Day 3 of 90: HSW, Rope Climbs, PW+40 speed crawls, EY, PB...MBG3:)

Day 3 of 90 was a good day:)
Ate strong, trained strong, restored strong, felt great!!!:)

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, held each pose 4 breaths after my workout!!! Great!!
Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 5 cycles:)!!

Handstand walk (100 yards + in afsap): 30 yards, 30y, 30y, 30y = 120 yards!!
alternated with
20' rope climb: 40 feet, 40', 40' = 120 feet:)
these two felt amazing in alternating fashion and i am really happy i got the 30 yards so well. finishing the last set at 30 yards was probably the best i've done and it made me very happy:)

Next i did my speed work with the power wheel + 40lb vest crawls...this went great too!
3 sets of 20 yards in: 17 seconds, 16 seconds, 16 seconds
Overall felt amazing today a 4 Stars!!!

Breakfast: big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, mangos, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds.
Snack: organic raw food bar
Lunch: Spinach, mangos, bananas, walnuts, source of life
Dinner: huge bowl of steamed kale with cranberries, almonds, zuchini, salad and 2 mini veggie wraps
Snack: cavendish bananas and walnuts

Feeling really solid and well rested before beginning the 6 day intensive tomorrow.
4 Stars today my friends:)
MBG 3 my friends:) haha
Now smile and lets make the world Greener, Healthier and Happier:) haha


  1. Strong work Jon! Can you please explain what the "salad" part of your dinner was? Also, I'd love to see a pic or two ( doesn't have to be Martha Stewart quality ) of your meals if you wouldn't mind. No pressure though. :). Keep training strong!!!

  2. VERY cool workout Jonny, focusing on skill work of strength, impressive with 40' rope cimbs!

    Also, I dig the barefoot runs!

    The nutrition journal you post helps guide me more and more, thnx brutha!!

  3. Jon
    I completly agree with Zach your eating journal is great as what to eat and to help motivate. I am very grateful that you take the time to put it up.

  4. thanks guys, glad you like it:) it's fun and if helpful for you all then all the better:)


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