a handstand, kicked up and held it against the wall with great technique within 1 hour!!! really awesome!!

Started the course with our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence. After which during the day did alot more of supine bridge, kneeling table and incline plane ALL made the shoulders and whole body feel amazing:) After my workout did the Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 4 cycles:)

MBG 2 WORKOUT: Today (friday) is my AS FAST AS POSSIBLE day:)

100 yard Handstand Walks: 30 yards, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10 = 4:45 total (Goal is improve each week)
rested 5 minutes
100 foot rope climb (on 20' rope): 60 feet, 20', 20' = 3:35 (Goal is improve each week)
rested 5 minutes
100 yard Power Wheel crawl + 40lb vest: 35, 30, 20, 15 = 3:07 (Goal is improve each week)
total work time for all 3: 11:27

Breakfast: big bowl ( a mixing bowl:) of strawberries, blueberries, mangos, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds, scoop of source of life.
Snack: banana and Gen Mai tea
Lunch: Juiced glass of Kale, Orange, then big salad, garbanzo beans, pumpkin seeds, onions, tomotos
Dinner: Huge salad with oranges, almonds, onions/ then alot of eggplant slices and some tofu
Snack: 2 cavendish bananas and some walnuts

 MY BREAKFAST & VIEW:) ate most of it but remembered some of you wanted to see how much i ate and what:) haha, well if you can see it, it's my fruit bowl, nuts and source of life.

Really happy with how well today went, guess my recovery work yesterday paid off as i felt really strong and energetic all day from 9-5, then trained my bball players til 6:30, then rode to jessie house for a great dinner, then went home and made tomorrows breakfast......FRUIT BOWL!!!! haha

QUESTION FOR YOU: if what i am doing for these 90 days has inspired you i want to hear about it as that motivates me too you know:) haha I love it:) I want to know what it has inspired you to do yourself over the next 90 days? Start today, upon reading this:
90 days of MBG workouts? 90 Days of eating Plant based? 90 Days of Eischens Yoga?
90 Days of doing some new thing for some random person every day?
What is is, HOW can you help yourself AND the world to be better?
I love what i do, love teaching, eating healthy plant foods and knowing i am helping myself and our world to be a better place...i am very very lucky:)



  1. Jonny, YOU ALWAYS inspire bruddah, after being sick for 6 days, I am greateful for my health!

    Yesterday was first REAL workout in a week, ALL playground based, did approx. 15 - 20 sets of varied grip pull ups and bodyweight extensions.

    Goal is 1 salad a day for 90 days, animal meats no more than 3 x per week and no touching barbells or dumbbells for 90 days, JUST bodyweight, kettlebells and odd objects

    VERY psyched for this new part of my life

    Feeling WAY more peaceful in life and reconnected with an old friend and feeling really cool about that

    I'm grateful for your friendship bro, always have been since day ( you KNOW that :) and REALLY diggin this BLOG of yours bruddah!

    You crushed this workout, barely over 11 minutes, CRAZY impressive bruddah!!


    Peace Bruddah!


  2. Thanks for the pic of your food! The is one LARGE bowl!

  3. Hey Jonny! Thanks for the food pic. :) That is a big bowl!

    Very inspiring as always. You walk the talk and that's (sadly) rare these days. I'm grateful to have found you and the MBG those few years ago.

    Here are a few of goals I am working on for the next 90 days:

    90 Days of Plant-Based Eating & Eischen's Yoga & 5x week MBG workouts.

    Skill: Freestanding handstand, possibly start walking :)
    Strength/Conditioning: 100 yd Power Wheel crawl
    Endurance: Run up Mt. Baldy and back



  4. Jon yu have inspired me to really get my diet even more locked with vegan. I just finished a 12 week course that I did on my self that was very basic no frills bodyweight with a weight vest and only twenty minutes 4 times a week because that is the only amount of time I had. I started the vegan food maybe two weeks ago.My new goals are to have my vegan diet down locked. My new 12week program will have me workng with a 50lb vest and my goal is to be 175 lb power endurance machine with that 50lb vest.And to ad the eyoga to my routine.That is all becasude of you. Oh and next time can you take the picture before you empty the

  5. ZACKERIA; you're my boy my friend, been best friends since we first met:) haha You're goals are awesome brah! look forward to hearing how you're progressin' on what are your bodyweight and kb goals? glad to hear how you're eating too brah! POSITIVE BRAH, POSITIVE!!!!

    BRAD: excellent goals my friend!! all solid as heck and i know you'll get them all...maybe walk on your hands???? no way man, walk on your hands 10 yards!!!! or more:) for sure the 100 yard PW doubt!!!:)

    divafnk and john and brad: took another pic of my breakfast bowl....FULL too:) hahaha!!! thanks guys for all your positive words:)


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