Day 26 of 90: back on track a bit!! HSW, Rope climbs, PW at 75%

Woke up feeling alot better, about 70% compared to about 50% all last week and felt good enough to workout...paid attention to how i felt big time and toned it down alot when feeling tired.
Opening Nov 2010 MBG Chicago!!:) 

MBG 1: Restoration - Beginner Eischens Yoga sequence and hot cold shower and 2 hour massage which felt great!!
MBG 2: Training - HSW, RC, PW
alternate sets of HSW and RC and felt okay, not strong yet but at least i got started a bit again.
Handstand walks: 30 yards (this was alot harder than i wanted it to be so knew i'm not 100%:), 30 yards, 15, 15, 15, 15 = 120 yards total
Rope climbs: 40 feet (this also did not feel so great, but expected it a bit:), 40', 20', 20', 20', 20' = 160 feet
rested as much as i wanted between sets and my totals were good because of it...felt good to train again!

Power Wheel crawl + 52lb vest: 30 yards, 30 yards, then 4 sets of 15 yards in 15 seconds each set for a total of 120 total yards

MBG 3: Eating
breakfast - fruit bowl of grapes, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, dates, almonds, SOlife
lunch - greens, carrots, corn, purple cabbage, edemame, sesame seeds, eggless tofu salad
dinner - red beans and rice, salad, romaine lettuce, hummus
snack - popcorn with flax oil and sea salt

man it felt good to train today without feeling horrible after:) i coughed still a bit during the workout but not that much and i slowed down alot when i did cough.

overall felt good is up a bit, eating is feeling good, EY always feels good:) and it was great to get a massage tonight for 90 minutes...really needed that:)

planning chicago alot more now so very excited about that!!
peace my friends,


  1. The new space looks awesome Jon! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.


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