Day 24 of 90: easy training day

Today my energy was a bit better, still not feeling recovered so i thought it would be smart to
take another day at 50% effort.
getting mauled by an airport bear!!:)

MBG 1: did beginners Eischens Yoga sequence...good:)
MBG 2: did easy workout;
push ups on fists - 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
L seat chin ups - 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Handstand hold - 60 sec, 45, 45, 45
felt good and easy
MBG 3:
spinach, mango, banana, SOLife, almonds smoothie
organic food bar
vegan gumbo (man this was awesome!!)
bag of brocolli, edemame, corn, bell peppers, red beans in my big fruit bowl
3 vegan cookies:)

hey guys, i'm doing my best, looking at recovering my energy, looking at feeling strong again:)
did not mention that one month ago doing our 75s workout i got "Lung Burn". It is a literally
burning sensation to your lungs you get immediately during or after a very very intense workout.
metabolic workouts will do this and in my case one did...broke my old record on it but the lung
burn was not worth the price of achieving this. You begin coughing immediately, flu like symptoms.
then you begin coughing up crap...well i thought i'll recover quickly like i did last time i got this...a few days...well a few days after this i had to begin teaching the august intensive...6 days in a row, 9 hours a day...well it made my lung burn worse...right after that i go to canada...making it worse again, now i'm coughing up green crap...okay a few days easy maybe i'll be better after this all, i kept training hard as i could but with each workout, more and more fatique hits me...well today it is now almost one
month and i did something i hate doing...went to the doctor for help. surprisingly they never heard of lung burn and after saying well you dont have pneumonia or asthma...we really dont know what to have you do...we can give you asthma medicine...which i'm not taking:)
so i'm back at square one, but actually feeling more fatiqued than a month ago...i actually could workout as you all might of seen...i improved each week up til this last week. well you might of also have seen, it's started to hit me more this week...the fatique, the weakness.
well i've got to continue to be smart here, to not over do it, to continue to listen to my body so that
i improve myself each day.
i just had to finally tell you all this as it has been bothering me to slow down on my training as i was
feeling great, but last week i knew i was in trouble as my fatique was great.
gonna keep doing the best i can and try to recover my energy as best as possible.
my mission is big, i strive for the top of a mountain, to achieve great things, to change the fitness world for the better and part of that is being a man and sticking to my guns and doing what i feel is best for my health and the planets thru a plant based diet, no drugs, no medicines, training full body skills and daily eischens yoga:) i will not sell out with my eating (no animals), i will not sell out by supporting drug companies or eating genetically modified foods, i will not sell out and use isolation in any form of training and i will not sell out in restoration...whole body, natural 100% of the time.
doing my best:) this is a challenge i will learn from:)
peace my friends,


  1. Jon

    Hang in there you are a true warrior and inspiration you will be back strong soon take the rest days. I am kind of in the same situation two weeks ago my boss's dad had a stroke and passed away he had to fly home. I had to cover work so for two weeks of twelve hour days working then going home to workout.I have been exhausted because the lack of rest. And know my chronic tendinitus is acting up preventing me to do pullups like I want to. I am also trying to master my new 50lb weight vest and its different than other weight vest as its made out of sand it like working out with a sand bag on your body much harder than the other vest I have that has the minature weights. So rest up and recover you will be back again stronger than ever.


  2. Hey Jon! It's time to take it easy for a bit and let your body take care of itself. A friend of mine "burned" his lungs during an XC ski race last year. It took a bit of time to get back to full-speed but now he's back racing stronger than ever. You'll be back better than ever too. I wouldn't be surprised to see your numbers jump up after this period of forced rest.

    We all have our challenges but it's what we do in the face of these challenges that defines us and makes us stronger. Buddhists believe that these difficulties are to be embraced as teachers rather than fought or avoided. Keep up the positive spirit Jon and I look forward to seeing you at the clinic in LA in Sept.

  3. thanks my friends...yeah i got to listen to my body:) appreciate your positive comments though my friends!:) much appreciated!


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