Day 19, 20, 21 of 90: listening to my body

Hey y'all, well as much as i've wanted to stay on the 5 days on/ 2 days rest cycle i'm taking this fri-sun off to re-coup my body and mind...i need it as the last few weeks have been overwhelming and i have not rested and slept enough to restore my energy. still eating clean, still doing my beg EY seq, but reading and resting and sleeping more to help restore my energy so i can come back on monday feeling stronger and continue my progress for the rest of the 90 days.
my lesson here...i'm not superman, i need to re-charge and re-store.
during the intensive i just kept saying do my best to just keep going...and i did..but fatique crept in
after that the toronto trip, same mindset...keep going...a bit more fatique crept in
then this last week of training...yes i progressed but towards the last day, despite still improving on my time from last week the exercises did not feel as easy...i did not feel strong but just did it because i have a strong mind and because i had a time to beat which i did not have before.
THIS is a big lesson...i cannot afford to continue at this pace of working all day, speaking all day, traveling alot, resting and sleeping little, biking everywhere, training intensely and not expect some sort of crash in fatique. i felt it was growing and growing and as a person who wants to set a positive example in is of the utmost importance to me that i do show this properly.
i know many of you can relate to what i am saying, especially those of you running your own businesses...and i'm opening another in 2 months:) haha
so today, this weekend, i'm chillin', reading, sleeping and eating good foods.
talk soon my friends:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: what do you do to rest, restore, recover?
peace, J


  1. Jonny - traveling is ROUGH. Not even the flying, but now that I commute every day to my gym, the energy is less so my mind has to be BIG time on point for training.

    Kick back and read, wish I could take naps bro, but as a father of 2 crazy kids hahahaha, that ain't happening bruddah.

    If you can, best schedule is eat breakfast, train, eat again, take a nap....

    those were back in the days of time being available, hahahaha

    be cool bruddah, keep kikin ass!!!


  2. hey brah:) haha, yeah i've thought about what you are having a kid really makes me think i got to be 100% ready for that...i mean my business is running itself so i can spend good time with my kids without crushing myself:) man got to give you big props my friend! you're doing it!!

  3. Jon
    you are lucky you can nap and rest like that. Just like Zach I have a 6 year old who loves to play and spend time with dad. Sometimes she even says can you not go to the gym today.If I get 20 to 30 minutes to workout its a lot. I commit to 4 days of training at least and leave the weekends for my family. But the time I work outI go balls to the walls and I have been making gains on this program for close to four months also with your diet tips it has helped a lot.


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