Day 4 of 90: Box jumps, broad jumps, Jungle Gym legs

Day 4 of 90 was for sure a bit harder day:) today being the first day of our MBG 6 day certified
natural trainer course (9am to 6pm daily). it's long days, giving alot of detailed info on all MBG 3 aspects, but again i love teaching and training:) so it's cool:) just the giving all day of energy can be a
bit taxing so it will be interesting to see how my own training goes.
Ate strong, trained medium intensity (legs:), restored strong, felt good:)

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence: we did this to start the course and spent alot of time on various poses so got in a good deal of this today which is Great!!
Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 4 cycles:)!!

24" box jumps: (stepped down off box as jumping hurt my knee still): 3 sets of 8 jumps
alternated with
Broad Jumps across 15 yards floor + light c-band resistance: 6 jumps, 6 jumps, 6 jumps
after doing my sets i felt pretty good in the knee so checked my broad, needs work:) haha
8'3" was my best of 5 jumps, when i'm dunking this is usually over 9' so yes, got some room to grow here for sure. But on a positive note, it aint that bad, for no jump training lately and a sore left knee i feel pretty good about it. Also broad jumps do not hurt to do at all so they will become my main jumping exercise for the next few weeks as the box jumps hurt a bit and i dont want to aggravate it more.

Jungle Gym foot up lunge: 3 x 12 each side, love this one and it felt totally cool on my knee!
Jungle Gym alternate leg curls: 3 x 12 each side, huge part of my strengthening program this helps a ton reduce the pain in my knee...after finishing this i ended with doing some supine bridge work with my feet in the Jungle that will wake up your hammies:) haha

Breakfast: big bowl ( a mixing bowl:) of strawberries, blueberries, mangos, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds.
Snack: banana and some cashews
Lunch: Spinach, mangos, bananas, walnuts, source of life
Dinner: mixed greens, tomatoes, beets, 3 bean salad and some potatoes...a light meal
Snack: bag of figs and some walnuts

Tomorrow will be a interesting day teaching the course and a hard training day for myself!!:) the training room i lectured in was pretty cool and my throat got very sore (not cool:), so i'm chillin tonight and want to be a powerhouse tomorrow.
Today Intensive course is really a great bunch (29 people:), people from australia, puerto rico, canada, england, east coast, west coast...all over REPRESENTED!!:)

done, going to chill:) haha,
talk tomorrow my friends:)


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