Day 2 of 90!!! Barefoot run, jumping, EY and more!!

Day 2 was actually a pretty challenging day...and then the workout came:) haha
after sleeping for about 5-6 hours, got up early and we filmed all day til working out at noon.
filming all new video exercise library for our website....crazy how many exercises we were doing
and could still add hundreds more:) but we did it, that is the important thing:)
Doing a flagpole!!!:) FUN!!:)

Barefoot run - 1.25 miles, got to get my knee feeling better so i plan on doing barefoot running and jumping rope for warm ups each jump training day....felt good although how could i have hurt it i was running about at a 8 min mile pace:) haha, the bike path was rough as hell and it was about 90 degrees out today!!:) Besides feeling like the bottoms of my feet were melting this run felt really good:)
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening, tried but it hurt a bit so dont want to aggravate it! Smart man!
1 legged jumps to the rim: did it for 3 sets of 8 reps each side but at 50% effort. Had to get the feel of it, resisted it with an R4 C-band connected to a wall and still jumped towards the rim...not close to it:) haha but i jumped towards a few weeks i'll be jumping hard:)
Broad jumps: resisted by R6 BXT for 3 sets of 8 reps at about 75% effort. Still holding back a bit and noticed i'm favoring my left knee a bit as i was jumping slightly to my left...meaning using my right leg more. Still this did not aggravate my knee and will be a main jump training exercise til my knee begins to feel 100%.
1 leg step ups onto a 24" box: 2 sets of 8 reps each side...this felt good, i'm again starting very easy here too as i cannot afford to overdo this first few weeks will be very easy.
Jungle Gym alternate leg curls starting from supine bridge position: This felt pretty good after i finished the whole thing, spend a good deal of time here as this is a really big part of getting my knee feeling less stress and strain. With hips up and heels close to butt in supine bridge i slowly extended one leg out and back and then did with other leg for 2 sets of 12...this was very hard! Then i did 2 sets of 30 second Eischens Yoga (on Jungle Gym) supine bridge holds while lifting onto only my elbows and head...advanced for sure and this felt really good...for sure less knee tightness after this.
Very easy workout today and felt good though, yesterdays was great and look forward to another fun one tomorrow!
BREAKFAST - bowl of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, mango, dates, almonds, pumpkin seeds
LUNCH - spinach, mango, banana smoothie with walnuts and hemp seeds, source of life scoop
DINNER - big bowl of seaweed salad, edemame, sweet potatoes, rice, asparagus

Felt pretty good today:) after all the videos this morning the rest of the day actually went really cool:)
we're getting ready for our 6 day intensive with a full house again and lots of really great things are happening that we're super excited about!
Did i tell you how much it means to train, restore and eat in a manner that makes you feel connected? on all MBG 3s i literally feel connected to my body, the planet....just feel good knowing what we are doing is making a positive impact on this planet, inspiring others to exercise in a way that is innate and natural...connected, restoring others bodies to health in a way that is innate and natural (all animals do yoga many times daily...down dog, up dog and the cat stretch...and they are....connected and finally eating foods that come straight out of the earth, showing others how to eat in a way that is again innate in all primates!! eating veggies, fruits, raw nuts and seeds....plants!!! it's natural to eat this way...all primates of which we are a member eat plant based diets!! Eating PB connects us to the earth, health and happiness! We are not harming others, but helping all people:) and thus helping our planet as well:) THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR ANYWAYS, TO HELP RISE TO ANOTHER LEVEL TO HELP MAKE THIS PLANET BETTER! PEOPLE, PLANET, HEALTHY AND HAPPY!!:)
peace my friend:)
MBG3 my friend:) shout it out my friends!!:) haha


  1. Very interested in your eating and how you keep your muscle. Thanks for sharing what you ate. Do you eat huge quantities?
    I'm obviously new to this kind of eating : )

  2. John I just got the china study yesterday. I am trying to get into the pb foods as well going by your journal. I have lots of questions but will ask via mail

  3. yeah guys just keep following my blog, i'm posting everything i do and eat pretty exact over the next 90 days at least;) general rules of thumb: eat only when hungry, eat til satisfied, eat strong plants, drink lots of water:) that is it:) haha

  4. Today, I am completing preparation for my 90 day challenge.


    Warrior Sequence 1X each day 24 minutes month one.

    Warrior Sequence 2X each day 48 minutes, month two.

    Warrior Sequence 1X with a 20 lbs weighted vest month 3

    Stand on hands unassisted for one minute free of back pain while be 20-25 pounds lighter.

    I am going to eat only when hungry and stop when not for the next 90 days. If you are eating nutrient rich foods, this is the most important concept in eating I believe.

    Off to test on the sequence today at the MBG.



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