Day 30 of 90:) Barefoot, jump training, Video of Spinach Smoothie!!

Another very good and busy day, meetings in the am, plyo leg workout for dunking:), quick spinach smoothie (above), then shot the last leg of our new JGXT dvd "Training the Trainers" which went really well, filmed it with Jessica Rucker my Monkey Bar Gym Madison head trainer, Greg Metzler our new MBG COO and Dusty Mattison our MBG Madison Manager...they all did a great job and the DVD turned out great!!:)
MBG 1 restoration: Did my favorite two poses, front warrior and supine bridge for 3 sets of 30 seconds each, love doing these two to open the hips and re-align the feet and legs.

MBG 2 training: Today was my first day of doing vertical jumps to the rim:
Power Jumper 2/1/none x R8 (resistance level Green, is 8th of 10's heavy:) for sets of 8
At two bands: 8 jumps to 9'5"
At one band: 8 jumps to 9'10" feel pretty good about this...only 2" from the rim resisted, this is a good first day of vertical jumping:) very happy about this:)
At no bands: as i was about to jump i felt some tension in my left knee so stopped on this one to make sure i do not over do it ... and i am happy i did because it felt good for the rest of the workout:)
MY GOALS here are to touch 10'5" plus by day 60 and 10' 9" plus by day 90...if i'm near this number by day 90 i'll definitely be high enough to dunk off two feet and i'm a one foot jumper so i'll be even higher off one foot...hope to begin my one leg jumping in the next few was a good start for vertical jumping though:)
Power Jumper 2/1/none x R8

At two bands: 6 jumps 45'10" (improved over a foot:)
At one band: 5 jumps to 41'2" (same as last workout)
At no bands: 5 jumps to 45' even (really happy about this as my first day of testing i only jumped 42'!!!
So this is great improvement and i feel i am right on track.
MY GOAL here is by day 60 i want to be at 46' plus and by day 90 i need to be close or at 47' plus which for sure i feel is enough for me to be dunking!!

MBG 3 Eating: 
breakfast - grapes, blueberries, bananas, dates, goji berries, cacao, almonds
lunch - coconut water, spinach, peaches, bananas, goji, cacoa, walnuts, SOlife :)
snack - bumble bar, 3 glasses of herbal tea, 2 vegan cookies:)
dinner - spinach wraps, hummus, spinach, veggie patties (all natural), tomatoes
On my smoothie i was thinking man this is a really strong smoothie so i wrote out what
it totals for you all:)
MY SPINACH SMOOTHIE:) it's a strong meal:) hahaha Now understand i eat about 3,800 cals a day so this is perfect for me for one meal...tone it down if you weigh less for sure:)
Cals:       1,103 kcals
Fat:           24.5 g         19%
Carbs:     191.9 g         56%
Prot:          45.2 g        15%
Fiber         27.8 g

Tell me how you guys like this:)


  1. Nice touch with the smoothie clip. I also throw the nuts in last to keep the crunch value. I also throw cocoa nibs and some dates in at the same time with the nuts to get even more crunch & chew, ha.
    Keen to hear of your time with coach summer. I have his "gymnastic bodies" book which is, and will continue to be one of my main resources during this period of bodyweight training.Are you training with him in a one on one setting whilst there or as part of a seminar?

    My training- I am working away a week or so a month at present at a remote fire station posting which has been excellent for training as the weather is much cooler.I have been Riding to and from work (8km each way). At approx half way is an awesome playground setup where I do a small 15-20 min workout on the way to and from work, I also do a third 20 min workout whilst at work every second day.I have been doing the EY beginners sequence before both of my daily rides and hot/cold contrast showers when I finish both rides. Man I love this lifestyle:)
    Todays workouts
    NO 1.--Dip jumps along bars 6m (3m up & 3m back) /Feet up s2s rows 10L&R/Pistol-russian lunge combo 5L&R of each--5 X Through all no rest.
    No 2-- Did part of the workout your basketballer thought up (great workout btw).I threw on the 10kg vest & did 100m wheel walks & 100push ups (10m walk, 10 PU x10)Did 3sets with no rest then the remaining 7 with approx 20 secs restbetween each. Very tough with the vest on. Finished with 100m worth of vertical broadjump combo.I chose not to wear the PJ as my back is still not 100%.
    Workout 3-- On ride home stopped at the playground, did 15/15 skipping/burpees for 10 mins. Totally stuffed. I am on a mission to drop some muscle(105kg>>100kg)but to increase my relative strength at same time.


  2. Jon

    That is one sick shake. I have no idea how you can digest that on one sitting.I am only 5'7 about 170-175 my stomach would probably blow up in the middle of the night 27 grams of fiber is a lot.


  3. Made my shake this AM and used the "spinach first" method. Worked great! Here's what else was in there. :)

    Bunch o' Spinach
    Coconut Water
    Frozen Org. Raspberries & Blackberries
    3 Bananas
    1/2 an Apple
    Almond Butter
    Flax Seed

  4. hey paul - man you are doing awesome my friend!!! love your are living it my friend and YES i agree 100% I LOVE IT TOO:) HAHA

    John - that is alot but actually i felt great afterwards and had good energy the rest of the day from it:) i'm 215lbs, but still do not want to over eat or over drink a meal so i have put a marker on my blender to never make them bigger than a certain amount and as long as i do this i'm cool...the fiber, yes alot when you eat like i do but it works well:) haha

    Brad - thanks, glad it helped your smoothie! yours looks great too!! got to try that sometime!!


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