Day 16 of 90!! Strong & Improving!! PW+40, Rope+40, HSracing!!

44k's Backdome:) Hard:) Felt awesome after!!!!
Day 16 of 90 Whew!! a long long day:) had alot of meetings today from 8-9 and then 9:30 to 3:30, then worked out, then some phone meetings til about 6pm!! Dang! Had to do it though:) haha

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and hot cold shower after workout

Power Wheel crawls + 40lb vest: 40 yards...very very easy!!! Stopped at 40 could of for sure broke my record on the first set, but i want to pace myself each workout so i keep the momentum going strong each week...second set 40 yards...again pretty easy, third set went for it and hit 52 yards!!! A new PR and i did it on my last set!! This really gives me alot of confidence for hitting the 100 yard Power Wheel crawl with 40lb vest!!:)

alternated PW with Rope Climbs...both with 40lb vest!! First time doing this and the Rope with vest was very challenging!

20' Rope Climbs + 40lb vest: 40', 20', 20', 20' = 100 feet. This was extremely challenging...BUT...i did it:) haha If any of you are wondering on these i am using my legs as this spring while lecturing in brazil i was doing some parallel bar muscle ups on an old playground and my elbow slipped (very hot out) and i heard a rip...i partially tore my elbow and so i've had to be very careful with my elbow to not over do it as my knee:) haha So i wanted to get back into rope climbs again and just said i'm doing it with my legs...let me get use to it and get up to some strong reps before i go without my goal here is 100' on 1 set without using my legs and so far i'm progressing each week well:)

Handstand walk (100 yards + in afsap): 36 yards, 36y, 30y = 102 yards!! Two sets of 36 was good, very surprised i did this considering how exhausted i was...pretty happy with this...2 sets of 36 yards is great!!
alternated with

Speed Handstand Walks...this went great too! Using the 40lb vest for the both PW and Rope made me a bit more fatiqued than usual but i am still very happy with my times.
3 sets of 20 yards in: 24 seconds (first set was tough:) haha, 19 seconds, 19 seconds (this is really great!! solid improvement again!!)  2 seconds behind my PR but that is cool:) still felt good and my confidence is still growing:)

OVERALL WORKOUT: again a good workout, the meetings for 7 hours and no lunch left me feeling quite tired before training and yet i still did progress!! So i'm really happy about it!

Overall felt amazing today a 3.75 Stars!!!

Breakfast: big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds, SOLife.
Lunch: walnuts and dates
After workout meal: Spinach, beets, sprouts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, tofu, sweet potato!!
Dinner: Huge kale salad with pine nuts, almonds, onions, mushrooms...with some lentil soup with spinach...awesome meal felt great after!
Dessert: small slice of vegan raspberry tart with a small scoop of rice dream ice cream:)


QUESTION FOR YOU: Are you happy? Are you doing what you love? Are you truly healthy? What is truly healthy:) haha...healthy body? healthy mind? spirit? All of the above:) to me it is enjoying life, connecting with nature, our natural movement skills, having the freedom to play full out at anytime you want, to except the ups and downs of life and know they are part of life and that you are always striving to improve, to be happy, to help others, to make this world a better place:)
Are you on a happy and healthy path that you love? haha:) hope so my friends!



  1. Great stuff Jonny, take care of that elbow broskie!!

    I always wanted to live life the way I did as a kid during summer vaca! Hanging with friends, playing all day, riding our bikes all over....

    Life is better than ever and health wise feelin' solid with lots of room to grow and improve, BIG thanks to you for so much inspiration bro!

    Peace Bruddah!

  2. Jon

    Great work damm that sucks about the elbow. About a year and a half ago I was doing ring dips when I slightly tore my pec I have not been able to do dips since. even when I do to much pushup work the area still hurts. I have been hitting all three yoga, workouts and pb diet I feel good thanks to you. I worked out so hard and I am not sore at all thanks to the yogo.



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