Day 29 of 90: Handstand walking, Rope climbs and PW + 52lb vest

My College & HS Bballers - 100 C/Sq/PP in 20 min. great!!
Feeling a bit better again today...had to as i worked from 8-12 on MBG chicago, 12-1 class, 1-2:30 training Wesley Matthews (Portaland Trail Blazers) and one of his teammates from HS who is now a college stud:), ate lunch, then was back at it from 4-6:30pm, then trained then taught some of my new trainers some...long day...ate dinner at 8:45pm tonight!!:) haha, long day...BUT a good day:)
Got my MBG 1 in leading the beginner Eischens Yoga sequence for the noon class:) That is a great way to get your Eischens Yoga training in...teach it before every class:) That is what we do at the Monkey Bar Gymnasium every day, every class:) I asked my students today if they liked doing it every day before class and 100% said YES!!:) haha, okay just checking i said:) we've been doing it every day at the MBG for many years, it is why we dont have people in pain, dont have any serious back or knee pains or neck pains:) not bad for 12 minutes a day:) haha
MBG 2: 
Handstand Walks - 36 yards, 36 yards, 35 yards = 107 yards...this is great!! Not feeling 100% yet and to do these numbers at the end of a 12 hours day is great!!! very very happy with these numbers.
Rope climbs - 40 feet, 40 feet, 40 feet = 120 yards...just did this pretty easy for 40 feet a set and felt good on this as well:)
alternated these two and took my times between sets til finished with 3 sets each.
Power Wheel + 52lb vest speed crawls - 30 yards afap: 22 seconds, *21 seconds (this is my new record!! and i feel great about this as well...if i can keep this pace i will hit the 100 yards in a little over 60 seconds which is my goal...under 1:20)
Power Wheel + 52lb vest crawl for distancce - *45 yards...really happy about this!! at the end of my workout, after doing two hard sets of power wheel crawls to hit 45 yards is great!!! Very confident with these:)
Was pretty tired before this workout but had to do it:) and i'm really happy i did:) GREAT WORKOUT!!
MBG 3: 
breakfast - bananas, dates, goji berries, cacoa nibs, almonds, grapes, blueberries
lunch 1 - spinach tortilla, hummus, peppers, onions, spinach, tomato, greens
lunch 2 - brocolli, corn, spinach, veggie burger (carrots, brown rice, onions, peppers)
dinner - mixed greens, carrots, corn, purple cabbage, onions, tofu
snack - bumble bar (peanuts, honey, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds) GOOD:) haha

TODAY: was a good day:)
got alot of traveling happening over this coming month (september).
Going to take some gymnastics training with my friend Coach Sommers Sept 4,5,6 in arizona,
then chicago working on Monkey Bar Gym Chicago from Sept 8, NYC Sept 9, 10, 11, Chicago Sept 12, 13. LA Sept 13-18, then back to madison!! Dang!! haha
Lots of seminars, lots of work:) Comes with growing:) haha

Time for bed:) haha
Peace my friends:)


  1. Hey Jon!
    Man you keep busy buddy! I hope I can be that busy in the fitness industry one day... I reckon if I keep following the Monkey bar philosophy and the passion I have the rest will follow!
    I squeezed a workout in yesterday as I had to help out Paul & Despina (Legendary people! You are very lucky to have these two open the first MBG in Oz!)
    Anyway back to the fun stuff like working out... hahaha
    I have a goal to do 100mtrrs on the power wheel without stopping… So I chucked a 22lbs vest on and did 100mtrs(20,20,20,20,20) as fast as I could. Broke my record and posted 3:10min.
    Very happy with the effort considering I was kayaking the whole weekend!
    I then did two rounds of the FBI workout and finished off with beginner sequence EY.
    Good luck with all the travelling – Sounds like you will have to get the balance right between rest and work!

    Breakfast – Smoothie: Mixed berries, Ginger, banana, spinach, cucumber, dates, water, Pea Protein, mango, ground flaxseed
    Lunch – sushi (tofu, avo, carrot)
    Dinner – veg stew – YUM!!!!

    And lots of fruit and nuts during the day.

    All the best

    P.s. Hurry up and get to Oz already!!! ;))

  2. haha, hey P good to hear from you man, YES we are very fortunate to have paul and des working with us as they are really awesome people and for sure gonna have the MBG blowing up down under in no time!! Man you are doing awesome, from the Power Wheel crawls to the workout to doing the eischens yoga and then the plant based eating!! man right on my brother!!! right on! ginger in the smoothie??? mmmm? not sure on that though haha (i'm a bit partial, i hate ginger) haha bet it was great, your eating looks strong, what is in the stew? that i'd like to try:) peace my friend!


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