Day 27 of 90: biked alot easy, Broad Jumps, Swings, FUL's

Felt pretty good:)
In Fiji with some of their rugby team...touch dudes!!

MBG1: restoration - did front warrior and supine bridges, hot cold shower
MBG2: training -
Runners warm up with some single and double leg jumps to prep for workout, the single leg jumps felt good to do and no knee pain at all!!
Broad Jumps - Power Jumper R8 (green) 2/1/0 felt good, strong and feeling almost back to where i left off last 0 i jumped 2" shorter than last weeks 44'10" so that is good:)
Double KB swings - did 5 sets of 8 with the 28s...yeah this is alot lighter than usual but it felt good and was a good starting point for me.
Foot Up Lunge (back foot on box) - 5 sets of 5 with 28s...this felt good knee pain so i know my knee is getting better!

MBG3: eating -
soaked oats, dates, bananas, almonds, SOlife
greens, carrots, corn, beets, eggless tofu salad,
vegan ice cream
fruit bowl strawberries, grapes, blueberries, walnuts, dates

good day, felt better again today and am confident i'm getting better to 100% very soon.
gonna go check "ride the drive" today, lance armstrong is in town supporting it so that is cool:)
maybe can catch up with him and talk to him:) haha
i know he uses my power wheel:) that would be cool:)
peace brothers:)


  1. Hey JH good to hear you are back on track. Jumping with the green bands sounds tough.

    The Chicago gym area looks awesome keep us posted with the progressive shots as you fit it out.

    Training has been a little average for me also as have had similar issues as yourself and keep tweaking my back (same issue I have had for 2-3 years now). Have decided to stay away from all kb work for 6-8 weeks and just perform bodyweight,banded and EY work. The end goals is still the Cl/PP drill in Feb however I will have no chance unless I get my back sorted. Have organised a gymnastic coach to come to the gym once a week which I am really looking gorward to.

    Some good shots of Fiji, when were you guys over there? Des and I were married in Fiji (05),great place. You should also try and get to Bali for a few days whilst over this way as its only a 2 hour plane ride forn Darwin and is an awesome place, we go over every year in Feb so the timing would be perfect.


  2. hey paul, good to hear from you my friend:)
    sorry to hear about your back but i can relate and in the long run it's gonna really help you alot in learning how to fix and prevent back pains. the dropping the KB's hahaha i understand for sure my friend:) only do them very rarely now:) for sure lets check out bali for sure!!
    tony robbins invited us a few years back to stay for 8 days at his namale resorts which was amazing!! stay in touch my friend okay, i like to hear how your training is going too okay:)

  3. Jonny,

    I'm on day 18 of regular yoga in the morning, feeling stronger every day. I have not yet engaged in the hand stand practice as of yet, my plan has been to get a full month under my belt of yoga and get my back in better shape first. Still my fastest recovery time from such a tweak.

    I am also about 5 lbs lighter and expect to go to a full 25lbs lighter to help with that handstand.

    Added some running into my routine as well, as I needed a near term challenge goal with some impact on my legs, so I am running the Northport Cow Harbor 10K in September, so running about 1.5-3 miles a day at the moment after yoga, then starting my day.

    I biked today to get over the initial soreness from running.

    Moving from biking to running left me pretty sore for a few days.

    Making great practice. Going to have Jonny's Powerbowl now.



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