Day 25 of 90: did 2 videos shoots today and rode my bike a bit:)

Great quote, check it out!!
Well today we had TWO video shoots!!
In the morning we did one at the MBG for TV and this took about 2 hours of doing our
workouts and talking about the went pretty well and everybody who joined us
really did a great job. Got to love your students who come in and support what your doing
with there free time!! Very Very cool!!
From there we rode our bikes out to the west side of madison (about 8 miles) to do our
advanced exercises for the NEW Jungle Gym dvd...this also went pretty well too and took
another 4 hours so after riding back to the MBG downtown we'd been pretty busy this day:)
It was pretty funny though how crazy tired i felt after this:) the crazy thing about riding out
there (at about 10 mph:) was little hills or stiff breezes were making me cough like crazy!
either way it was good to get home and relax.
it's also very cool some people wrote me and said Jon Chill out my friend, rest and recover!
much appreciation my friend! that is cool!
i'm chillin the rest of this week, will do my EY still daily and some light stuff and hope i can
come back next week:) we'll see:) haha
big lesson, dont force it, listen to my body, float downsteam, dont swim upstream:)
key lesson opportunity here:)
peace my friends,


  1. Jonny Bruddah, lay low, take a daily nap, keep eatin clean, read every day to keep the mind calm and relaxed....

    I got sick as well, still recovering but man it took a loooong time!!!

    The world needs Jonny Boy healthy, ha ha ha

    Miss ya dude, rest up and tell Jesse I said hi!


  2. Jon
    I am sure you will get better I understand your frustration it has been almost a year since I have realy beeen able to go hard on my pullups I can to undergrip but if i change the position it agrivates my tendinitus. I felt burned out like you have been I got home at 2:00 yesterday afternoon and as much as I love my daughter and playing with her. I just went to sleep until about 7:00PM helped me out a lot hopefully I can rest more this weekend. My wife brought me back tons of amaranth from Mexico they mix it with honey I just love this stuff and I aslo heard its loaded with good nutrients. Take Care


  3. Thanks my friends, i'm feeling better every day but my schedule is getting so crazy its a joke, you all know with kids:) haha i've done about 5 dvds in the last few weeks as well as 3 seminars and it's more today:)
    ahhh to sit and chill is a good thing:)
    feeling much better today and am pretty confident i'll be training hard again next week.
    be coming out to nyc in november i think to do some more rebuilding warriors so hope to see you guys then! stay strong my brothers!!!

  4. Jon
    Just keep me posted once school starts my daughters schedule is unpredicatble and I definately want to learn more from you.I don't want to miss out.


  5. looking like first or second weekend of october in nyc for some of our MBG 3 great to see you guys then for sure!!:)


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