Day 23 of 90: drive to chicago and back, then legs and jumping!

Drove down to get the keys to MBG Chicago today!!
Met with contractor and laid out how it's gonna look:) very exciting!!
got back about 7pm so did a quick workout and gonna hit the hay early tonight.
MBG Member Gail "firefighter badass" Campbell doing 80 reps!!

MBG 1: Did back domes, front warriors for about 3 sets each today!
MBG 2: spinach mango banana SOlife smoothie with added almonds
went to whole foods in Chicago...awesome salad bar, crushed it:) haha
kale, edemame, carrots, corn, beets, sunflower seeds, eggless tofu salad
leftovers from last night after my workout...lots of veggies, some brown rice,
then some romaine and hummus, then made some popcorn with flax oil on it:)
MBG 3: Power Jumper 2/1/0 drill
did it a bit different today and it felt good...had to do it at home too on some grass so no good measurements.
PJ2 x 8 jumps, rest, 6 jumps, rest, 6 jumps
PJ1 x 8, 6, 6
no PJ x 8, 6, 6
did these in kangaroo broad jump style too...rebound immediately after landing and jump again and really opened up the hips on each jump...was great!
Power wheel curls: 3 x 10
High box step ups: 3 x 10s
Back dome holds: 3 x 15 seconds

considering 6 plus hours of driving today everything went pretty well:)
peach my friends:) haha


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