Day 22 of 90: HSW, Rope, PW + 52lbs crawls

If you read my last post i mentioned some fatique since the intensive course.
Because of this i've got to pay attention to this big time and not push myself over the edge.
With my niece Jackie!! She loves this:) FUN!!
So today even though i'm feeling a bit better, still not at 100%, so did more sets at lower intensities:
MBG 1: Did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence
MBG 2: 
Handstand walks: 125 yards total walked varying in distance from 12 yards to 30...did 6 sets total
Rope climbs: 130 feet climbed on 6 sets: 20, 20, 20, 30, 20, 20
did these in a really relaxed easy manner and they felt good, not too overwhelming at all.

Then did Power Wheel crawls but added extra weight...52lbs! actually this went great!
40 yards, 40 yards, 30 yards = 110 yards total.
the first set of 40 was very very easy, for sure could have done 60 yards on my first set for sure!!

MBG 3: 
  1. spinach smoothie: spinach, mangos, bananas, SOlife and pumpkin seeds and almonds
  2. ezekial bread, raw cashew butter, 100% strawberry jam (P&J sandwich) healthy style:)
  3. kale, corn, carots, edemame, beets, tofu
  4. kale, red beans, onions, bell peppers, sprouts, thai veggies...this was the bomb!!!:) some chips too:)
eating today was awesome!

tomorrow going down to chicago to pick up the keys to our new MBG Chicago spot! Start construction next week on it!!

Peace my friends,


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