Day 18 of 90: 9:34!! last week 11:20:)

It's late, i've worked alot:) this is gonna be short:) haha
Did EY beg sequence
Ate strong plant foods all day
Training was great!
Handstand Walks - 100 yards afap: 37, 30, 18, 15 = 100 in 4:11 (cut about 40 seconds off last week!)
Rope Climb - 100 feet afap: 60 feet, 40 feet = 2:39 (cut 49 seconds off last week:)
Power Wheel + 40lb vest - 100 yards afap: 40, 30, 30 = 2:44 (cut 23 seconds off last week:)
total time was 9:34!! cut 1:46 off my total from last week:)

Did the new dvd for...the NEW JGXT (jungle gym x-treme) is coming out in october and it's gonna be DOPE!!!!:)
got to hit the hay:)


  1. Right on Jonny! 1:46 is nuts after such a hectic week. Can't wait for the JGXT in October.

  2. Nice going Jtrain, considering what has been going on with the MBG of late your training efforts are outstanding.
    As Rocky said in the first movie, " You wanna dance you gotta pay the band" Rest up and bust it up again tomorrow.
    Had a crack at the double snatch(24,s)/ kip 75 rep drill earlier this week and knocked 45 secs off my time down to 13.50, Still a ways off your last effort but was still happy with that. Tore my hands up pretty bad which has hampered my training for a few days
    Stuck a 15kg vest on yesterday (265lb total with BW) and did 20m PW crawls, you go I go style with a few off the boys from the gym. We got 7x20m crawls out in pretty quick time. I forgot to put the timer on which was annoying as we were pumping them out in pretty quick time.
    Lashed out on a basketball ring for the gym today to give our jump training some direction and to show the aussie mob that when you guys get here, white man can jump. :)

    Keep pushing at those goals mate you are dragging us all along with you.


  3. :) hey paul, thanks my friend, taking the weekend off as it is starting to hit me hard...very tired and feeling a bit exhausted too...something i have not mentioned on my blog is that i've been dealing with something called lung burn, caused by basically crushing a meta was actually the 75s workout!!!:) haha and havent recovered since then...lungs burn alot and cant really do any meta or intense training or it makes me cough a ton. it's lasting way too long though and it's beginning to mess with my recovery alot and so i am taking off 3 days in a row and am starting back up monday in hopes of recovering a bit better. you know you asked me about this awhile ago about staying fresh...well, we got to listen to our bodies first off and do what they want...not our minds...our bodies and mine is tired:) so lots of reading and relaxing this weekend and i'll be back at it on monday and hopefully feeling a bit better:)
    like the IGOUGO you did with your mates!! smart training on that one:) talk soon mate!


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